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Original title: Wrong substitution gives birth to new detail to announce, du Xinzhi’s nervous instant, guo Wei: Dim in have oneself providential Because give priority to person fair Yao Ce,do not have die and end, contrary network flame grows in intensity, burn the audience is suffocatively come. Over focus of current public opinion, how to discern clearly the opinion on public affairs of promiscuous seeing and hearing, became Chongzhongzhi to weigh, prevent to be used, prevent tool be treatinged as to use, become a countless masses eating melon are the basiccest to identify technical ability.

20220111043450 61dd08ead9b2f

And the experience that the dominant position with person the largest progress depends on living, the experience before major issues of principle. Successful personage is experience is very much certainly, be by no means accidental. Had seen, had looked, had listened, the logistic inference that he has one to cover his to mature and life work experience will undertake discriminating. On God’s earth, all living things, how to make the clearest judgement, essence of life allows to discriminate, not be everybody can be accomplished, this need masters a lot of professional knowledge and relevant knowledge, old life carries out the study with material of countless big cases. Conclusion is different from write an article, conclusion is exquisite and logistic thinking, careful, do not let off each detail, fine in again fine, extremely inconspicuous thing won’t be let off. Achieve the discovery of acme only, ability discovers the secret that cannot discover. Case, not be everybody can see a problem, seldom count one part ability to find source truly only. People is the offer person of clew, conclusion personnel basis countless clew, track down by following clues, progressively platoon is checked. If investigate during, not close, probable meeting is ignored a few subtle, so the most crucial position can face difficulty, can no more begin the work. Explore of world Chinese god Dr. Li Changyu has a famous remark: Become a possibility impossibly. ” repair him refine ceaselessly only, undertake ceaselessly study, undertake ceaselessly choose and be analyticed, just discover breach likely, break impossible myth thereby, find truly valuable clew and gap then. The person’s oldest ignorance feels he is very clever namely, guilty person often very conceited, feel leakproof, flawless. Since maleficent, how the likelihood is leakproof, that is impossible, the idea that is guilty him member only then. Want the person does not know, unless personal Mo Wei. The author realizes law divide rule to say: “Actually, the person convict inside the jail often is said clever person, can having convict majority is ” clever person ” view, main reason or: The person that makes an issue is very tricky, they always are wanting to deceive people, think the move is reap without sowing in the heart, so these people can say on the mouth, cerebrum always can think of others does not have the issue that has considered very much, what body comes out now is petty trick. ” those who make fun of petty trick that rises momently, push oneself to abyss absolutely. Up to now a few people in the prison, still do not understand: What oneself decorate is approximately apple-pie, but or by get behind. ” imprint in personnel is investigated with what abound in professional knowledge before, since be crime, since have clues, regular meeting is found, it is time problem only. In the instantly that the network develops, a lot of detail were recorded come down, nowhere is not in monitoring, this offerred strong environment and technical condition to investigate crime. The DNA technology that was born 2010, biology locates the relative concerns, rose to change rate of infantile crack a criminal case secretly, refresh the difficult problem of technical domain. Imposing advanced monitoring requirement, the times nowadays, want to check only, almost a lot of things cannot be concealed. In Internet times, this is the times with a big transparent data, big data times does not have privacy. For instance, track through IP, GPS fixed position, can find guilty place quickly, the lock decides a goal. In fact, thinking reap without sowing clever person is too much every day, and their daily life is considering namely how to go deceiving people, with why to plant the method goes bunco, case hair, unapt still too passive. These so called clever people, according to the idea of masses eating melon, the head drinks water. Live daily, if you are a person that take care, your whose discovery is very much the youth is holding one pile product in the arms to chat with the old person, be uncle aunt, send one’s respects to the daily life of a family, still send an old person gift, time grew to permeate the family of the old person, began the process that they reap. █ enthusiastic netizen, stand fast justice, go after the Xu Min of a Dou Liting of the truth, everybody too want a fact. Because involve social value increase,wrong substitution is born 28 years, bring those who send backside to think, the force of generation is too large. Netizen ” of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct big person for oneself ” say: “Open a court session of the last ten-day of a month, the accused square affirmation still can try hard to skip Da, pass attack party and Pan Li especially two lawyers, the limit is applied press a purpose to make party abandons suit. As masses eating melon, I have a few proposal.

