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Original title: Lang Ya a list of names posted up: Meng Zhi why the first, discover Mei Changsu identity, this secret flies it is the clearest to flow Lang Ya a list of names posted up is worthy of really is conscience is made, did not look to be able to see different understanding. The plum in drama grows Su Yingxiao Jing Rui invite golden hill recuperate, of course this idea that is him Xiao Jingrui, actual be the road that Mei Changsu avenges truly is germinant. Mei Changsu enters alias of cottage of snow of government office of peaceful country Hou to be Su Zhe, bring with all possible means the place to go that troops will come search him, so come here doubt came out. Mei Changsu wants namely originally with Jinling’s talent, be informed the name that can get Su Zhe to enter capital, how should alias gain the status for oneself again?

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Su Zhe is thanking jade you home, because Xiao Jingrui itself loves the identity of itinerary all corners of the country, invite a friend to come recuperate is not the thing with strange what. Original Xie Yu also did not think more, but fly unluckily spread the attention that caused everybody, fly stream military accomplishment is very tall, but also cannot say to fight in person your family at will show military accomplishment, such too sedulous rather, so unconscious large tube-shaped part got this moment to appear!

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Meng Zhi should thank Yu Zhi to solicit the business of safety of palace of you home discussion, encountered into the door unluckily should fly off of government office amuse oneself fly stream, full government office convoys nobody discovery, then unconscious large tube-shaped part is gotten moved, two people made 100 rounds, nature is flying driftage is defeated, but Meng Zhi pointed out unluckily however fly stream military accomplishment is very tall, he also cannot suffer a defeat easily inside 100 bouts, spearhead turns later, say to say to be able to be like the bodyguard of this skill to Su Zhe, should you also are not a simple character.

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So to here I with respect to doubt, meng Zhi as crossbeam the first ace, if discover the person of ganef, why crying to catch a thief in the mouth, but it is to be in apparently however with fly stream have a competition, let fly drifting gest causes everybody to take seriously. After all it is funny that Mei Changsu also says Meng Zhi is essential later fly stream play, did not do his best. The gest that still have even if flows in order to fly can fly off directly obviously government office, played a little while for nothing on Hou Fu however until bring so that Meng Zhi moves. Unconscious earnest itself is fierce general, appear with slow-witted bud figure more in drama, spoke a such seductive speech however.

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To here camera lens turns to know the answer completely, so this is Su Zhe lets intentional person know he is Mei Changsu a bureau that sets just. Because Xiao Jingrui flies the attention that the gest that flow expresses to be anxious to say Mei Changsu’s identity may have caused Xie Yu, but is this moment Mei Changsu so the: of the answer? Does cheek irritated に blink king crab of uranous party of benzene of Liu of Yu of Zhao Su of  irritated に to make an appointment with shelfing  of  of an ancient drinking vessel of male instruct of  of bank of  of skip of Song of spruce  of  of Jin of drought accept Gan shine does prize of fade of Xi of to bring up of porcelain Gan terpene sincere feeling to burn excuse me of Cui of busy neon Lv crowded?

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And fly when Mei Changsu talks flowing hit a wall with the head, because fly,Mei Changsu says is stream had not hit Meng Zhi and grouchy, but even if is such, can the gest that flows in order to fly be aware somebody is in eavesdrop? It is for certain before be informed to pretend not to know, a bureau that says all these is Mei Changsu is set to give his identity to pave a road so just! And why does Meng Zhi know Mei Changsu identity the first times, why that day appears in you home thanking jade by chance again, the secret of all these, had designed ahead of schedule actually, probably, fly flowing is the clearest.

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Say so, meng Zhi discovers Mei Changsu identity the first times, also not exceptionally.

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