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Original title: Sow valve of 1 collect beans 5 stars wave Man Bing, mei Ting makes an audience successful into hole, CCTV is taken again close inspect ace Zhao Liying acts the leading role ” go to 10 thousand happily ” of the transition as her make, since open the attention that broad vermicelli made from bean starch gets with respect to equipment since patting, after all this matters to what Zhao Liying did not come to act art road.

20220111035601 61dcffd11bf09

Nevertheless, the audience still is to this drama very confident, in quality respect, have ” teleplay is patristic ” Zheng Xiaolong guards a pass personally, and in heat respect, besides Zhao Liying, still assembled the one numerous actual strength such as Liu Wei, Luo Jin sends an actor, no matter be subject matter or battle array, very much those who become king of year theatrical work go qualitative.

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Have definite idea daughter and ” good for you ” maternal idea hits ” surmount ” those who tell about is to have deep love for short way fast slippery girl Chen Mian (Li Geng hopes to act the role of) the dream for him implementation, ground of day after day insists to train, make national group finally top player and the story that competition ground of Olympic Winter Games of go out for a battle is national win honour for.

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In last few years, sports athletics kind subject matter teleplay can say is ” blowout ” type output, but true without however ” sports athletics ” the drama that should reply a thing seriously, it is to hitting the cover of sports athletics to talk about love normally, brought about sports athletics to also become trifling matter.

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Under photograph comparing, ” surmount ” this drama has been taken on pattern held, all story masterstroke around ” short way fast slip ” a thing, this individual Yo project from do not have some to develop a process to be depicted completely come out.

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Gut uses the means that double spatio-temporal across recounts cut back and suitable talk to begin, the gimmick that just began to use flashback with was story setting 1989, tell about short way fast slippery team is in those who establish initial stage to encounter all sorts of difficulty.

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And the first difficult problem that face does not have good young plant namely, for this, the coach Wu Qinggong of Ma Li personate is taking latest edition hear ice place vendor’s stand, only achievement accords with standard ability to be taken listen, not hesitate expend much energy and money, to find gifted skating talent.

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The 2nd problem is the problem of training field, wait for the influence of a variety of elements because of funds, in that time do not have indoor training field, even if big winter, also can train on natural ice stadium only. Can say only, the athlete at that time, true too not easy, for national honor and him heart medium ideal, belief was paid too much and too much, be filled with deep esteem letting a person.

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This story line of the cut back in drama can regard the ornament that is whole department theatrical work only, and masterstroke still is in female advocate on Chen Mian body, because as a child northeastern grown, so to skating one kind loves ineffably, although moved Jinan later, satisfying in remembering with concern to skate all the time this thing.

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Although the mom that does not cross Chen Mian supports her pulley to slip, but skate to her this thing is like however not quite hold with, look from existing gut, this likelihood and old crown father are concerned.

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Original Chen Mian is to should be used annulus slippery as add cent the exam that ginseng accentuation chooses high school, but was informed Qingdao team to want to enrol short way accidentally fast slippery team member, so she is hiding the truth from mom privately to sign up attend, can say Chen Mian only this little girl have definite idea too, what does the meeting after knowing Mei Ting knows namely have to react.

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But Chen Mian attends the procedure with new device not quite successful also, because never had been contacted,skate, follow what a few still have very big difference between the athlete of training as a child, and this is about to see generation ” glacial king ” how to rise abruptly after all.

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Li Geng hopes regain is contemporary, stage a parent with Mei Ting child affection deep Li Geng hopes to regard as in last few years the floret of Chu Lou brilliance, ” small jubilate ” , ” 20 not be puzzled ” in show went out not the acting of common, but ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” one horn lets Jiang Ni however big to turn over of her public praise, because the Jiang Ni of her ancient costume the appearance of an actor and origianl work has very big difference,this still basically is.

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Fortunately, this Li Geng hopes to be in ” surmount ” in the comfortable area that returned herself again, no matter be the age or temperament, with Chen Mian this one part accord with of ten split phase. With a suit very round of slippery attire that cruel dazzles come on stage, small body spurt is given out greatly energy, unplug so that the head prepares in the match of numerous boy, the movement of natural and smooth writing is too handsome really.

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But should say ” surmount ” in most those who make person Jing colourful, still get the Mei Ting that is mother of personate Chen Mian, come on the stage conquered with a kind of intellectual and easy beauty audience.

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Because see the father in TV,become a daughter and absent-minded when, full story was shown to feel fully in the eye, let a person want not self-consciously to go dug produced what thing after all in those days.

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When seeing the daughter makes special exaggerated motion intentionally to comfort her, corners of the mouth ticks off the smiling expression that remove, ased if to be at ease again some of what, but the anxious cloud that there still is to cannot drop off as before in the eyes.

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Current, this drama just broadcasts 1 collect, line of a lot of stories is not clear still also, but if can maintain this rhythm and level continuously, should be big play of a high component, so did you see this play?

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