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Original title: Jing Tian ” the city of time ” calm archives: Gut measure sucks eyeball quite greatly, jing Tian ” Si Teng ” modelling emersion Of personate of You Jingtian, Xuwei continent ” the city of time ” already Guan Xuan decides archives. While entire network of the Tecent since January 20 is sowed alone, jing Tian and Xu Weizhou also open of a the Republic of China ” the travel that loves hate ” .

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And Jing Tian + Xu Weizhou, the combination of male handsome female beauty sucks eyeball already unceasingly. On the ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make, ” the city of time ” all also show ” sincerity ” . Producer Wu Reyan is layer upon layer to this drama guard a pass, and once hot temporarily ” under bright and beautiful garment ” it is out her hand.

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Director Jin Chen does not calculate go up a director, but ” spadger ” , ” the Warring States ” wait for drama of movie and TV all out his hand, visible also its hold guide ability. For this, even if ” the city of time ” actor ordinary members of theatrical troupe does not calculate on ” give prize ” , let a person expect as before full. And be in premonitory after announcing, ” the city of time ” by right of ” high-energy ” gut also encircled many pink. Because of, scale of gut belt feeling is large, terribly is absorbing.

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Because of, odd from its gut character already ” high-energy ” full. ” the city of time ” story setting decides case to be in ” the Republic of China ” , do not say to go up ” time makes fun of greatly ” , dedicated however at ” enemy of affection love hate ” . Female strong male strong, host of male and female is set belt feeling have not at common the Republic of China ” small sweet drama ” , ” the city of time ” set in the person go up to be broken through somewhat. Of Jing Tian personate female advocate Feng Shizhen, look be like effeminate and gentle adn cultivated, easily bullied, sober and actually idea careful, courageous and resolute, of appropriate appropriate high grade female learn bully.

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Those who make personate of continent of the Kingdom of Wei is male advocate on Rong Jia, it is one outside cold inside be proud hotly charming childe. Look be like disposition inhospitality bosseyed, actually heart is composed have chip seek. Because bear intense and deep-seated hatred, female advocate slip into look home alone. Consolidate step by step, disclose the unrighted wrong 20 years ago, also walked up ” Luo of Ying of the Kingdom of Wei of the Republic of China ” into rank road.

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Not ” golden finger ” , those who lean is intelligence quotient, male advocate with female advocate open ” intelligence comparing goes all out ” . Female strong male strong character set, let two people have ” match each other in strength ” actual strength, also had ” photograph loving each other is killed ” chip. Premonitory scale is large, stunt is dye-in-the-wood 10 show the appearance that discounts closely appears somewhat in drama, full sex tension. Deserve to go up the Yan Zhi of Xu Weizhou and Jing Tian, it may be said is very raise a key point.

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“This can be sowed ” , ” this is me can look ” , ” I have a friend to also want to look ” etc become while the netizen is evaluated, can saying is stunt dye-in-the-wood. And besides the men and women advocate high-energy ” Chuang makes fun of ” , the scale of actor’s lines is quite large also.

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“You are the person of next bait, do not turn over by the fish draw water in. Do not turn over by the fish draw water in..

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Developing such the plot of a play, such person is set, such main actor battle array, open to the person already ” the city of time ” reason. 2021 ” Si Teng ” let Jing Tian realize against the wind to break up dish. “Terrestrial riches and honour is beautiful ” become be worthy of the name while, “Miraculous cane cane ” the name is coronal body more. And ” Si Teng ” give a group, divide however outside the novelty of gut, the beauty of setting annulus beautiful Huan and delicate modelling just are crucial.

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Always of dagger of director plum wood can pat beauty and beautiful scenery. ” east palace ” number of start shooting name, “Hold in both hands red ” Peng Xiaoran. ” Si Teng ” make persistent efforts, make Jing Tian rapid ” break up red ” . Jing Tian and Zhang Binbin comprise ” licentious cane you ” became year to heat up Cp greatly, up to now heat is not decreased as before. And the can of much money modelling in drama weighs the intention, more perfect presented Jing Tian ” aesthetic feeling ” .

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Cheongsam modelling highlights Jing Tian’s figure, also make Jingtian rising ” cheongsam beauty ” cavalcade. And modelling of its the Republic of China all the more Jing is colourful, let a person discover Jing Tian formative ” comfortable circle ” . So called ” beauty of the Republic of China ” manage is become should be Jing Tian so about. And be in this ” the city of time ” in, jing Tian picks up modelling of the Republic of China again again. Although did not resemble ” Si Teng ” that kind phyletic heavy and complicated, but it is as before ” terrestrial riches and honour is spent ” due about. Regard the Republic of China as drama, cheongsam nature is essential. And Jing Tian engraves cheongsam gene it seems that in entering DNA, let a person feel for her cheongsam modelling Jing is colourful again. Here, “Department cane almirah ” change ” time almirah ” below, jing Tian also has much money modelling to appear in drama. Besides indispensable cheongsam, formal attire hat, long skirt, wool the modelling such as the coat also is have everything that one expects to find in drama.

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“Miraculous cane cane ” should change this again personally ” miracle really ” . And divide however Jing Tian formative ” Si Teng emersion ” , xu Weizhou also can be encircled quite in the modelling in drama can nod. The person of rich home childe is set draw near personally, xu Weizhou is in ” the city of time ” medium modelling also is very suck eyeball. Like Jing Tian, xu Weizhou and modelling of the Republic of China are comfortable deserve to spend extremely tall. Make person sense accidentally relaxed do not say, more revive move is very.

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And premonitory in, of Xu Weizhou deduct the figure with rich home childe also very joint. A pair of hands are more particularly beautiful, “Chuang makes fun of ” premonitory the expectation that ignited an audience desire. Early before depend on ” licentious cane you ” Cp, jing Tian can say was encircle many pink. And as ” the city of time ” arrival, odd from premonitory and character will be regale of a Cp. Drama medium shot is sweet perform with Xu Weizhou ” photograph loving each other is killed ” while play is piled up, also there is no lack of have many close show. Play of hug, kiss and even ” Chuang makes fun of ” , the have everything that one expects to find in drama, it may be said is the rapture of Cp pink.

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And Chan Congyan value and height, jing Tian and the Cp sense that make Wei Zhou are dye-in-the-wood also. Formative of the Republic of China in adding drama supplements each other, who can say ” knock arrived ” . Of new generation ” the light of Bg ” , will be born at this point probably. And Tecent decides his archives to be on January 20 and it is to be sowed alone, happy event greet New Year while, be opposite it is thus clear that ” the city of time ” also be confidence full.

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Gut has hotspot, part to have Yan Zhi and feeling having Cp, dress elegant, a variety of adding in, what do you still have to refuse ” the city of time ” reason? And ” the city of time ” broadcast the effect after all how, we wait for the another after broadcasting to see reason!

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How do you look to this? Do you expect ” the city of time ” broadcast? Do you have knock to arrive Jing Tian and Xu Weizhou? Welcome to share!

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