Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Ni of / of golden ball award but base after grabs next shadows! Defeat goddess to block card, ” dusk is smooth female ” Ke Li silk lows Shidouhua / of Lian of reporter bell rain wrap-up

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Ni but base after takes next golden ball pictures. (graph / Da Zhiying resembles / associated press) gut of award of current gold ball kind what optimal heroine is seleted is other female star has ” divine TV station ” clean gets stuck on the west Qiao Sitan, ” lost daughter ” Ao Liwei Yakeerman, : Case of murder of rich and powerful family ” goddess card card and ” Shi Bin is surpassed ” lowing Shi Douhua of Ke Li silk.

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Goddess card card is in ” GUCCI: Case of murder of rich and powerful family ” expression is masterly, after having shadow of ball of predestined relationship gold regrettablly. (graph / UIP is offerred)

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Lowing Shidouhua is in the silk that overcome Li ” Shi Bin is surpassed ” behave very bright also look. (graph / MyVideo is offerred) in addition, emperor of golden ball shadow earlier by ” Wang Zhe manage is checked ” (King Richard) Weir Smith carries off, win Guo Heni but base acts together ” Likaduo ” Haweierbadeng, be the same as additionally field is stronger still have ” canine hill is written down ” Bannaidikekang Bai Bai area, ” Macbeth ” Dan Zunhua Cheng Du and ” the song of swan ” . ★ picture is copyright photograph, resemble offerring by Da Zhiying ” ETtoday news cloud ” special, any websites, the press, TV station resembles permitting without Da Zhiying, do not get a share or reprint entirely!

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