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Original title: This ability makes burn a brain, rival large scale ” western the world ” , nai flies to this to divide heart drama high to make a person infatuate Guide language: I think all the time ” western the world ” the summit summit that is teleplay burns cerebral work, until see this a few days ago ” dark black ” . Before two collect what I think to just be concerned with the black hole is horrible kind of drama anthology, but see the 3rd market,I just know this theatrical work is with time the journey is concerned actually. The dimension of this drama is spent be pulled with respect to big, leave a message in great quantities to mine plus netizens, let me know this drama calculates really going up is drama of a god. Then I decide, must brush well go down.

20220111043344 61dd08a81dc25

The person arrives middleaged, brain needed to often train, rust easily otherwise, whats did not want to work. See this kind burn a brain kind drama, be a very good choice undoubtedly. See the 3rd market today, feel brain was clicked, gut is such designs actually, be a beginning that burns a brain.

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A boy was missing, his classmate knows he hid a packet of marijuana in a mouth of a cave. Then a few people agree to go together mouth of a cave is resumptive and hempen. But be in this process, gave weird business, the sound that gives out inside the hole psyched out a few youths. Bring about a few youths to begin to run, but bring about a of the person of the same trade little boy to did not catch up with so, run lost. Then insanity of a gang person is searched, his father is to break down nearly more.

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Where do you guess this child to go? Right, he passed through. Began trip of a days actually, little boy rice overcame another times, arrived 1986, and the time that he lives was 2019, differred 33 years among. Interesting is Mi Ke comes out from cave, or forward the directional look for of own home, and his father or a piquant big boy, say here is his home, his father feels funny.

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Then Mi Ke can go only police station, but dare he tell the truth? Is saying his the son of a big boy? This thing happens after more than 30 years, is he to never come to those who come back to move back and forth? Nobody believes. Before whether his father also remembers 33 years right now, inner ear of a boy arrived in his home, is saying this room his home? Move back and forth for nothing when oneself son return the past, and young oneself meet, him pay no attention to, how can this be good?

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This kind of set yields a when I remember to look a lot of years ago motion picture that burn a brain, also be Jing Song kind the film, be called ” butterfly effect ” , that is to save and go a few businesses that do. Male advocate can pass the diary that reads oneself, move back and forth to in the past next, through changing a few things in the past, go saving a few people that oneself lose.

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But interesting is, saved this individual when him, can bring about another people to be harmed, also mean him to be able to lose other family members, then he should return what prevented a thing in the past to happen again. Such move back and forth, bring about male advocate almost spirit breaks down, I also feel as the audience very break down.

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So a lot of moment, a lot of things in life, perhaps a simple think of a way or behavior, with respect to the trend that can change prospective destiny. This ” dark black ” be one what kind of covers a region? See everybody’s criticism, I still expect quite, since be the good theatrical work that everybody approves, I still want those who go down to continue to brush.

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A camera lens with the 3rd significant part, be in putting a few crucial figures’ not coetaneous appearance in a camera lens. And missing Mi Ke, also appear in with oneself father same a space, just be different time however, can be Mi Ke still returned 2019? Everything is unknown, I continue to brush drama.

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