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Original title: The big motion picture of a net that is blown to explode by the network, the good intention that you think, however to me self-righteous The film of a network that is blown to explode by the network, the good intention that you think, however the self-righteous new network to me is large: Everybody can be leading role, hot recently film, gouge your self this network film temporarily hot rise, give 18 lines the chance of the show, been pat is have an outlook film in home Jing Song film, the everybody that be present must understand a regulation, cannot appear namely ” random ghosts and gods ” thing, was to be not passed otherwise examine, also follow wide audience to meet without method. This is regular, no matter be big motion picture of courtyard line film or net, likewise applicable. So called ” random ghosts and gods ” the thing that is nonexistent blame science, because this finally is who is,do strange, be a person of course. If you understand this regulation, you are afraid meeting discovery is homebred Jing Song piece do not have what appeal actually, just be to present what kind of popular feeling just. Of course, if show the stuff of popular feeling,come out now, it is good story certainly, this is the movie that can make moving heart, I feel is good movie. Net big motion picture ” does town of yin and yang talk quite ” can be you accomplished? Let me say slowly.

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1, the star of transition net big motion picture is close two years, the 3 lines star of film of network of fight in some places one by one is increasing, go up every year from each big video platform a sheet of the line in light of, to the investment of network film year after year increases. Make greatly with what its go spelling courtyard line, film as how really film of a few networks. Basically, invest film of line of a courtyard, can film film of 3-5 ministry network. This gives 45 clues or the actor of 18 lines brings rife show opportunity, these actors had a meal to leave eventually, because do not have play,need not be patted and life tired out. Basically be such, can go up the star of courtyard line film, also film now network film, easy meeting becomes the film to publicize a tool. Speak of today for instance ” town of yin and yang talks quite ” also be such. But in fact, it is such. Big to the network motion picture also is such, had such well-known actress join in, the conduct propaganda of big to the network motion picture has profit very much. I wrote so much, ” town of yin and yang talks quite ” why can go up in the network abrupt and hot the reason that rise, because well-known actress joins in, publicize window with respect to what can make net old movie, attract a discharge easily. To a few big without the net that well-known actress joins in motion pictures, often won’t spend so much to publicize cost. But must point out, not be the network motion picture that had well-known actress to join in, film quality is excellent.

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2, ” does town of yin and yang talk quite ” good-looking where? Film story is from two ab extra youth accident walks into town of yin and yang to begin. When sitting to drink tea, did not talk endowment be no good, slowly pass in and out a regulation, town of yin and yang just is entered, cannot go out. Took garrison post of yin and yang, want to leave to be done not have so not easy. But two youths do not believe the idea of echo what other says is manacled however, town of yin and yang still is very lively, everybody can live and work in peace and contentment. Especially alcalde (Li Liqun) , energy spirit look is in completely. Be respected on the town by everybody, meet the person says hello to to the alcalde, look yin and yang is pressed down can such picture, thanks to the brilliant mind military that had an alcalde. But had an accident very quickly, plus echo what other says say decline, let town of yin and yang suddenly cheat a barpque breath. The late night enters two youths grandmother temple, the director achieves the result of Jing Song 100 minutes here, and still use interlink to cover. One did not stop, one rises again, let yin and yang press down what the person that go up believes ghosts and gods more to say. Successional occurrence homicide case, I know why two youths came town of yin and yang, gave so much oddity, it is somebody does not want to invite public of Fu Zhu of a few things for certain, it is to want to cover a few issues namely. Produce so much thing, it is two youths for certain the basis of moving someone. Said in front, town of yin and yang can be entered only cannot go out, should go the youth dead namely obviously in whole. But let popular indignation do this thing, be afraid be no good, inordinate after all, family alcalde still is in, “Fierce of illustrious name god ” these 4 words, how does the alcalde still manage yin and yang to press down after? Actually this is one is covered. Everybody thinks so, it is this kind of cognitive level, meet be used easily by clever person place. The end that such doing, no more than is to let a youth loosen vigilance, again ground of without anybody knowing it plots against.

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The action in having a youth as expected, director ” road of yin and yang ” be patted, increase the result of Jing Song again. Arrived here is the climax of the film, answer to a riddle is made public namely later. A bandit is before the alcalde, the alcalde before killing, forge official position, oneself became an alcalde. False alcalde has a his to say decline: Town of yin and yang is nowadays under my processing, thousands of person have ample food and clothing, stay what to have here bad, must leave garrison post of yin and yang? Will tell from logic, the alcalde does not want to let a person leave garrison post of yin and yang, also be to protect oneself, after all oneself are false alcalde, the person that ambulate is much, hard to avoid can be known to wear. People does not think so however, although here has a meal to eat, wine is drunk, however one enters the heart that swings the world, always think of outside go looking, that is afraid of take can hungry gut without the meal outside, have chaos caused by war life does not preserve the possibility, but of freedom of this kind of heart yearning always cannot be stripped. This is ” town of yin and yang talks quite ” the theme of the film. Those fabulous likelihoods are fearsome, but the curiosity that does not block a person, always want to strip off will look. Author: Li Jinyi, origin: Inscription establishs Plus, ID: MingLiPlus

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