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Original title: Violent wind of new theatrical work of king crane embellish rises a list of names posted up the first, whole journey Gao Tian, do laugh at ability full marks, brush so that I stop no less than coming What teleplay market all along is not short of is small sweet drama, calculate all sorts of big in a steady stream that make and come, talk feeling drama always can occupy position in the heart of the audience. For instance of the line on archives of summer vacation time ” the honor that you are me ” , calculate the corresponding period to have ” sweep black storm ” and ” good city ” the assume personal command after inspecting the Supreme Being, the young actor that everybody can be matched absolutely by Yan Zhi as before is sweet into the heart.

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Calculate actually shed configuration without double top, the mind that this subject matter is young audience as before is good, ” the Yu Guang in the eye is you ” on the line took violent wind one day to rise a list of names posted up the first.

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It exceeded Jiangsu to defend those who look numerous nebular part not only ” ace army ” , return force to press CCTV big play even ” surmount ” , these two can be the work that sowing in heat, viewing rate and public praise are extremely considerable.

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” the Yu Guang in the eye is you ” the gut that depends on whole journey Gao Tian, let a netizen look to still want to look, send play character without hot discharge star and actual strength obviously, can brush so that I stop no less than coming namely.

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Do laugh at ability full marks, earth above ” eye Li Yuguang is you ” according to the novel ” his backlighting and come ” adapt, tell about a little sister to live to protect the career of twin elder sister, but disguise oneself as becomes an elder sister, unfolded a paragraph of love story that be between tears and smiles with Dai of president Lai Zheng. Right, foolish Bai Tian and bully total love can be late but won’t absent, the road is covered to see light again not only after tide metempsychosis is old, return be mingled with among them the element such as drama of bright of field of exchange of traffic accident, life, duty.

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When an element occurrence gut becomes dog blood convention, but all the assemble arrived one case, work instant becomes extraordinary, ” the Yu Guang in the eye is you ” the classics on set does not remove deliberate a bit unusual even, but frequency laugh a dot goes out, earth above.

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Ginger goosefoot goosefoot and twin elder sister finish Xiao Ran does not have any same points euqally besides appearance, as a child the elder sister is the existence that millions of people fixes eyes upon, achievement exceedingly good, knowledge ability of broad and profound, study is extremely strong, and ginger goosefoot goosefoot is unrestrained, be worthy of the name is after be brought up is foolish Bai Tian.

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The elder sister after be brought up is the gold producer that movie and TV encircles, and ginger goosefoot goosefoot made gain of young of dog of the Eight Diagrams advocate, can open a little sister to witness an elder sister to be bumped to fly by autocycle with respect to saw with one’s own eyes. Otherwise says this play staff is honest, the process that the actor is stricken gave high-definition camera lens to still add full specially good effect not only, whole person rotated in sky 360 degrees, the little sister is frightened so that do not say to give a word to come.

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But the about that the little sister plays the part of an elder sister, went signing her most important contract, Dai of president Lai Zheng saw her, on board ginger goosefoot goosefoot still asks how to recognize at a draught, what in every case grew an eye is very ugly do not come out. Former president and elder sister are agreement sweethearts, for the company goosefoot of goosefoot of normal movement ginger needs the extend leave that need follow plays the part of Bi Xiaoran, such bully the classical bridge that always falls in love with me paragraph appeared.

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Two individual development call then swift and violent, after the head that what all of 8 collect law throws, begin from part of second half of the first collect all sorts of ” the hero saves the United States ” the bridge paragraph. Two people are done not have it seems that so ripe, had begun beautiful conjugal love however, tell the truth the process falls a bit wisdom, can be not can own land still is when looking ” aunt laugh ” .

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It is strong president obviously total however so tender, one foolish Bai Tian is about to err every time always can seasonable by male advocate save come down, add movie and TV to encircle all sorts of belle handsome young men to appear, the bright play of appropriate appropriate is big female advocate it is dream of ten million girl illuminate into reality.

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From noonday sunshine big play arrives net drama female advocate, her acting how? ” the Yu Guang in the eye is you ” gut has really let audience bright arrive, but undeniable is female advocate acting has bit of hyperbole indeed, foolish Bai Tian set although outdated, should take only hold appropriate add on-line Yan Zhi to also can encircle many pink.

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The Yan Zhi of king crane embellish must not say, with male advocate Luo Zheng gives looking glass with screen two the individual’s side colour not too outstanding, high bridge of the nose, abstruse facial features, it is female only advocate expression is too exaggerative, always let a person give play. Have so good congenital requirement, set for sunken person make hyperbole expression intentionally, facial features is screwy was in one case, appear the person is set more fall wisdom.

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King crane embellish has bit of shock letting a person in the expression in small network drama, she is not to do not have resource and acting, ever was in ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” in she is the actor with the youngest age, what fill senior a general term for young women Hua Lan however is composed and dignified with big air temperature beautiful explanation gets incisively and vividly.

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In ” help up shake ” in Wang He embellish is female 2 Buddha lotus, heart of outside pure and noble however shade firm is sinister, she the two sides sex the character is perfect take hold, let a netizen love to be hated again again.

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Be in ” my queen that cut price ” in she also is female 2, public praise should exceed even female character of a Wu Jin, as lovely as CP of group of Wu Ji grand do again laugh, was not violated with who and feel. She ever also had experienced trough period, mineral water builds fontal incident to be exposed to the sun king crane embellish made target of public criticism, also be brushed by broad netizen in the barrage that tastes with respect to continuous cropping screen.

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Statement of play staff hair clarifies ability later be able to unrighted wrong exonerates, just carry the water in conduit with empty pail so, is not to use mineral water. Later resource actually pretty good also, be in this ” the Yu Guang in the eye is you ” one person acts the role of 2 horn to look be like is big female advocate, can act commonly small make sweet of drama also be wet behind the ears young actor.

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Once had reputable reputable acting falls to what turned grin into glare nowadays wisdom female advocate, this is was what to experience after all, it is resource macroscopical drop, did professional competence also back down accordingly?

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Anyway the netizen saw also begin to center ” cannon ” , somebody feels she shows off how breathe out, chaos of facial features hyperbole flies, return somebody speak bluntly ” foolish Bai Tian ” she with respect to the show the first word.

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Probably subject matter lets female advocate put flying ego, nevertheless ” the Yu Guang in the eye is you ” suffer itself of numerous group age smaller, content is done laugh at Gao Tian to still can use time of fritter away leisure ceaselessly, do you feel? [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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