Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Ancient costume film ” hutch of hemp hot goddess ” Sohu video is complete on January 26 net head is sowed By the Fujian Province fine horse of county of limited company of medium of culture of Fuli of limited company of limited company of knot justice movie and TV, medium of culture of Xuzhou city rhythm, Fujian, Tai Ning amounts to limited company of medium of culture of movie and TV to manufacture, industry of Hua Nai movie (Shanghai) the film of ancient costume network that limited company distributes solely ” hutch of hemp hot goddess ” calm archives on January 26 Sohu video.

20220111040153 61dd01310ea47

After although be drive hutch,movie hero makes small delicacy, however the unexpectedly became hutch of generation broken bits, after the drive hutch father from her is killed from adventure, make small bright thoroughly remould oneself, go all out to become strong, weigh since bear brace up the heavy burden of the door. A few barely escape one’s life, a few degrees painful break relatives and friends, jump over defeat a few times to jump over brave, become generation drive hutch eventually. Film showed a to not only of delicate cate be born, also act according to went up ” love + movement + suspense ” regale of seeing and hearing.

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