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Original title: Hold apprentice of Gong Tangseng division in both hands 4 people, be kicked to give a play staff by callosity however, yang Jie directs travel notes heart writtens guarantee on the west It is a task that dying recieves orders originally, she patted the teleplay that on TV constant annual ring sows however, fire alls over great river north and south.

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Be the rage of 4 main actors in drama, she what can serve as a director however by together ” kick ” give a play staff. Is this having among them what kind of secret story? Interview Yang Jie when the reporter to 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” when affection, this wife that passes fifty years old says 10 years, should open TV to see only annulus sow ” on the west travel notes ” change a table, ” on the west travel notes ” it is her heart in forever painful. Is this why? Relate character story, comprehend wonderful life. This period child record of tooth Tong Qu’s figure is told, 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” those filmed things, and director Yang Jie to it enemy of affection love hate.

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Recieve orders temporarily, should hold to surely 1982, yang Jie is 53 years old. Concerned branch wants famous book ” on the west travel notes ” move screen, but suffer be confined to not advanced at that time equipment, very the condition of goods and materials of deficient, receive a baton without the director almost. And Yang Jie is forced to take over namely ” on the west travel notes ” film the person of the task. Saying is to be forced, also be willing a bit in Yang Jie heart actually. In the time at that time, teleplay of demon unreal subject matter is representing a challenge, but represent as much classical birth opportunity. But capital is not much, play staff equipment can save a province, at that time Yang Jie just knows ” difficult ” the word has many to be written hard after all.

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A cameraman is carrying a camera, this is most macrocephalic equipment fellow. And the eat of the play staff expends nobody to also have 5 wool money only. Can calculate so pitiful, yang Jie also is not willing to have ” make do ” when working. July 1982 half, ” on the west travel notes ” leave formally in Yangzhou pat. To do one’s best the story clue in joint book, character setting, yang Jie is taking away person of entire play staff hill crosses a river. Good decide ground of next find a view not easily, intense when pushing the work, she what serve as a director is informed against however — ” at public expense takes a play staff to make a sightseeing tour ” .

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Such word is to let Yang Jie subdue really unceasingly, she expends talking around to explain to relevant leader, write a report, be guarantor card, what can change finally is play staff budget however of cut on original basis half ” penalty ” . Can offer without how many money originally film, reduce an in part even now, there is affliction talk in Yang Jie heart. 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” it may be said is ” leap up stage makes fun of greatly ” . Many actor cent impersonate much character, among them Yan of the person that act Mr. Huai Li of sanded monk is most fierce. 20 many parts do not take one person personate one minute however money, this is the his individual willing dedication to art on one hand among them, because the play staff does not have money,be on the other hand.

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” on the west travel notes ” this teleplay films surely formerly 41 collect, can filming have the 14th market ” big fight red child ” when, the budget with total play staff had used clean. The daily expense that connects staff member and actor became an issue, yang Jie appeals to the TV station. Can wait for her have only: “Money is done not have, you want to pat with respect to oneself give change goes, the copyright that pats nevertheless is to should put in me ‘s charge here. The copyright that pats nevertheless is to should put in me ‘s charge here..

Result when becoming, deviate from savor what mind emerges is acrid, yang Jie plans to insist to film as before. She looked for the channel beside to also did not change wanted result.

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Want disbanded col in play staff within an inch of, essence of centipede of the personate in drama, mr. Li Hongchang that production vice director holds the position of outside drama appears personally. He cost kongfu many times to take the big budget of the railway ministry successfully. ” on the west travel notes ” lived to come over, also took 36 part only however. The New Year hour 1986, ” on the west travel notes ” the Zhu Sheng of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun that accompanying an innumberable families, ascend a screen successfully. How does this drama have reception getting a person at that time? What chat between the child is Sun Wu sky is much fiercer, what sing in adult mouth is thematic song ” dare ask the way is in He Fang ” . Extremely high viewing rate, make ” on the west travel notes ” the memory that became a times.

