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Original title: Wrong substitution lays new progress, of house property after contending for, 92 years child mom phonates for Xu Min ” attest “ “Wrong substitution is unripe ” since this drama is shown, explode ceaselessly expect a new ” gut ” , if say which movie is the most interesting 2021, the netizen is met of be worthy of point to ” wrong substitution is unripe ” . “Wrong substitution is unripe ” it is a film not just, it is one surmounts social value, human nature to think, the ethical precipitation of the backside with true viewpoint of value, beautiful filthy be apt to and daedal social property are new think. This drama aroused the impulse of people heart and that uneasiness afresh, even many netizens leave a message say ” the first thing that they climb to want to work in the middle of the night opens a mobile phone namely, look ” wrong substitution is unripe ” have new the plot of a play, these the plot of a play that perform continuously, let each eat melon masses feel restless, sleep not sweet, they think the longing that satisfies a heart for a short while only, to the truth pursue, and more be: They do not stand in any one party, they are only conceivable just adjudgement! From ancient up to now, people seeks fair justice, those who go after the soul comfort, should discover amlposition of viewpoint of value, moral value gets contemptuous, they meet what hesitate none stand up, examine afresh beside all these of place happening. When Yao Ce changes be in hospital of cancer of the liver, earned the compassion of masses eating melon, they in succession numerous chip, treat a disease for Yao Ce, highlight the value that they exist and meaning. Although masses eating melon loves to occupy, love Suo, but the person that they are clear dispute, know what is able, what is not able. From ancient up to now, of very much big case accuse broken, little not their clever ability and wisdom, hold definitely to the essence of human motive, this raised the possibility of crack a criminal case. “Hangzhou Sha wife case ” civilian ace discovers somebody was used that day ” two tons of water ” , marvelous detail, accelerated the process of crack a criminal case. Must admit, masses eating melon just is right piercing eye, any clues, little not the determination that they dig to nitty-gritty and courage. Someone says, wrong substitution is born to be being sowed in heat, can compares the humanitarian film of common of nucleus of world of a Jing, it is a bizarre detective motion picture more, all sorts of complex the plot of a play, increased this bureau to be able to heat up sowed possibility continuously. The netizen of lonely of unwilling Yu Ji gave out first ” wrong (secretly) substitution is born 28 years ” classical a review of a play: Gu Youmeng’s mother, have today promise a mother; To prevent a childless person, change secretly reliable; Successful and procurable, change move; The heart has uneasiness, 9 rivers do obeisance to Buddha; Cut liver debunk, deny by every means; Tell a pack of lie, the tail is shown gradually; Century strange flower, the whole nation is surrounded view; If life makes fun of, he Lai is terminative. ” ” wrong substitution is born 28 years ” although hero Yao Ce has died, true thing did not end far, because,Xu Min is done not have ” do not grant put on record ” announcement, and the determination that abandons seeking testimony and courage. This firm mother is using scanty power all the time, search ” most ictus ” , search evidential chain. Pan overcomes the commonweal assistance of big lawyer, drove wrong substitution to give birth to new development further, believe before long, the result that masses eating melon wants also can the whole thing comes to light.

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Be opposite in masses eating melon ” wrong substitution is unripe ” this drama has a special liking, while heat is not decreased, the network transmits a good news, the mother that one each says 15 sunrise of hospital of river of the Huaihe River gave birth to the child 1992 phonated, this mom says: “The altogether that gives birth to the child together with Xu Min at that time in hospital of river of the Huaihe River has 9 mother, xu Min is seeking truth course in, if have need, she is willing to come out to be Xu Min ” attest ” . In the meantime, this mom returns the appeal, what 15 days of children were born 1992 is other 8 mom show a side, support Xu Min together. ” at the same time, netizens also have more voice, hope another mom can stand together, to search evidential chain, emersion should produce per year room circumstance, provide a few more fine detail, this also is the most crucial part in seeking evidential chain course — witness of chain of evidence of delivery room setting. ” at present, of Xu Min ursine Lei ” of house property contend for ” have not end, contrary and bilateral contradiction is more intense, litigate even. According to Xu Min confirm, had sued Xiong Lei, ask for the house property that is located in 9 rivers. Both sides is current value of 1.5 million ” 9 rivers house property ” litigate, it seems that who is also willing to vacate half pace?

