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Original title: 63 classical parts that cannot surmount up to now, somebody one battle becomes famous, someone leaves forever 63 classical parts that cannot surmount up to now, somebody one battle becomes famous, someone leaves forever. (under piece) what to say to everybody can think of a classical part? Those parts are the memory of countless people up to now. Today we with respect to a check classical part that those cannot surmount up to now,

The 63rd: Personate of week embellish hair makes Wen Jiang (80 edition ” Shanghai beach ” )

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This version is successful undoubtedly also be classical, zhourun sends a Xu Wenjiang fashion into a stereo figure, this figure is extremely rich glamour undoubtedly, also be full of contradiction, below his have no way out, although followed Feng Jingyao, below unwilling also however person, he dare be hit dare kill, serious however situation is serious justice, conscience not die out, zhou Runfa deduces the disposition of the sort of contradiction of Xu Wenjiang incisively and vividly, thorough popular feeling, it may be said is one old classical image.

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The 62nd: The Kang Sengui of Huang Baiming personate (show 84 years ” happy ghost ” )

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Huang Baiming showed humor, do laugh while, also taking foolish archaic person figure, deduce to carry the ghost story that laughs at subject matter newly. ” happy ghost ” the success is shirt-sleeve comedic, campus and Jing Song element, this kind of kind that has new idea quite is in at that time ovation. Foolish condition but who does high school of the corpse of Ju, green pure beautiful give birth to to you can not like to look? It is the movie and TV with classical generation, also be Huang Baiming provides representative work most.

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The 61st: The 9 father’s younger brother of Lin Zhengying personate (85 years ” corpse gentleman ” )

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Can say, the force warm up by oneself heated up Lin Zhengying piece kind. A few 80 childhood after does we should like to ask have to did not see knot of pace of Guo Jiushu the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty imprint, fight cadaver to destroy demon? He takes a dot to do in those horror laugh, do laugh what do not lose tender feeling again is wonderful deduce as if to still be before, but from 1997 he leaves us clearly to arrive today, already full 25 year. Generation is classical, somebody evaluates: “After Lin Zhengying, do not have corpse again piece. ” not be to Lin Zhengying’s evaluation it is thus clear that general tall ah. But this also is a fact, small nine also likes to see Lin Zhengying’s movie particularly, if Lin Zhengying is patted had looked, not be 9, however 34 the sort of, the prentice Qian Xiaohao that he sees again later pats, say true is not an administrative levels, always be defect what, the feeling is very curt.

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The 60th: The Chu Liuxiang of Zheng Shaoqiu personate (95 years ” sweet Shuai Chuanji ” )

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Chu Liuxiang name changes the world, be widely read of person of go-between of all corners of the country. He is a You Xia, a romantic aristocratic knight. He will be like wind, light tulip breath stays only in air. His act has his principle, even if pilfer also is done on the up-and-up, alleged thief also has. Accordingly he just can be called by people the generalissimo in bandits, the beautiful childe in the rogue. When he maintains He De superexcellent demeanour, not sedulous not feigned also. Although be forced to do uses force, also be a kind of elegant force. His Pian is like Jing grand, correct is like You Long, treat a girl very polite, have gent demeanor quite. He is the founder of figure of Chu Liuxiang movie and TV, turning over the work of movie and TV that takes Chu Liuxiang later is not according to origianl work, pattern plate of Zheng Shaoqiu of more according to will pat.

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Fiftieth 9: The Guan Yu of personate of land tree inscription (94 edition ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” )

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” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” after broadcasting, a lot of audiences also are to feel Guan Yu this part is to perform a god really, sheet is an eyes that scorns everything, can frighten east Wu Zhong with a rustle will quiver, promote the courage that does not have a revolt. To nowadays, all sorts of civilian clay sculpture woodcarving bronze, it is with Liu Shuming the Guan Yu of that edition regards creation as the model almost. Liu Shuming still plaints later say, see those who come out with oneself calligraphy or painting model is built every time close fair picture, the heart feels ” this is unripe sufficient ” . The Guan Yu that sees land cultivates inscription personate from this has how thorough popular feeling.