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Drama fire person also fire. As ” on the west travel notes ” heat is rising, the main actor in drama the Tang Dynasty 4 people of monk also became 10 thousand people to chase after hold in both hands when Gong Mingxing. The field of fame and gain that can come however suddenly lets characters in a play be lost outside drama however. Singapore respect is in after introducing this drama to obtain freeboard echo, invite play staff show going abroad for a short while, publicize this drama for local, also reveal the glamour of Chinese classic famous work. Yang Jie takes this opportunity seriously very, be in next in time, she was 4 people of main actor to arrange rehearse field, part of the part in still asking play cooperates rehearse.

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But how didn’t she also think of, 4 people do not want leading role undertake this kind slants the activity of culture communication, their accompany absent from work, hiding the truth from a director to go other city, receive other activity to earn ” fast ” money. Such behavior nature lets Yang Jie be accepted hard, then she criticized a few main actors sharply. But refuse to obey the other side of certainly finds a director to speak carelessly unexpectedly under dissatisfaction. The director of be biased also is done at this point advocate, the director that gave this painstaking effort of have one’s bosom filled with to do department theatrical work is kicked gave a play staff. This thing let Yang Jie injury appear a heart, fortunately still one person stands together with her from beginning to end at that time. That is ” on the west travel notes ” singer Mr Jiang Dawei of thematic song.

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It is actually before contradictory and complete become acute, jiang Dawei ever had found 4 main actors, say politely: “Do not have Yang Jie to direct, do not have fire appears half the sky now you, the increase can see not only in the person’s eye, should see another person more pay, should know be thankful. ” but whatever word, 4 main actors at that time are inexorable go. Yang Jie exits teleplay later ” on the west travel notes ” integral propaganda, and the propagandist show that Jiang Dawei also rejects to attend Singapore. ” on the west travel notes ” in becoming Yang Jie heart from this forever painful.

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Belated apology and regretful ground die time passes very quickly, already was 1994 in an instant. This year, director Yang Jie gives off rumour, will undertake ” on the west travel notes continuation ” film. Before long, a few people that expect is less than actually accompany call at sb’s house. That is division apprentice the main actor personnel of 4 people, step a door together with them, still have belated apology. So abrupt change can’ts help inviting person suspicion, they are ground of genuinely and sincerely feels foregoing behavior have break, feel I am sorry; Still saw again fire opportunity, want to continue to earn money.

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After that, director Yang Jie chooses to excuse once partner, but the relation between them has been shown a bit insipid, in the play staff daily also unlike mutual in that way once upon a time care, understanding, eventually is a little insipid. Arrive when personnel neat hind, investment just asks what Yang Jie has other requirement, yang Jie expresses, all episode of continuation can be changed, but only of Jiang Dawei ” dare ask the way is in He Fang ” can not move. Do not know 4 attendant at that time main actors hear such word, the mood is how. Although ” on the west travel notes continuation ” after broadcasting, do not have ” on the west travel notes ” voice is loud, but also let 4 people of main actor explode again really fire.

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From 1986 later, ” on the west travel notes ” often in each big screen appears repeatedly, but accepting when interviewing, director Yang Jie ever expressed, oneself have 10 years of much time not to wish to watch this TV, if search arrived,can change a table immediately. This shows she to at the outset the thing was not at ease completely. And the Yang Jie after this how? 2017, as if unmanned make inquires is general, ms. Yang Jie is when she is 88 years old, because the heart attack dies. Her die the message comes out after two days when, also did not arouse too big spray.

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What the child of new era knows her is not much, had read 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” not much also. Seem to live in that times only, or it is childhood by that group of people of cram, recollect silently in the heart still, memory is born that in her hand, open countless child child of imagination immortal and classical. Yang Jie’s lifetime is not place of too much person hep, but her work is broadcasted on the screen up to now. In every summer vacation, in every winter vacation, the lively laugh that always has child child as ” my Laosun comes also ” wave to distance. Watching video you, had you read 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” ? Hear other spits groove ” this specially good effect of hot eye ” when, you can explain to them, where is the hardship that the play staff films at that time?

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Plainting at that time of characters in a play wonderful when deducing, the story of its backside, whether can you evoke your different feeling? Welcome everybody to leave a message in comment area, express is thought in your heart.

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