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Original title: Work of dub in background music of composer B6 newest film — ” towards bright that ” go up only completely line

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The audience of history of music of familiar China electron won’t is opposite of course this name feels B6 unfamiliar. He is one of person that the electronic music of Chinese foremost edge is created, begin from 1999, his dabble includes a lot of field such as music of experimental music, industry music, Techno, atmosphere, eminent has contribution. Be in however 2014 around, b6 began to change direction. He makes himself quiet come down, begin to go study, attempt a few music domains that never had contacted before this, for instance the writing of orchestral music and new classical music, after that in the job of dub in background music of a series of the living theatre that these new music interest show in him and movie and TV. B6 is the living theatre early or late ” numerous flower ” , the film ” the party of southern station ” and newsreel ” terrestrial world ” wrote dub in background music, these are delicate have sometimes even some ” secretive ” musical element lets a lot of people be when view shadow ” shine before ear ” . 2022 beginning, the work of newest dub in background music of B6 ” towards bright that ” the line shows the courtyard that will follow the film to be released together. It is literary that normally B6 chooses to the work of place dub in background music piece, and ” towards bright that ” it is however one includes 7 directors the collect of animation short film of 7 stories. Look be like having great contrast, but B6 says frankly to make dub in background music for cartoon is he hides long already think of a way in the heart actually. He of childhood watchs the Chinese animation of Shanghai art film studio, boyhood is defending the 18:3 before the television everydayThe foreign animation archives of 0, as a result of the memory that these growing, when ” towards bright that ” Gu Chen finds one of supervise the manufacture of when B6 asks ask cooperative possibility, b6 promises none hesitantly to come down. However the creation of dub in background music however it may be said ” after many twists and turns ” . Because every story is different director, their picture style and mood temperament are disparate. How to coordinate those who differ is paragraphic, let music can be different video style service well already, become an old practice again between a kind of each other potential pulling force, this is B6 the biggest challenge in the dub in background music of this film. B6 is changed in the musical style difference that lets film as far as possible while, do one’s best maintains clear thematic air, it passes countless variation perforative at making ministry movie in the center. And in the tradition ” service ” besides dub in background music, b6 also was based on the different style of each film to add his in dub in background music ” think of carefully ” . ” the problem of leveret ” it is the first creation that B6 begins to begin, although film is having the qualitative feeling of animation of Chinese ink of Chinese traditional water, but use music of escape of B6 intended ground and traditional melody will manifest story affection, draw the outline of the flavour that brought dub in background music of old China animation with simple western musical instrument. And in warmth ” firebug girl ” in, b6 confluence is new classic, waltz and atmosphere music, build the sense that gives good, romantic, illusion. ” trainset ” be first about laying as heavy as what die story, b6 chooses grave piano tie-in and simple bowstring is happy, convey a kind ” walk out of a shadow, new range opposite is vivid ” hope. ” Kuai Laobai’s syrup is spread ” it is B6 the boldest in this dub in background music attempt, he is bold the night scene of the Guangzhou old the city zone that uses the gimmick with jazz mixture happy electron to depict syrup to lay a seat, reductive he remembers medium Guangzhou impression. Then the elemental joining together with happy with Chinese music and electron B6, appear piece ” hum general and haing general ” the Thespian conflict that folk-custom paper-cut decides case animation. Be in ” the wheelchair of ark of blue iron sheet of grandmother ” in, the director raised a requirement that has challenge sex, the music that hopes to be able to Yan Mian makes a rule in order to cooperate aside, the musical form of balladry of guitar of final B6 use wood complementary shake later and orchestral music, build a distinctive music design like poetry. And the final rule in whole department film ” the ala slaves on Sunday ” in, b6 is changed numerous for brief, pass the warm solo of piano, wear again the gist of Chinese ink is whole film — towards bright that. To B6 and even whole grow in initial stage of reforming and opening those who rise ” 80 generation ” , the influence impress that cartoon place brings is permeated in square field surface, affected the world outlook of a lot of people to model even. And what to B6 this kind of influence comes is more distinctive: Come from a series of cartoon of Shanghai art film studio just about, for the acknowledge that the B6 when built first music — for example ” 3 bonze ” in, the sun falls next moons rise, a few simple air can draw the outline of the propulsion of time, although such expressional gimmick is right his today’s compose also very benefit from. The cartoon that B6 once hoped to be able to have Chinese style and traditional memory for makes dub in background music — be in undoubtedly ” towards bright that ” in his desire got coming true — let today’s child be in when seeing a movie, also can find him in those days the sort of glad.

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