Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Father of anxiety book glad is accused case prosecutor already recalled brief of a case is contract dispute

20220111040355 61dd01abe55efThe circumstance of juridical copy clerk of company of Yu Shuxin’s father 20220111040356 61dd01ac3999d

Check according to look forward to check App to show, recently, a worth of company of father of anxiety book glad conserve executive ruling book is open. This writ content shows, yu Pijie (Yu Shuxin’s father) be applied for to freeze 5.8 million property, the juridical date of this case is July 2021, accuser is Liu Mou. After this, in November 2021, accuser Liu Mou recalls pair of Shanghai a person of extraordinary powers praise of industrial limited company and Yu Pijie sue, brief of a case is contract dispute.

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