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Original title: Idol play also begins to cover a region instead, father and son falls in love with two boudoir honey, weak chicken is rich 2 generation fall in love with bully gas female bodyguard Idol play also begins to cover a region instead, father and son falls in love with two boudoir honey, weak chicken is rich 2 generation fall in love with drama of love of city of bully gas female bodyguard to regard the mainstream as subject matter, work is flush, below normal circumstance, not ” killer mace ” feel embarrassed broadcast. The city love drama that instantly heat sows ” consider oneself most fortunate encounters you ” , make great efforts in respect of character set and story clue, cast off before mode is changed ” the president falls in love with Cinderella ” slick way. To the men and women advocate add into pedestrian content individual character hold, go up in the foundation of young masterstroke at the same time, blended in the affection line of father generation, the crack with teeth in mouth of a few pairs of Cp in letting an audience be drama gives birth to crack with teeth in mouth to die, 100 claw flinch heart. 20220111035414 61dcff663ab69 Part1 male advocate marquis ” SARS ” rich 2 generation, oneself are building stylist, but the team member that is urgent deliverance team, there is the careless and casual of the dandy already in nature field, have emergency treatment team member again not Wei life and death. 20220111035418 61dcff6a578ec Female advocate five 11 do not consider effeminate Xiaobai beautiful, although parents divorces, father is bet ghost, but him anyhow is to come loose dozen of athlete one’s previous experience, turn again later hillock did female bodyguard, also be the professional female of 8 classics. 20220111035420 61dcff6c5dcf7 ” consider oneself most fortunate encounters you ” playwrite but a bit not be irresolute when firmness is needed, let flying dog of marquis and the boy friend of 11, girlfriend chicken jump at the beginning. It is the boy friend of 11 makes an appointment with other girl to fool around in the hotel first; The girlfriend that is marquis next should marry with others; And two batches of people still do a business in same home public house, meet then, men and women advocate namely ” difficult younger sister of difficult elder brother ” , the path of adumbrative also their feeling won’t be successful. 20220111035420 61dcff6caf215 Because marquis is mixed small mix become enemies of date of the iron that mix Liu, his mercantile father fears life of him baby son is endangered, then very artful let female bodyguard the 11 assistant that become marquis, it is 24 hours protect him actually, the CP that also lets an official match triumphantlied join forces. The men and women that do not pass and those falling in love at first sight advocate different, these two people are inherent enemy. 20220111035421 61dcff6d925e6 Oneself is the marquis of rescuing team team member, do not see such on 11 female bodyguard at all, look for countless reason to want bundle off 11. 11 although be opposite,the willfully make a trouble of marquis anounces a smile, but the heart does not have good impression likewise to such rich home son of a feudal prince or high official, just take the rice bowl of others, can exceedingly is being served. See here, everybody thinks two to be less than this completely incorrect dish person, go finally. 20220111035421 61dcff6deb1a9 Part2 does not spend this time ” green tea ” Fang Lu this ” divine secondary attack ” entered the court. Everybody knows such female match, often be to come ” walk ” female advocate, fang Lu is not exceptional also. 20220111035425 61dcff713c857 As small network is red, her person is set be destined it seems that is flower of silk of Tu of one individual plant, see marquis such tortoise husband, want try every means naturally stand by. Must want to say, to see Thespian conflict, male advocate this moment has a place ” the eye is blind ” , so apparent ” green tea ” cover a road to look not clear, still think Fang Lu is pure girl. 20220111035427 61dcff73a0ce4 So marquis always needs in Fang Lu when, generosity aids. When the rented house is wided, plan a hotel; Suffer in the play staff elbow out, marquis goes back up; Say Fang Lu by the truth if such woman is clever, this moment should content with one’s lot, firmly ground this rich 2 generation are caught in the hand, may not cannot be become female advocate. 20220111035428 61dcff74d7591 Regrettablly she acquires an interest in oneself while, right still 11 persecute ceaselessly, destroyed the profession of 11, eventually by crammer of marquis get behind, exeunt cloudily. Also do not think you are mixed female advocate bottle, it what can you have is good to what can you have? 20220111035429 61dcff75ecd4f Also be in at the same time two female advocate ” fight hand to hand ” in the process, let marquis realise the happiness of 11. At present these two people although affection somewhat bell, but because of marquis father’s intense opposition, be together without method, look marquis is chased after wife Lu Man grows very! Part3 branch line is in flourish of annals of marquis father Hou, spread out between as sweet as the boudoir of 11 Qian Xiaoyan. The person that sees these two roles solely sets position in the family hierarchy, needed one cut, it is the story between an old man and damsel apparently, and still adulterating among them ” peacockish ” and ” dog blood ” . 20220111035430 61dcff764eef4 Hou Zhirong serves as successful businessman, all along believe in ” the woman is like the dress ” , in know the son is mixed when 11 Tan Lian love, decisive put forward to object. Speak clearly still ” love is love ” , conjugal object can not be 11, it is thus clear that he concerns to the men and women very ignore, not be the person with a consummate feeling. 20220111035430 61dcff76a1eba And the Qian Xiaoyan with general one’s life experience, oneself struggle in big city, know very well the hardship of independent life, be in so after coming up against flourish of annals of wealthy businessman Hou, think oneself came up against true love. Actually she is Hou Zhirong only one of numerous woman, just Qian Xiaoyan disposition is much bit rarer special, hou Zhirong is so right she more warmth a few, and this warmth, be counted on by Qian Xiaoyan, think this is two-way the love that hurry off to. 20220111035430 61dcff76f3ca1 But to later he tells Qian Xiaoyan clearly, oneself won’t marry with her, qian Xiaoyan just understands, oneself can do the wife of backside of Hou annals flourish only, if oneself do not make a noise to be troubled by, still have extravagant life, but if extortionary marriage, it is to take the two final result that come loose so. 20220111035431 61dcff7755d45 Very may much person can say, the love of this one branch line, hou Zhirong is not a thing very. But in fact although Hou Zhirong does not calculate superior person, but also not be great illicit sexual relations big evil apprentice, he uses material to undertake enticing namely at the beginning to Qian Xiaoyan, and Qian Xiaoyan swallowed the bait, the alleged feeling of these two people, at present at best is each to need somewhat only. Fortunately nevertheless Qian Xiaoyan still is realize one’s errors and mend one’s ways, after knowing Hou Zhirong won’t marry him, part company with him absolutely, also be the person to oneself to set undertake remedying. 20220111035431 61dcff77e5e60 And dark the sea star that loves her, glad unceasingly. In newest drama concentration, starfish revenges to give Qian Xiaoyan, stole Hou Zhirong’s plan, also be evil person judgment, after be opposite, this is met how, really bad still to forecast, can seek theatrical work seriously really.

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