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Fiftieth 8: The Zhu Geliang of Tang Guojiang personate (94 edition ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” )

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Old age Zhu Geliang had been done not have in those days high-spirited and vigorous, but for the country of the kingdom of Shu Han he still should hold on, the sort of but medium fight is gotten by Tang Guojiang personate very outstanding, fight with the person contend for with the day, zhu Geliang is becoming the resistance of life-and-death with his whole experience, but be being returned finally is oil uses up the lamp withered, lofty ideal did not propose a toast. Tang Guojiang is right of this period lie dragon holds first-rately, although already old age but the temperament that the sort of devising clever strategies still is not to lose one, scold Wang Lang especially that paragraph of word is more those who highlighted Zhu Geliang is strong heart unceasingly. Tang Guojiang deduces Zhu Geliang’s old age just about incisively and vividly, let a lot of people remember Zhu Gewo dragon, also remembered Tang Guojiang.

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Fiftieth 7: 6 small age child the Sun Wu of personate is empty (86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” ) look from the appearance of an actor, 6 small age child the Sun Wu empty face of personate gaunt, the mouth wide fine, whole facial features is having famous base, after make up, resemble extremely on groovy understanding ” monkey ” .

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And, he to ” monkey ” of expression accuse, make not only its the appearance of an actor is above form more picture ” monkey ” , it is above expression also more picture ” monkey ” , the body spirit with real it may be said has both. Especially that pair of his eyes, blink one glare, dekko one inclined between, be just as a monkey general and clever natural, sending out clever gas.

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And this kind clever be not result from some kind of native talent, result from however very assiduous and sound training wants to know, mr. Zhang Jinlai is having high myopia, but he just looks through staring at lamplight for long however, staring at the ball of arms to bang with rapid rate to look, when leisure pie-eyed see the training shift such as sunrise sunset, train oneself eye lifelike ” piercing eye ” . This makes the Sun Wu of his personate empty, in becoming people memory, be close to most at ” beautiful ” with ” monkey ” ” king of beautiful clever boy ” , impressive, also love and esteem unceasingly.

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Fiftieth 6: The daughter country of personate of bright red beautiful jade is kingly (86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” )

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Temperament of figure of bright red beautiful jade is admirable, the daughter country of her personate is kingly behavior is decent, a pair of eyes of exuding tenderness and love through eyes, plus bearing of elegant and beautiful and easy, dignified words and deeds, make this daughter country kingly provide temperament extremely more. Want to speak of daughter country is kingly only, everybody can remember 86 edition certainly ” on the west travel notes ” . Without doubt, zhu Lin gives this role perform work, with country of the daughter in origianl work while kingly height is similar, also have oneself distinguishing feature very much.

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Fiftieth 5: The Lin Daiyu of Chen Xiaoxu personate (87 edition ” red Lou Meng ” ) the Lin Daiyu of Chen Xiaoxu personate, resembling is the faery that does not eat terrestrial cooked food, qingchun is lovely, go up to lead celestial being energy of life oneself personally, perfect what deducing is ” like the immortal little sister ” .

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The Lin Daiyu of Chen Xiaoxu personate, from begin into Gu Fu first, burn a poem to finally all the time, the moral nobleness that conducts oneself in society Lin Daiyu for the person, in delicate triangle the young daughter spirit in loving a relation is deduced clearly natural, let a person very easily produce resonance, after looking, you can can’t help wanting: This is the Lin Daiyu in the book!

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Fiftieth 4: The Gu Baoyu of strong personate of Europe in relief act vigorously (87 edition ” red Lou Meng ” )

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Face of a piece of baby, a pair of tender feelings seem the eyebrow key point of water, what there is man not only between the frown and smile is resolute make the same score again add a few minutes of girls namby-pamby, in taking off book of Tuo Caoxue Qin alive plus the foil of makeup look that pure and amorous like jade common man shows a world. After the Gu Baoyu that should see Europe Yang Fenjiang is acted, all audiences think Ou Yangfen is strong is Gu Baoyu, the expensive gas of Gu Baoyu market in 87 edition, clever gas at a suit, make the classical part that surmounts hard.

