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Original title: Does Xiao Zhan reject to fry CP? See ” ace army ” Guan Bo and the content that Xiao Zhan atelier sends understood! Resemble battle nowadays ” ace army ” had been progress rapid, be the condition that 10 collect perform a batman no longer, xiao Zhan’s Gu Yiye had stridden middleaged period, with Axiu marriage, began matrimony formally!

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Although some of audience cannot understand, why should Gu Yiye abandon love, choose responsibility, after all with us present idea looks, gu Yiye’s option cannot be accepted by a few audiences, because he ases if all one’s life for responsibility 2 words, abandoned oneself love, children of a senior officer, with comrade-in-arms widow, how can you produce love again?

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And the one act that some audiences are the sweetness in seeing play, feel especially glad, because look in them, diversiform-leaved poplar does not know Gu Yiye to want to make military determination, changjiang Delta ask forring ases if to relapse between two men the horizontal stroke jumps, can say the word whole amount that prepares to Gu Yiye broomcorn to listen, she is exclusive to considering one wild feeling to be not! And A Xiu is an outstanding army elder brother’s wife however, can become the woman of solid backing of Gu Yiye!

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No matter whether are Gu Yiye and A Xiu at the beginning stem from responsibility or how, in light of current gut, there had been love between them, be Gu Yiye keep on saying no matter ” beautiful ” , still be A Xiu to Gu Yiye meticulously take care of! Just, inside play again sweet, again conjugal love, it is everyday however outside play before worked in the same place!

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Xiao Zhan has how large flow after all, this is everybody the heart knows abdomen bright, if an actor wants to explode quickly fire, apparently the flow that loiter resembles battle is enough, it is apparent only, two actors idea of it doesn’t matter, guan Bo has however! Mao Linlin of the person that act because A explodes beautifully red, reachcapturing to resemble battle all sorts of hype, however airborne now and then chat with everybody between direct seeding, whenever publicize gut,be like the atelier of battle do a thing to give priority to with Gu Yiye, but, guan Bo does not think so!

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Never can see the scenario like play of so many idol in drama of an army brigade, let a person cannot accurate what is guessing follow-up content, seem CP became the fundamental law of drama announce! In Guan Bo’s conduct propaganda, gu Yiye’s key depends on ” marriage love view ” , show narrow-minded a bit, and over atelier, gu Yiye’s key is ” become a possibility impossibly ” , full energy!

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Gu Yiye and A show, Gu Yiye with Changjiang Delta ask forring, Gu Yiye and diversiform-leaved poplar, even Gu Yiye and broomcorn, can become ” ace army ” propagandist key, interesting nevertheless is, to the conduct propaganda of broomcorn, more is in lead troops fight on, this can’ts help letting a person suspect government-owned rich lane was turned over!

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It is after all in drama, the feminine reckoning in every item that has implication with Gu Yiye 3, his advocate the heart also is to be used in start a career, all the way from 9 walk along nocturnal tiger to connect repeatedly, from want to be connected into nocturnal tiger at the beginning by refus, to the company commander that becomes nocturnal tiger to connect, his masterstroke more is in on the career, how to arrive outside drama, guan Bo is publicized wildly to considering, more be the little thing that love loves this kind of passion?

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The topic that is Xiao Zhan after all is spent wide ah, the Gu Yiye of the personate that resemble battle fights in the conduct propaganda outside drama, how conduct propaganda talks about love again, marry come is temperature high? Very much after all vermicelli made from bean starch regarded Gu Yiye as temporarily him Xiao Zhan, with ” cummer pink ” angle goes looking ” Xiao Zhan ” the marriage with other woman, is this heat, flow not larger?

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Just, xiao Zhan pressed a root to did not stop to play staff opportunity! Remember, gu Yiye can be a soldier that starts a career!

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