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The netizen that supports Xu Min one party currently occupied one much, it is the one party that seeks the truth. Netizen and both sides do not have enemy, everybody too want a fact. Wrong substitution gives birth to case hair 28 years up to now, had gone one year, what grow so is worldly, case still complicated and confusing, daedal link, astonished a lot of people really. This ” in the dark person of the annulus in case, annulus, philtrum ” explore record play ” wrong substitution is unripe ” let a lot of masses eating melon be worried, everybody is very confused, do not know to go down according to this development, gut can grow which one pace. A long delay may cause trouble, easy go wrong. Netizen ” of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct big person for oneself ” support Xu Min one party, he (she) stand is clear, make known his position adamantinely, listed all getting on a series of proposals. He is mentioned, keep rank, support party and Pan Li continuously two lawyers; Do not believe rumor, do not spread rumor, besides the information that the classics that waits for date of a few Zhang to release confirms, do not travel without certain information. “The undeserved word demonstration that withholds the professor that publishs dishonour opinion on public affairs, lawyer, reporter to wait is occupied, if come to light and prove these people are lying, so, algorithmic law is not handled, we are OK also warrant complains its unit, alleged one should return as good as one receives. Flaw of the member that violate a person obviously 100, masses burns with righteous indignation, however have no alternative, this thing, do with a this many month break ” ” netizen ” of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct big person for oneself ” the say in suggesting. Netizen ” colour 1- – 256 ” was to give out more oneself viewpoint, the attitude is very specific also. He says, xu Min thinks, du Xinzhi, Guo Xikuan in those days east hide Tibet and run false registered permanent residence to Guo Wei, the purpose is the true identity that conceals Guo Wei, escape one’s own parents to find out. And unseal think after police investigation, du Xinzhi evasive is family planning policy. 2021 in front courtyard careful of 8 days, lawyer Li Sheng explained the account that adds Du Xinzhi to be the accused: Du Xinzhi is when production of be in hospital of hospital of river of the Huaihe River, was suspected of concealing oneself second liver illness. Was suspected of concealing oneself second liver illness..

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20 days, southern on the weekend deepness findings report ” search write down in person: “Wrong substitution is born 28 years ” pass before incident ” announced for us more the part of detail, a lot of doubtful point are mentioned in findings report, the detail in detail, but the Du Xinzhi when be being interviewed first and after this media are interviewed, be stated for content, the viewpoint is almost complete abhorrent, because of media intervene, let Du Xinzhi raise vigilance. Specific have what detail problem, small make up abstract for broad netizen:

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① Yao Shibing, Xu Feng (the alias of Xu Min’s elder brother) with hospital of river of the Huaihe River two staff members drive hurry to the inn that be stationed in a horse, after arriving however, guo Xikuan breaks couplet however. Analysis: If be innocent, guo Xikuan can need not hide, still play be missing, this explains to there is a thing in the heart. Hide the more, do not be willing to face, invite the suspicion since the person instead. Guo Xikuan’s practice is unwise, and truly advanced malfeasant is not Guo Xikuan absolutely such regarding as. They pick up the telephone, cooperate to investigate, the mood is good. Such Guo Xikuan expression, make netizens disappointed really. ② occupies insurgent press, guo Xikuan (the alias in the report is Guo Renkuan) accept when interviewing, say, the cadre of villages and towns that he begins to think is native place invites him to go back when village secretary of a Party or League branch, check with village cadre later be like,be not after this, receive telephone call of the other side no longer. Analysis: Explain Guo Xikuan vigilance is spent very tall, be crime, can hide a lot of things. He the more such, others feels to there is a secret in his heart the more. ③ is in after affirming the child still is in, xu Feng puts forward to look for the other side to meet, “She (Du Xinzhi) say to be no good, just became an operation, be overcome this blow, say again later. With respect to hang up phone, hit later was illogical. ” analysis: The method of Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan is uniform, it is not to pick up the telephone, or hang up, and the practice that unplugs the phone gets stuck easily is extraordinary really. Bizarre way, unusual display, caused the attention with greater more. Fly does not bite without seamed egg, since flaw is eaten,melon masses and media are stared at on, this is inevitable. ④ Du Xinzhi accepts the case that when media is interviewed, says later, what what say with Xu Feng is completely different. Analysis: Of media intervene, the insecurity in Du Xinzhi heart, enhanced vigilant power, accept first interviewing a likelihood is to be close to true expression most, and if a person raises vigilance later, so a variety of behavior of after this are the preparation that makes for round lie, media asks actual part more impossibly. Since there is a secret in Du Xinzhi heart, so she is met the god is cogitative, escape these difficult problem, undertake deal with ably. What practise deception, want to be able to keep away from only mine field, without place need not its extremely. This sees more and more problems behind us namely, that is Du Xinzhi’s classic. The performance of herself is too much, provided more clue instead, she is belonged to outsmart oneself the sort of. ⑤ Yan solidarity asks his where annual person, guo Wei says to 1995 is on Id, yan Tuan writtens guarantee which asking he is actual is a year, guo Wei says was 1992. Analysis: This is the witness that iron calls, also be him Guo Wei personally approbatory, need not argue. ⑥ police makes this matter do east substation of high public security, and as it happens was Yan solidarity is on duty that day. Before a week, the Yan of the header in crossing policeman line as substation unites to just jumped into water to help a person with the colleague. After the child that is informed Guo Xikuan, Du Xinzhi calls Guo Wei, yan solidarity remembers substation has complementary alarm also call Guo Wei, “Won’t be us that Guo Wei? ” he makes Guo Wei telephone call immediately, let latter come police station time. The solidarity that use Yan accepts the word when interviewing to say, see Guo Wei, “Child he husband’ses father ” laughed, because grow too resembled. Analysis: The blood test that begins behind, have identification of relation of relative of DNA biology heredity, affirmatory Guo Wei is the one’s own son of Shi Bing of Xu Min Yao. After knowing this news, du Xinzhi Guo Xikuan is not flavor for certain in the heart. Foregoing drop unplugging that the phone gets stuck, refus picks up the telephone wait for a series of abnormal operations, be in show below another flaw incisively and vividly. The crammer that becomes a person and flaw are much, believed without the person. Why is others stared at on Xu Min, because seek the loophole that is less than Xu Min almost, fly does not bite without seamed egg, the happening of a lot of things depends on internal cause. Exterior just firstly barmy process. █ 2020 21 days, the kill of appraisal of triplet DNA that Yao Jia makes comes out, confirming Guo Xikuan, Du Xinzhi is biologic parents of Yao Ce. South still is on the weekend in this deepness findings report mention ” 30 days, jiangxi 9 rivers a hotel, in several media testimony falls, two families own close, yao Ce and one’s own parents meet first. Camera camera lens of the reporter takes a detail: Yao Ce and Du Xinzhi sit together side by side, the son takes the hand on left hand artifice of the mother, but the maternal enclasp fist that shows nervousness slightly, without the response. ” why does Du Xinzhi feel nervous, this is the reason of her heart secret. If do not have ghost, why nervous. Foregoing a variety of expression, had betrayed oneself. There is a secret in individual heart, except opposes the person with reconnoiter particularly strong capability, bearing can be mixed in a certain environment certainly the circumstance is shown accidentally come. Appear suddenly to Du Xinzhi such bearing, a lot of people look at that, this she is to go back on her word to be not dropped. This deepness on the weekend reports south report ” search write down in person: “Wrong substitution is born 28 years ” pass before incident ” publish before long, have a pet name ” Andy6 elder brother observes ” the netizen wrote what one end length grows to refute, suffer from those who hold out the intention, he (her) deny south to the utmost the deepness findings report on the weekend. The netizen that this doubt is like water army leaves a message before long, besiege with respect to what sufferred go after the truth to eat melon masses.