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Fiftieth 3: Of Home He strong personate exhibit clear (93 edition ” the bag as just judge ” ) of He Jiajin personate exhibit clear, it is a classical part.

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1993 of edition ” the bag as just judge ” in, the heavy exhibiting clear that he acts is big, healthy atmosphere stern, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient be full of field of gas of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct. Put on official of big red of the 4 cats that taste drive to take again, next tassel that come hang down by the side of ear, it is very in relief really firm. He is the first wears red clothes exhibit clear. Perhaps be too too classical, after this is all acting the actor that exhibits clear is red garment the appearance of an actor almost, a red garment, a sword, manner modest and but neither haughty nor humble, be full of healthy atmosphere.

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Fiftieth 2: The Bao Zheng of Jin Chaoqun personate (93 edition ” the bag as just judge ” ) Jin Chaoqun, it is the spirit that complete theatrical work demonstrates, the legend experience that his lifelike ground deducted this history figure and the seven human emotions 6 desire.

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At that time Taiwan society, somebody regards him as is the true reincarnation that wrap save, look for him to call bad luck to bring a lawsuit against, complain tearfully Chen Qing. Have constituency speak bluntly even, if him again battle political field, support him to enter into an election contest with all one’s strength certainly, long for his plead for the people. His bag fair play, clang strong, speak with justice. The audience exclamations, the bag is fair renascent. If contemporary have a package fair, should be Jin Chaoqun so of this appearance. He is born and be an actor, be born and a just judge for the bag.

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Fiftieth: Chastity of white element of personate of Zhao elegant Zhi (92 years ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” )

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The Bai Suzhen of Zhao Yazhi personate, nature goodness, bodhisattva heart, with Qi yellow medical skill imagines crock aid world, common people of benefit the common people, boundless beneficence. Zhao Yazhi is dignified and the tender nobility of chastity of will white element, easy expression gets incisively and vividly, become the classical memory of a few acting people, the Bai Suzhen of Zhao Yazhi personate is to have much success, the Bai Suzhen that stays in audience impression up to now still is Zhao Yazhi’s figure.

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Fiftieth: The Xu Xian of foliaceous child personate (92 years ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” )

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It is the most perfect that the Xu Xian of foliaceous child personate looks in me most a when joint Xu Xianshu gives birth to figure he gives the Xu Xian that act to perhaps make Shi Lin, the sort of recreant be afraid of getting into trouble the feeling of gentle adn cultivated appeared completely to come out, special the figure figure that accords with a part. His every act frown and smile makes celestial being in depict simply, so Xie Tong’s Xu Xiancai became the classical screen figure that surpasses hard in people heart

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The 49th: The small blueness of Chen Meiqi personate (92 years ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” ) the small blueness of Chen Meiqi personate. She will be small young girl is idiosyncratic deduce incisively and vividly, get the kidney of small blueness with growing depict reasonable.

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She is clever and bright, be brave in to help a person, although have,go up with name of white element chastity advocate of fall forward not, actually affection is the same as sister, peace and happiness and in all, adversity photograph is helped up. Her personate small blueness when had been more than 30 years old, but the figure that kept a work to take off a girl to the audience on screen however, small blueness of Chen Meiqi also makes audience heart from now on medium classical,


The 48th: The Huang Rong of personate of old man beautiful Ling (83 edition ” divine carve hero is passed ” )


She modelled hero ejaculation vulture to pass the heroine yellow Chengdu in. That artful the Huang Rong with eccentric, clever ice and snow, as if to measure a body inherently for Weng Meiling namely custom-built. Let a person feel Huang Rong is Weng Meiling, weng Meiling is spruce Huang Rong. Weng Meiling also does not lose Jin Laoxian’s unripe deep love, give the Huang Rong that act nifty and Yi Zhengyi evil, lovely. Become hero ejaculation vulture to send medium classic form


The 47th: The Cheng Die garment of Zhang Guorong personate (93 years ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer ” ) the understanding of a lot of people to Zhang Guorong, from Cheng Die the garment begins.