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The netizen says, this house is Xu Min’s couple originally, why ever became Xiong Lei, rebuke Lei was married merely Yao Ce marries parturient, is the house indescribable those who became Xiong Lei? Did not have house property, let drink the northweat wind-have nothing to eat of Shi Bing of Xu Min Yao’s couple go? So old age, had struggled all one’s life, should work to won’t do? ” ” office plan is too clever, lost oneself instead ” . In fact, if rebuke Lei abides by acceptance, recumbent Zhang date accumulated so much vermicelli made from bean starch, direct seeding income also can raise the home, perhaps can earn more money. But present Xiong Lei is apart from direct seeding to sell goods to still have too much space it seems that, because the accredit before this was insulted. She cheated everybody’s accredit, believe her the 2nd times absolutely impossibly. And of 9 rivers house property contend for, it is to let Xiong Lei be immersed in a net to expose to the sun more, she again no less than silent also going to, begin to phonate say to want to sue a netizen. Make quick Yao and Xiong Lei litigate on one hand, make quick Yao seek the testimony of the nitty-gritty that wrong substitution gives birth to 28 years on one hand, of many sided search evidential chain to had made Xu Min exhausted, suffering can’ts bear character. The medium Xu Min of video, cannot help weeping, the eye is red, it seems already very long did not rest well. No matter be of house property,contend for, still search wrong substitution to give birth to evidential chain, need Xu Min quiet to come down, careful rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers one rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers schedule, because occasionally quiet reflection can have new surprise. A few decisive strategy are in some node is dug suddenly, became a special signal even: Deepness thinks is not for protracted work efficiency absolutely, come from the contention of uncertainty with more powerful force and self-confident antagonism however. If life makes fun of, it is a contention ” interest ” game, in this game, both sides sticks to his argument, litigate, take out oneself ground, enough thick face contention goes down, the haze that should win to drive away a heart with respect to drive only feels with the sort of lose. Wrong substitution is born is a drama not just, be opposite work more think, treat of a lot of to future thing cautiously. Seek a door obviously, DNA technology detected, the other side still absolutelies refuse to to bilk Zhang, more what is more,the rather that that time that does not have monitoring, a few so called petty trick, became the motive that commit the crime. Acknowledge a debt, in fact this is a the mainest character problem. Some people aux would rather the fault goes down, also not be willing to turn round, this is true human nature. People often likes beautiful speech, and the true word that does not like to be criticized. Right good thing, we or need admit, because often the most crucial when, those day day the friend of an idle away in seeking pleasure, handle dangerous situation when your body, they will surely not tell you. But the person that you encounter a just goodness, they are met certainly tell you to be far from a harm for a short while, the society protects him. “Benefit of good medicine tastes bitter at disease, benefit of good advice is harsh to the ear at going ” although not Orphean, but useful really, this is a fact. “What to happen after all in the hospital in those days, what particularly important detail is there? ” the netizen’s query, this must say, it is the problem that Shi Bing of Xu Min Yao’s couple faces at present really. The fault changes the Guo Wei of another leading role of life, regard Xu Min as one’s own son of Yao Shibing, he also is having his view. Although at present Guo power job lives in the inn that be stationed in a horse, but he can go back very quickly, this wants the plan that sees him Guo Wei. The combat on the history has a lot of kinds, of house property contending for is one of combat, it and working issue, life dispute, stand side by side together, can says ” contemporary 3 contend for ” . In all combat, it seems that the news central point that house property disputed people to love to look most, they are anteprandial after the meal, discussing the house of how many square, decorated cost to spend how many money, costly of which kinds of material, be economical of which kinds of material, anyhow around move the house has the topic that does not say. Of Xu Min and ursine Lei ” of house property contend for ” , it is