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Original title: ” does knife of the bold in snow go ” why doesn’t Li Chungang, Wang Xianzhi open day door? One distains, one does not wish Zhang Reyun, Li Geng hopes, the teleplay of the main actor such as Qiu Xinzhi, Hu Jun ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” had replaced 36 part, this drama be about to big ending, new the plot of a play is very wonderful still, li Chungang is right definitely Wang Xianzhi, the overmatch of state of immortal of two mainlands ground everybody, appearance is unusual baronial, li Chungang borrows Man Chengjian, control the benefit sword attack of on 1000, wang Xianzhi rises a water column, held off Li Chungang’s attack, and return shake broke Tie Jian, good one action heaven and earth is the same as force, with Rou Kegang.

20220111035738 61dd00322a587

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However after Li Chungang him put to good use culminating big Zhao Yijian opens day door, condense countless sword fragments, the Yan of light of the plane that rents yin and yang, heart, thunderbolt tempers oneself through severe trials, heaven and earth makes smelt metal, become these fractional founding the divine sword with one vast power, this sword, hole of heaven and earth leaves, day door slowly open, and this sword is to attack more to Wang Xianzhi. Wang Xianzhi be ready in take action, this thinking that this one action will be earthshaking definitely to, however this battle is to stop abruptly however, make a person regretful.

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And besides the regret, still have a person great take offense, this person is Zhao announce element, an actual strength is not high however the existence that eye prep above carries on the head, distain to be in the world, consider actual strength however this actual strength is not excellent, deng Tai A is astronomical phenomena condition can a string of 1 only hit him. And he because want have the aid of this,chafe is of two big overmatch right definitely, open day door, he is good take the chance to fly litre, achievement is immortal. He himself actual strength reachs day person state completely not quite, want to rely on others to think of such result with respect to this.

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Is those who make a person curious Lichun Gang He Wangxian Zhi why door of day of not complete open? With Li Chungang and Wang Xianzhi’s actual strength, fly litre of more than sufficient, be if lend this with one action Cheng Xianqi,better? Say like place of Deng Tai A really they are not willing to fly litre, want to stay in the world more? What the answer says with place of Deng Tai A actually is about the same, but a few differ, because the person is worldly and happy,be not just, perhaps have what what don’t they put to fall.

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Above all we say Li Chungang, this presses a root to distain celestial being, he imparts when Xu Feng Nianjian opens day door, had said, his sword path is exploration the day and refuse to obey weather channel, it is Gu Jinxian Buddha to face this mortal world, he also wants one sword cut. And in fact Li Chungang also accomplished this really, the battle of the An Lingjiang in origianl work him one sword breaks 2600 nail, the sword enrages a thousand li a hunderd li, solemning had been day person state, however he also sufferred internal injury accordingly, but he distains to fly however,rise, cut into a mountain of Deng Tai A Yijian is helped before on one’s deathbed, let him step terrestrial immortal state.

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Can fly early as to Wang Xianzhi rose, and the Bai Di that his preexistence is celestial being bound, but this generation he is not willing to fly however litre, not be he hates to part with undeserved reputation of the world first, not be for Wu Dicheng more, however he wants to day door is guarded between humanness, do not let world of celestial being go angling insult movement, the business that he does and Zhang Fu shake a bit similar, so he is not willing to fly litre, want to be defended all the time before day door.

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No matter be Li Chungang or Zhi of king celestial being,can saying is the person that has atmosphere spirit, zhao announce element professes not to look to go up the world, of one mind is yearning celestial being bound, want pursuit immortal and immortal, not hesitate for this cast however popular feeling, regrettablly he does not know celestial being extent however also may not is good, world of fish with a hook and line of celestial being group insults movement, it what such celestial being bound has is good that what such celestial being bound has go, even if immortal have again why to use? Be still another ” the world ” ?

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Li Chungang and Zhi of king celestial being do not enter day gate too, admire making a person. To this you have what view to welcome complement, we fall period see!

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