Have an impression to him so, it is Yin Rouwu fawn on, actually Zhang Guorong always is the small unripe figure with exuberant heroic spirit, with Cheng Die the garment differs very far. Film when this film, cause male female role to change him, he made a lot of sacrifice. It is play staff shave above all his brow, clip becomes fine appearance, zhang Guorong’s beard is more grumous, want shave twice at least everyday, it is to accord with the temperament of Cheng butterfly garment.


Be opposite finally with this the persistence of the part and the accomplishment that respect property, the garment deduces the Cheng Die that he does not survive not mad demon incisively and vividly, make a person photographic. And accomplished ” Cheng Die garment is not had again after Zhang Guorong ” evaluation.


The 46th: The Nie Xiaoqian of Wang Zuxian personate (87 edition ” handsome female ghost ” ) the Nie Xiaoqian of Wang Zuxian version is amorous be like water, sensitivity to return the United States to arrive not to eat terrestrial cooked food, perfect and reductive part, be the United States admires to Jing really.


87 edition go out by Wang Zuxian and Zhang Guorong act ” handsome female ghost ” in the Nie Xiaoqian that the Wang Zuxian that has authority most acts, the belle with last accepted centuries, nie Xiaoqian coquettish chilly is beautiful, your full-court audience does it exclaim. A chilly that knits the brows is beautiful, surmounted the version of very much Nie Xiaoqian, became the history to go up the most beautiful the most authoritative Nie Xiaoqian.


The 45th: Of personate of Chen Hao civilian paragraph praise (97 edition ” day dragon 8 ” )


The student temperament of bright version and chivalrous feeling combine Chen Hao very well, no matter be movement or behavior,go up, much of a minute of student Confucianism elegant what also have person of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct however is cheesy. Personate of Chen Hao civilian ” history go up the most handsome paragraph praise ” figure, the figure development popular feeling of Jun Lang of Wen Runru jade, charm. He Duan Yutian of true, bright and clear, understand conduct oneself in society deduce subtly accurate.


The 44th: The Qiao Feng of Huang Rihua personate (97 edition ” day dragon 8 ” ) the day dragon in many version 8 in, the most favorite is 1997 edition. Huang Rihua at this moment age as it happens, the place in form appearance, the appearance of an actor and book writes likeness: “30 come year old of age, wear robe of gray old cloth, small already have junk, heavy is big, tall nose wide mouth, face of word of country of a piece of all directions, have the quality of hardships of a journey or of one’s life quite, during looking around, have power and influence extremely. Have power and influence extremely..


This character provides Qiao Feng extremely pathos colour, huang Rihua uses that pair to be able to behave Bei, happy event, a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, benevolence eye, the Bei suffering that let an audience experience this hero is helpless, and be in bold and generous and clement in, always have the taste that a majestic, Bei sorrows, more make person lament sighs of the destiny cannot measure.


The 43rd: The aid of You Benchang personate is official (85 years ” aid is official ” ) shoe broken, cap broken, the cassock that goes up personally is broken! You laugh at me, he laughs at me, a fan is broken! This paragraph of classical air, evoke the memory that has countless people.


That chronic, the aid official figure of act as a lunatic, emerge immediately in us at the moment. Although these year many actors go out had performed aid fair, but a lot of people think, the aid of You Benchang personate is official most classical, cannot be replaced


The 42nd: Of Sun Xing personate poplar Xiao (94 edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” ) of Sun Xing personate ” poplar Xiao ” be known as history on the most classic version.


