Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Zhou Xing gallop after becoming famous gues-star 3 times, figure of first time self-destruction, create a record the 3rd times Zhou Xing gallop before becoming famous, became the utility man actor of a long time, but since his fire later, the most dazzling leading role always is in the film, but the Zhou Xing after becoming famous gallop once also had gues-starred a part in a few films.

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He ever was in ” bet bully ” in gues-star Zun Songxing, zhou Xing gallop patted ” bet emperor ” epigenesis name, can saying is to fly towering, the film contract is ceaseless, and it is social status also when the river rises the boat goes up too, this is the same as the film of series later ” bet bully ” invited Zhou Xing gallop undertake gues-starring in titles trailer, follow already bet emperor to concern couplet, and what join story clue again is more natural, star of terminal point week gallop appeared to become the largest window and surprise again, especially his model can say self-destruction figure, this to one very for the whether handsome star father before noticing him screen, can say not plan oneself figure.

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In ” dinner of night of rich and powerful family ” in gues-star Zhou Xing gallop oneself, ” dinner of night of rich and powerful family ” this film, encircle recreation all becoming at that time Gong Mingxing invites attend, zhou Xing gallop going just gues-starring in the film oneself, shot is very brief, but however still very grab an eye. Zhou Xing gallop still be in of dragon ” vitreous goblet ” medium a police that has acted to pulling police dog, zhou Xing gallop gues-star dragon ” vitreous goblet ” , because they are in twice at that time,be same a base film, zhou Xing gallop those who film is ” comedic king ” , and those who become dragon is ” vitreous goblet ” , the character that then two recreation encircle old man rank is mutual did in the film of the other side gues-star, this thing became moviedom a much-told story, and also also appear without such opportunity again, at the same time these two films harvested very high booking office to rank before ranking a list of names posted up two in those days.

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Since patted ” the Yangtse River 7 ” later, zhou Xing gallop with respect to breath shadow, nevertheless allegedly Zhou Xing gallop ” kongfu 2 ” he can be joined again act, let us expect to the top of one’s bent!

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