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Original title: The net passes Yang Zi another big play will raid, male advocate Yan Zhi absolutely, want gut not to die only, it is one firm theatrical work 90 hind floret poplar is violet since piece act ” happy eulogy ” hind act art the career is flourishing really, a lot of work of the main actor achievement is auspicious, for instance ” dear, have deep love for ” broadcast a quantity to defeat up to now 8.3 billion, heat explodes watch.

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The Tong Nian of personate of the Yang Zi in drama and plum the Han Shangyan Gao Tian that shows personate renown occasion is ceaseless, let knock of audience knock candy arrive above, frequent bully screen heats up search. This drama takes internal heat successfully male advocate plum now, yang Zi also becomes actress of hot a gleam of by right of joker CP constitution.

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Not only such, there still is much ministry to wait for in Yang Zi hand sow drama your audience expects, the drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that acts the leading role with Cheng Yi ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” with what act the leading role with Xiao Zhan ” survive,

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When the state of mind that wants to seek theatrical work in the audience is not depressed immediately, yang Zi has a big play to raid again, the net passes what act the leading role by Yang Zi ” the north of canopy ” will switch on the mobile phone in January, male advocate it is Yan Zhi more on-line flow is little unripe, range estimation can explode greatly.

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Gold advocate the old practice that starts a group to make north fight project

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” the north of canopy ” fight project to be story setting with our country north, regard a spaceflight as the thematic big play of epic subject matter, film difficulty cans be imagined, quite the actual strength of the test group that make. Fortunately of this drama advocate achieve personnel each actual strength is doughty.

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It is director Huang Wei above all, he hold the teleplay that guide ” great river great river ” after broadcasting, explode greatly directly, broadcast a quantity to defeat up to now 3 billion, fabaceous valve is to be as high as 8.8 minutes more, the leading role in drama in the times the story of the exploration in changing causes a lot of audience resonance, be like tide reputably. Not only double bumper harvest of heat public praise, this drama is behead of with one action obtained Bai Yulan more many award.

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And Huang Wei ever still was in public praise big play ” white Lu Yuan ” in hold the position of cameraman, also be to depend on this drama in bursa of income of award of optimal photography of Bai Yulan of Huang Wei general, photography technology is more top-ranking. This ” the north of canopy ” You Huangwei holds the position of a director, it is to give an audience to eat a sth capable of comforting sb ahead of schedule undoubtedly, public praise has safeguard.

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And this ” the north of canopy ” in to playwrite Hao Zhe and director Huang Wei are strong strong together, the audience can put the heart completely in abdomen, quality has safeguard absolutely. Partner Zhang Yi promotes Yang Zi, CP pink has good fortune not only advocate achieve group actual strength doughty, ” the north of canopy ” cast is more luxurious. Female advocate Yang Zi’s acting need not say more, the person that above average also is in floret of the corresponding period, no matter be ” happy eulogy ” in pure enthusiastic Qiu Yingying, or ” annals of high official position ” in Leng Ao’s spoony Liu Xueqi, left deep impression to the audience.

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And in drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy if frost ” in Yang Zi is to depend on Jing letting a person to cry colourfully more play mounts hot search often, especially in drama bright and beautiful Xu Feng is faced when looking for big marriage, her mood erupts loud say: “It is you killed father, it is you were killed face beautiful one’s mother’s sister ” , the tear in the eye does not stop fall down, rancor and anguish as if should spill over screen, the mood has appeal extremely, your person uses a facial expression.

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Besides female advocate Yang Zi, ” the north of canopy ” male view art although be encircled in recreation,promote already fire a lot of years, but serving as an actor is new personality absolutely. Do not cross the play of bomb of public praise king last year ” sweep black storm ” in the potential that the show that Zhang Yi promotes allowed an audience to see he serves as an actor.

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The popular feeling of development of young operative Lin Hao that the Zhang Yi in drama encourages personate, come on the stage enrage an a standard-sized sheet, making fun of with Sun Gonglei’s adversary in the police station also is wonderful, those who face great river is interrogatory, lin Hao: “It is my pa acts accordingly! ” flashy ruffian energy of life is very, be in the gumshoe figure with this dauntless warm blood directly audience heart is indifferent lived, acting can be encircled can nod.

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And ” the north of canopy ” in Yang Zi and Zhang Yi promote a partner to make CP pink orgiastic simply, two people are in ” yearning life ” medium interesting and interactive obtain large quantities of CP pink, be in this ” the north of canopy ” in the CP move that believes to depend on two people can harvest quite tall attention to spend certainly.

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Altogether, ” the north of canopy ” spaceflight subject matter already comparatived suck eyeball, add gold advocate the actual strength that starts a group accuse, quality is excellent absolutely, want gut not to die only, of appropriate of public praise appropriate. Additional, men and women advocate it is Yan Zhi and acting all on-line Yang Zi and discharge superhigh Zhang Yi are promoted, the acting that still actual strength sends actor Yuan spring is added hold, scarcely of most propbably heat is small, hot search can be booked. At present this play network is passed will switch on the mobile phone in January, look can meet with the audience immediately, everybody can expect ahead of schedule.

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