Poplar Xiao serves as bright taught light is left make, tall weight, but he unrulies for person aloof and proud, leng Ao mad Juan, although skill in wushu is preeminent, also offended many people however, accordingly poplar Xiao is being chaired bright when instructing work, often mix religion inside ace happening conflict, but he does not love to explain however, make contradiction increasingly aggravating, and Sun Xing is explained well piece poplar the sort of unruly or unrestrained of Xiao is free and easy, affectionate lofty and unyielding character, in those days of this one edition ” lean on a day ” heat is sowed, the audience is used even ” see poplar Xiao by accident lifelong ” the affirmation that will convey pair of Sun Xing acting!


The 41st: The Zhou Zhi of Zhou Haimei personate if (94 edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” ) respecting ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” medium Zhou Zhi if, a lot of people can think of Zhou Haimei.


The Zhou Zhi of her personate is like early days Wen Wan but person, later period is marble, zhou Haimei explains this part very essence of life is accurate. In original work, jin Yong is like to Zhou Zhi have such description: “Flap of garment unlined upper garment, body law is lightsome… Qing Lixiu is elegant, look look is extremely beautiful. ” it is a very beautiful beauty embryo child, arrived later period, her force presses a large number of heroes, also be heroic spirit dye-in-the-wood. These features, zhou Haimei is had. So this one edition is the Bai Yueguang in countless audiences heart.


The 40th: The east of Lin Qingxia personate is indefectible (92 edition ” laugh be proud the east of all corners of the country is indefectible ” ) respecting east is indefectible, a lot of people can remember most propbably by Lin Qingxia,


Lin Qingxia goes out act ” laugh be proud the east of all corners of the country is indefectible ” the east in is indefectible. Be in Qing Xia broke through a middle forest thoroughly its are literary play road, string together male character instead, in its firm soft and of aid perfect deduce modelled a classical screen figure: Only the east that beautiful swift and fierce, Jing just admires absolutely is indefectible. Can say, the east of Lin Qingxia personate is indefectible decide case to be among the memory of countless audiences from beginning to end, had built Ling Huchong’s ray almost, pardonable somebody regards this film as of Lin Qingxia make classically.


Thirtieth 9: The yellow letter of Li Lianjie personate (91 years ” Huang Feihong ” ) the Huang Feihong thorough body and mind of Li Lianjie personate, also have the view that Huang Feihong does not have after passing Li Lianjie.


Really, li Lianjie is no matter go up in acting or on military accomplishment, be personate yellow letter not 2 person selected. After coming back from the United States when Li Lianjie so, xu Ke made Li Lianjie’s decision. Of personate of Li Lianjie place ” Huang Feihong ” edges and corners is trenchant, disposition is abasement, handsome, tender feeling is not lost in humorous, bully energy of life is not being lost in gravity, it is mouth of a lot of audiences in ” classic form ” .


Thirtieth 8: The 13 aunts of the beautiful jade personate that close (91 years ” Huang Feihong ” ) respecting Guan Zhilin, what everybody thinks of the first times is ” Huang Feihong ” this film.


Guan Zhilin is in ” Huang Feihong ” in the 13 aunts of personate can say is the most beautiful 13 one’s mother’s sisters in past dynasties version! And up to now nobody can be surmounted. The 13 aunts that she performs are more classical medium classical, taking in tenderness stubborn, overbearing in do not break nifty and lovely. Her show the beauty of 13 aunts moves support of the people to have affection justice, your person sees admire. This part can say is the beautiful jade that is closed completely performs work, this part also is Guan Zhilin’s masterpiece, it is the example character of hour of summit of Yan Zhi summit.


Thirtieth 7: The Zhao Min of Zhang Min personate (93 years ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” )


The Zhang Min that awaits in those days, 20 odd. No matter be young fine-looking perhaps, should belong to the first. And the elegant part that she puts on men’s clothing, the charm that puts on female outfit is moving, without moving the heart of the audience. She is very delicate, but with respect to imposing manner and temperament character, nobody can be accomplished, and of Zhang Min horseback turn round, be weighed for a the most beautiful eye.


