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Original title: Xie Na has performed so much teleplay unexpectedly, remember glockenspiel princess only, still had acted so ” contain sweet “ Graceful to withering everybody is very familiar for certain! After all country is so big like her fame, and the position is very high female chair very few really, of course her style also is develop a school of one’s own, this also is everybody like Xie Na very much among them a reason, what actually nevertheless a lot of people do not know is, before Xie Na is doing compere, be an actor actually, and be to had performed a lot of teleplay when she is young, and still be very classical teleplay.

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For instance Hu Ge and Lin Yichen act the leading role ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” everybody knows, the actor of this version also can say is numerous nebular collect! And actually Xie Na also has had acted inside, she acts although cry,be a costar, the impression that gives authority nevertheless is very deep still, the role that she performs is Hua Zheng, xie Na still has in drama very moving cry make fun of, this shows thanks graceful acting is quite pretty good really actually.

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Still have ” beaming pig 8 give up ” also be everybody childhood period likes a theatrical work that see very much, but this series has several theatrical work! And the actor that there are a lot of everybodies to be familiar with in this drama, for instance the person such as Jin Qiaoqiao, Han Xue, and what Xie Na acts in drama is glockenspiel princess one horn, this part is to do very laugh, the style that with her stagewise chairs is held out however resemble! And the appearance of an actor also is to compare exaggerated the sort of.

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Xie Na is inchoate the role that perform is held out actually changeful, be in for instance ” Di Renjie washs bad luck to record ” the part lotus seed that what she acts in this drama is a very blue disposition, although be costar only, but also the acting that enough proves Xie Na is absolutely and more than have giggle, inchoate after all Xie Na is a target with the actor namely! ” Di Renjie washs bad luck to record ” in still have Ouyang Zhenhua, halcyon, be the person such as Wang Xuebing piece act, also was big Ga to gather.

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And remember writing Xie Na to had performed glockenspiel princess only, still had acted so ” contain sweet ” , do not know to still have a person to remember ” chess cavalier ” this drama, this drama also very the history is long! Zhang Weijian acted the leading role this 2000, the role that Xie Na performs in drama is contained namely sweet, the Xie Na at that time or all over the face puerile! Still can see the baby is fat on the face, although not be very beautiful, but still be pretty charming is spruce! Xie Na is actually gentle and quiet rising still is very good-looking!

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Xie Na has performed so much teleplay actually, remember glockenspiel princess only, still had acted so ” contain sweet ” ! How to look to this everybody?

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