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Original title: Amative gentleman: This part disposition changes Gu Yao too fast, otherwise is Xin Zhilei those who act some pass Amative gentleman is sowed consider Yao now this part has gone back to the motherland begin to carry out oneself retaliation, the face does not have these only only here, still have the rancor that causes because of around two men of Jiang Shu shadow jealous, but Xin Zhilei has what this part acts a little bit,passed.

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Why to meet those who say Xin Zhilei performs her pass a bit? This is what transform her disposition because of gut is too fast, look from Jin Dong every time to her memory, consider the one side that this part behaves Yao feebly, otherwise she also won’t choose one graduation to marry did housewife, this can see, she is to belong to the sort of enjoyment woman.

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When divorce, she still said a such words to Song Ningyu: It is you promise those who raise me all one’s life to let me need not work at the outset! It is OK that sheet believes all one’s life by a word such, the heart that this makes clear this woman adequately also is to belong to pure the sort of, is not the look with such dark now scheming.

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Be opposite before Jiang Shu shadow namely collect , the matter of the frame that has done did not say, oneself enter Jin Dong and Zhang Ming’s in relief clinic to become a young nurse even now, and Zhang Ming is in relief actually very frank agreeing, doesn’t he know this meeting is very awkward thing? But Zhang Ming is in relief,won’t scruple at all of Cheng Hao experience, is this so called can you insert brother for the woman the friend of two knives?

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The end that Gu Yao wants to enter clinic is too apparent, be aimed at collect namely, who do this hold the post of to be able to see, another purpose is on Jin Dong body, perhaps be a such reasons just understand after passing a paragraph of marriage, or in those days Cheng Hao is good.

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This a chain of clue, let Gu Yao this part from before pure, the scheming to now is dark, what this disposition transforms is too fast, otherwise is Xin Zhilei act some passed, namely too exerted oneself to do sth. . Do you feel?

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