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This deepness findings report on the weekend keeps south really detailed, so the water that tries to conceal the fact army begin the operation again. Everybody wants the fact, why do you fear to report, feel deep to dig long come with respect to meeting gouge mud? Since be innocent, be afraid of investigation why again. If blindly hold back, the investigation of obstruct truth, so the intention is apparent: Do not want the fact, be afraid of pull out turnip belt gives mashed vegetable or fruit, the thing plays big, the person of drag in and business are much, cannot wind up. Only desperately destroy evidence, also be in the thing in reason. █ netizen leaves a message, so much masses eating melon, do not have civilian ace how possibly. Small eyeshot of the heart at the beginning of @ : “Hum, I just lower my head to write a little article, but see such thing, want to get angry. ” █ Xu Min can find Yao Ce, this is not accidental absolutely. South says on the weekend, when reviewing of after the event, xu Min will find close parturient Guo Wei to regard as ” providential ” — it is resulted from a certain number of accidental, as long as among them any is not had, find impossibly.

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The success is not accidental, have too much requirement however, lack a brick, whole edifice is not perfect. Have 3 paces music successfully: The first, the look of acumen; The 2nd, courageous and resolute action; The 3rd, persistent perseverance. With you the look of acumen discovers good luck, with you courageous and resolute action seizes opportunity; The perseverance that lasts with you turns opportunity into real success. The perseverance that lasts with you turns opportunity into real success..

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The make it of an any things, have a reason, be by no means accidental. Xu Min is in the course of one’s own son that seeks his, if lack any qualification, find impossibly. An issue is successful, have many sided factor, morer person believes: Xu Min finds his one’s own son, this is a kind providential. Him Guo Wei said, also be dim in have oneself providential. ” the occurrence as increasing clew, the emerge in large numbers of deepness findings report, incident sequence of thought is clearer and clearer, the one party that this hides the fact to trying is adverse, they fear of course the findings report of clear palpability. Because once crammer is exposed, once the truth discloses, so desperately naked swim, of dare to die struggle, be expected issue. Recently, especially 8 later, a series of evil language that water army and unidentified force are aimed at the author that stalks the truth and reporter are mixed abusively prevent compose article, they do not want heat, wanted to drop in temperature. When committing the crime, did not think of to collect a hand? The abacus that they try to prevent pursuit real situation is afraid want to come to nothing again. Although partial author by 5000 yuan of bribe, but incorruptible the heart that has justice, incorruptible everybody, they still are not done. Refluent before naked swim, struggle desperately, to there can be lease of life of a gleam of finally, they are sure meeting dare to die revolts, do final rich play chess. Evildoing is done much, total meeting falls through and stand exposed, those who defeat them is not others, however the heart of that fluky crime. Wrong substitution is unripe, du Xinzhi is newest explanation, is the findings report backside of careful just the truth probably? Is wrong substitution born 28 years to will leave take the motion picture? Xu Min’s elder brother: Want to wait for a case to end fault of part of affirmatory Xu Min to change life, two version teach: Chu Yan and Su Dechao, they support Xu Min so! Wrong substitution is unripe, a large number of celebrity such as white cliff loose He Jiahong support Xu Min, netizen: This thing not simple

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