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Original title: ” ace army ” the intimate elder sister that she is broomcorn, leave Jing Jing canthus film, big ending very urge a tear! Article of # of army of ace of # Xiao Zhan / the Luo Xiaoke Huang Jingyu, army brigade opera that resembles Zhan Lianmei to act the leading role ” ace army ” chase after more jump over above, this drama related the beautiful story that the recruit such as broomcorn, Gu Yiye, Changjiang Delta ask forring goes all out in work for the dream and tries hard. Although this drama subject matter is army brigade drama, but the Yan Zhi of woman role is excellent suck eyeball, qing Dynasty of bell Hunan sunlight is pure melting, and of white deer of ancient costume goddess gues-star your person to shine at the moment indeed. Of personate of Hou dream Sha is Han Chunyu this part, she is the intimate elder sister of broomcorn, also be the monitor in army, the heart is kind-hearted and warm, it is to pay model character, married later Xia Lin, still adopted the little girl chaste tree of blindness, like to irrigating with full love each person beside. In newest gut, han Chunyu stepped on landmine not carefully on battlefield, her body loads misfortune sacrifices, mortal before still decide to leave a daughter Jing Jing canthus film, big ending urges a tear all the more!

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For whole, the love line of broomcorn and Gu Yiye compares labyrinthian free and easy, original they like literary female soldiers Changjiang Delta is asked for. Although broomcorn is collier army made up of the sons of the people, family circumstances poor, lowliness of one’s previous experience, disposition guileless is straight white, dan Hanchun rain lays the condition of love to his heart however. Accidental opportunity, the awkwardness that broomcorn dissolved Han Chunyu and helpless, hold in the arms rise that momently the Bai Yueguang that he is her mind, no matter how is others valued, still dauntless without dread.

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Search graph clicks input picture to describe please (most 18 words) war rises again later, hurry off to in the decision before setting out, changjiang Delta ask forring and broomcorn decide affection eventually, and the monitor chose a blessing after Han Chunyu is witting, a bit is hated without any admiring jealousy, changjiang Delta ask forring is taken care of everywhere and caress to rival in love instead, hair regarded them as from inner ground oneself family member and younger brother and sister. Probably, lot always is delicate cannot wordy, gu Yiye married A Xiu, broomcorn married Changjiang Delta ask forring to become division commander son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents, and Han Chunyu was married the Xia Lin of simple and honest simple minded. Before this, han Chunyu still knew a daughter accidentally, her name calls Jing Jing, it is orphan status, parental accident sacrifices, and she a blindness.

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Facing the Jing Jing with slow-witted lovely bud, the mother love spew in heart of Han rain during springtime and piece, she wants the child the home of a happy warmth. Although Xia Lin is handsome in that way without broomcorn the appearance of sunshine, erudite in that way without Gu Yiye also much ability, but the heart that he has a goodness to include, this happen to have the same view with Han Chunyu. Dependable, rely on chart, kind-hearted, these are idiosyncratic no matter be put in what time, be glow of meeting Yi Yi. The two people after marriage take care of life daily life of Jing Jing together, easy life of a small family passes extremely, insipid fireworks theres is no lack of however warmth and happiness.

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However the destiny always is labyrinthian and bizarre, you do not know future and accident forever which meeting comes first. Think originally the Han Chunyu that can protect the home to defend a country, she stepped on landmine not carefully however, this one act lets person instant shed silent tears. Think of small Jing Jing especially, real heart has Han rain during springtime to be not abandoned, she is decisive decide the canthus film oneself leaves a daughter. Even if have only so little hope and probability, she expects to be able to let the child see that bright world, can meet unexpectedly all lightly and multicolored. In all fairness, monitor Han rain during springtime but assist is deplorable spirit is laudable, she is extensive be like the sea, be like,include hill, it is the woman that has old structure and wisdom, also be ” ace army ” in the most gorgeous brushstroke! Everybody is close people, you how the main actor teleplay such as look upon Huang Jingyu, Xiao Zhan, Zhong Chuxi, Bai Lu ” ace army ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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