to let a network open boiler more, be born to drive gut to develop together with wrong substitution. Shenzhen girl ” make money ” ! Make money! Make money! Get run countrywide woman poineering age, and the mark that bought a house to also become Shenzhen girl matchs. Shade contains the evidence that this world declines, it is more and more apparent. Although male comrade does not believe this net is passed, but enough much case had lighted pair of struggling reflection and life and even living meaning afresh. Give Yao Ce marriage to use when the change the name of owner in a register of a house of 9 rivers, but the one’s own son that Shi Bing of Xu Min Yao thinks Yao Ce is him all the time at that time. Till be in hospital of Yao plan liver cancer, change hepatic blood type not to marry time, just know Yao Ce is not their one’s own son. The course asks with all possible means later, find Du Xinzhi eventually, and detect through DNA the one’s own son that confirms Guo Wei just is them, all these also made Guo Wei muddled encircle immediately. Dim in the thing that is destined, be because of the person and change! Guo Wei, he was taken an examination of complementary alarm, and father of his one’s own is a soldier! Have some kind of sense inside? ? The thing on the world is such, inherent genetic gene! Dim in, have destiny oneself, the person calculates calculate as the day. Mechanism calculates too clever, suffering used up others, also calculated oneself. Of life right with the fault, who shares clear again, life is a play, a game that struggles continuously. 92 years child mom is mother of a gutty certainly, she is having her viewpoint of value, she knows who she is, she ever also had considered a lot of issues. Dan Xumin faces such condition, the body that asking exhaustion runs to run, what to get again? Let Guo Wei continue, and the house of herself is occupied by force again, difficult a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest and house property do not want. Fostered Yao Ce of 28 years, although pass the one’s own child that DNA detects is not him, don’t have a bit feeling? Impossible, be born and be a person, the person is affection species, have feeling, have vicissitudes of life.

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“A great mother, face such condition, how should argue strongly again, it is difficult to greet and go up? ” at present, the voice that the network supports Xu Min is louder and louder, and of mom of 92 years of children phonate, it is the support that to Xu Min a Nuo amounts to more. This supports not just, look in a lot of people, this is ” wrong substitution is born 28 years ” new breach. Boundless and indistinct universe, vast the Milky Way, over the earth, interrogatory common people, don’t have really ” does the day ” ? The person is being done, the day is looking. Its leave no room for manoeuvre, push oneself to abysmal abyss namely. Those ever thought the intrigue of practise deception, wait for refluent later, it is naked awkwardness! Be born and be a person, who won’t err again? Immensity of abyss of misery, repent and be saved. I ever also had gone through 1000 sail, cross of all previous classics, but I know, historical footstep won’t stop forever, those look seem clever performance, just in the end is infructuous. A netizen says: “I am willing to give mountain, pass through 1000 hill 10 thousand water, search evidential chain, but all these can come true, be a doubt? ” courage is laudable, but serving as truly is not to rely on lips absolutely. The article is written, I also was immersed in brood deeply, after all the support that this is pair of Xu Min, helpless still write a script. But it is before a month, for a thing, draw out empty purse almost. Although Xu Min cannot support in materially now, but the promise of travel of other operation carry out that can use oneself certainly. ” ” be born and be a person, how so difficult. Blue sky, “Wrong substitution is unripe ” when can this drama just end, masses eating melon looks tired, they wait really not as good as. ” a rich advocate write on rich guest. Wrong substitution is generated ” Luo Sheng door ” mystery, crucial figure ” complicated and confusing ” , du Xinzhi is anxious wrong substitution gives birth to new discovery, secret be in a hospital ” mysterious figure ” , is Du Xinhui what kind of person also? Result of Guo Xikuan third class is suspected of ” make a holiday ” by real hammer into shape, du Xinzhi how ” justify oneself ” ? Xinhua net is unripe to wrong substitution ” do not grant put on record ” phonate, pan Ke helps Xu Min development ” fastidious “

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