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Original title: Homebred drama leaves year enrol with respect to enlarge, have be carried on the head by this sports drama! Leave recently sow ” surmount ” did everybody look? A few days ago this drama is sowed, small make up a friend to encircle by ” red ” brush screen, connect even ” news broadcast ” gave this drama platoon side. After all is this theatrical work nice where be? The young associate that returns mergence hole looks at top speed!

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The battle array is not general, you cannot think of these familiar faces absolutely! Tell the truth, small make up early before get ready when seeing cast enter pit, hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan, Ma Li, Mei Ting, Tong Yao… which sheet is carried come out to be able to be carried have a good theatrical work. In light of the impressions with respect to before a few collect, play bone is play bone as expected, come on the stage let the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in popular feeling. Although there are a few a few play character actors to come on the stage only in newer drama market at present, but each has a surprise. The first market opens the coach Wu Qinggong of a Ma Li personate to come on the stage, small make up lived with respect to Jing, this or that horse the Ma Li of what plum? But the part that must say comedian shapes force really very absolutely, did not look a few minutes small make up had forgotten Ma Dongmei, she is short way fast slippery coach Wu Qinggong!

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Hu Jun and sanded excessive act short way as much in drama fast slippery coach. The part before these two actors can say very thorough popular feeling, but in ” surmount ” in come on the stage, small after the head that makes up the instant to cast the part impression before them, see they appear to be tightened all over, below the feeling one second can be taught a lesson…

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Do you think ” surmount ” does surprise battle array have an actor only? Leak! Since be major of project of winter of a true focusing the work of competition ground, professional athlete, little of course not a lens of professional athlete. The young associate that sees play seriously should discover, after each part the plot of a play ends, can have brief however the interview collection with full sincerity, play staff specially invited short way fast slippery coach and athlete, tell about short way for everybody fast slippery development course and oneself once training experience.

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Although have only very few a few, but tell about from theirs in see not hard, short way fast slip to develop flourishingly from what go to nowadays before hardship this all the way, go not easily. But they enrage a god with this essence that surmounts courageously, try hard ceaselessly below predicament and hold to, just allow short way fast slipped to become our country step by step seize gold popular item, let world each country see athletics sports actual strength of China. Every time small make up see here, there are full sense of pride and honorable feeling in the heart, developing this intention and sincerity, small make up give this silently in the heart department theatrical work plus a star! Gut has a surprise, sense of reality lets your one second generation enter! Besides cast high grade besides, ” surmount ” gut also is not pulled absolutely break down. Here is small make up should tag mainly, ” surmount ” those who adopt is double spatio-temporal and narrative, have 90 time northeast already ” wild ice stadium ” struggle difficultly, the dream that also has new era goes all out in work.

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True, it is small make up after seeing this play the first experience. ” surmount ” one begin takes gut the Heilongjiang ice stadium that everybody comes to to 90 time, the coach Ma Qinggong that cherishs pregnancy for development weak point fast slippery team, go personally not only in student home recruit students, still be in everyday ice stadium on-the-spot guidance. Although did not use actor’s lines to tell about painstakingly, but a few short camera lens has been taken, can let everybody experience the condition that trains in those days difficult.

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2014 although short way fast slip to already became dimensions gradually, still be faced with recruit students difficulty, training field to do not have the problem of assured source however. The coach Zheng Kai of sanded excessive personate is new need even for field the problem accompanies ice stadium boss to drink.

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Li Geng hopes although the Chen Mian of a personate has short way fast slippery dream, also experienced mom not to support however, first try has been illogical, study makes progress to wait for a setback slow.

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Grant without playwrite here ” golden finger ” , also do not have indescribable all the way green light, some is press forward with indomitable will only hold to and try hard. Competition ground of gymnastic of athletics of no less than is common, be not successfully fluky, failure is not disgraceful also, it is for short way no matter fast slippery development spells the coach that do one’s best, still be for the dream courageously forward athlete, they are the heroes on times circuit. Believed to look ” surmount ” audience, also be met and small like making up by this is surmounted courageously, the place of energy spirit look that never abandons is affected, the bottom of the heart can light ethical self-confidence not self-consciously to feel. Before true Olympic Winter Games comes, be inferior to be being mixed first small make up what had received this Olympic Winter Games together ” baton ” , experience athletics gymnastic ahead of schedule true atmosphere!

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