Thirtieth 6: The small clear of Qiu Shuzhen personate (93 years ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” ) small clear of Qiu Shuzhen can say to be inspected by countless filmgoer all the time for years classical, her place plastic is small clear, fine-looking cannot honest other people,


And it is to depend on the innocent and lively, clever tack of outstanding acting Jiang Xiaozhao to be deduced more incisively and vividly. The small clear of Qiu Shuzhen edition, temperament is just as dawn to show lotus, the figure appears delicate and exquisite, color of skin is glittering and translucent at the beginning of be like spring flower, burst, the concealed in eye has briny La Yi, leer Lian Hui, face it is comely absolutely the melon seeds face of common.


This small clear that Qiu Shuzhen performs deducts the figure in the book basically, give a person the sense of a kind of dramatic image, let a person look at feel special to jubilate in the heart, the sort of air lovely disposition and completely altruistic love view, it is to let a person feel distressed to be admired again again more.


Thirtieth 5: The Jiang Xiaoyu of Lin Zhiying personate (99 years ” peerless double arrogant ” ) figure figure of Jiang Xiaoyu is lively argute, piquant make trouble, let a person love to be hated again again, and in the male heavenly body that personate crosses Jiang Xiaoyu, of Lin Zhiying deduce most make a person unforgettable.


Small when the small fish that watchs this drama to like Lin Zhiying personate very much really ah, think for a time small fish it is Lin Zhiying, lin Zhiying is small fish, one pair grows not big face, laugh to a kind of ruffian is enraged but the charm that however one kind lets a person cannot be defied, he of piquant make trouble is having a kind-hearted heart however. Lin Zhiying plastic is small fish it is the most lively, the most piquant.


Thirtieth 4: The Yang Guo of ancient day happy personate (95 edition ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ) the Yang Guo of Gu Tianle personate is most classical undoubtedly.


Gu Tianle’s Yang Guo, it is appearance to compare Pan An, Yan Saisong jade really, how much beautiful girl, be confused to get lose one’s mind by him! See Yang Guo by accident lifelong, absolutely come true gets on Gu Tianle’s body. Of the Yang Guo in drama bold and inhibited, the spirit of man of all corners of the country of of soldierly bearing, personate must be not haunt


Thirtieth 3: The small Long Nv of Li Retong personate (95 edition ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ) come two years of Li Retong personate ” small Long Nv ” can saying is thorough popular feeling. People often is in mention ” small Long Nv ” the first reaction when is Li Retong,


The temperament that that one quietly elegant on Li Retong body is like celestial being is unique absolutely. Li Retong is dressed up mediumly in drama very simple, but more dash forward a this world that shows her is free from vulgarity, elegant and a person’s mind is kind-hearted, the frown and smile makes a person exceeding and comfortable.


Thirtieth 2: The Li Xin of Jiao Enjun personate is joyous (99 years ” knife of small Li Fei ” ) the Li Xin of Jiao Enjun personate is joyous it is the peak with final play of knight-errant of Taiwan ancient costume, his Na Yingjun is cheesy, free and easy in the bearing of unruly now and then the tender feelings that reveals, make a person deep in becoming aware touch,


When he and after to love beautiful woman Lin Shiyin parts 10 years, alone what the hand holds place of the sound that it is a poem in both hands to do is statuary, be immersed in pair of erst recall centers gallop be charmed, Yu Hun like that when oblivious of oneself midstream issues two clear tears, the audience seems to just understand what cries truly ” dim be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy “


The Li Xin that he performs is joyous, li Xin the temperament of joyous pretty grace is behaved very thoroughly, jun Lang, blue appearance accords with Li Tanhua’s characteristic extremely, every act ases if to get among them marrow greatly. He that pair of blue small eyes, li Xin joyous expression gets celestial being energy of life is very. A thick small wavy hair, have distinguishing feature very much, li Xin Tang of joyous brilliant and cheesy, tasteful Ti is shown undoubted.


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