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Original title: Should Yang Mi lean ” does content spend a woman ” did the part turn over? See breathe out continuously when the play: Scale is very large 2020 end, the monologize drama that holds the position of initiator by Zhao Wei ” hear she says ” sow. Regard domestic head as archives ” phonate for female predicament ” monologize drama, ” hear she says ” what be theme of woman of our open country not only is brand-new eye shot, return what beat contemporary woman continuously to live predicament. So ” hear she says ” go up the line suffers with respect to equipment reputably, fabaceous valve gives a mark 8.4, it is value of a society far the work with the full sincerity that is more than commercial value.

20220111043545 61dd09217e8bd

5 days, ” hear she says ” greeted final first phase ” perfect girl ” . This canto is directed personally by Zhao Wei, yang Mi acts the leading role, it is the short of subject matter of exclusive science fiction in 8 canto. Make as what receive an official ” perfect girl ” not negative also people’s expectations, from the story, film the actor is very wonderful, after broadcasting reputably ceaseless.

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“After seeing last market, the decision changes 4 bits into 5 stars. “After seeing last market, the decision changes 4 bits into 5 stars..

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“Final first phase is perfect the girl’s true Jing is colourful! The theme is content spends a woman not only, the feeling still elaborated predicament of a lot of females. The feeling still elaborated predicament of a lot of females..

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“Last collect gigantic ox, actor, director, playwrite neither one is pulled cross. Playwrite neither one is pulled cross..

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Can say, ” perfect girl ” for ” hear she says ” drew a perfect full stop. It is a story above all perfect, have raising of things to a higher level to series content. We visit the character set of leading role little love first. Her birth is for the love of this world and peace.

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She is perfect, 3 surround, weight, skin is be discussed serious research, integratedly by experts, make public voting research and development to come out by the mankind next.

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The most important is her emotionless function, so she does not have a mood, without keenly feel, have the obedience according to the requirement only. Can say, little love arrives from appearance the function is a basis the mankind is aesthetic the requirement is custom-built, she is the perfect girl in people ideal, saying exactly is the perfect girl in male eye. Everything her ” perfect ” , it is actually serving for the male.

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Can see from here, ” perfect girl ” it is to use the identity of AI to come nevertheless map is current society to the female ” perfect ” definition, acid interest is extremely strong. And it not just confine is in the surface, however little love of have the aid of is revealed more intuitionisticly ” content spends a woman ” the circumstances that suffers. For instance ability is restricted. The enough of little love calculating force in drama props up one whole stockjobber trade, but she is used to however sweep the floor cook patronize a person.

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After undertaking arguing unsuccessful with little love when a man, installed data of Man Hanquan banquet to wrap to little love download directly, let her make the one food of the day in the kitchen. You look how acid, no matter the female’s ability has many tall, the society is household undertaker to her inflexible impression, and arrive high to menace when ability when the male, hit directly pressure.

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The victim is for instance guilty theory. The old person of beadhouse wants to experience living feeling before on one’s deathbed, requested the boy to install close program then. Because final old person is excessive excited and die, the defective goods that little love also became serious error by sale, but obviously she just is real victim. So a lot of moment, the person that when facing certain thing punishment of woman victim susceptive compares male do harm to forever is heavier.

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Still little love is kept flogging to be harmed violently by the client, resemble extremely the home that the female in reality is faced with is cruel. The body always can repair, the scar also can cicatrization, but unexpectedly however,flavour is harmed nonexistent.

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So ” perfect girl ” unlike the story in front, a pain spot that it is not faced with in focusing woman place, expand the dot the face however, undertook summing up sublimate to whole set content, chose to have summary sex ” content spends a woman ” . Whole story was full of metaphor satirize, the subject that before a few unit place involve is in ” perfect girl ” in have point to.

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Serve as those who receive an official to make ” perfect girl ” , no matter be content or conception,be 8 concentration scale is the largest. The director showed a perfect victim with perfect girl, black and blue ” perfect female ” . Connect power of main actor poplar to breathe out continuously after receiving a play so: Scale is very large! This, homebred drama is a female eventually bold phonated.

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It is acting next perfect, yang Mi’s expression is praiseworthy. In see receiving an official to make is when acting the leading role by Yang Mi, a lot of people were worried. Because ” hear she says ” differ with drama of general movie and TV, it is drama of a monologize, a person says the actress actor’s lines, a person is performed, can say the acting that is unusual trial actor, and you know the acting that great power cloths cover. But as ” perfect girl ” broadcast, everybody praises one piece to Yang Mi’s performance.

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“Absolutely, yang Mi ” perfect girl ” acting actor’s lines is pretty good! Yang Mi ” perfect girl ” acting actor’s lines is pretty good!!

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“Absolutely cannot think of, let my 2 perfect girls that those who brush is Yang Mi unexpectedly. Let my 2 perfect girls that those who brush is Yang Mi unexpectedly..

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“Last market thinks Yang Mi can be pulled originally cross, changed really, gooseflesh rose. Gooseflesh rose..

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should this Yang Mi’s acting turn over eventually? Yang Mi shines in the appearance of an actor in drama eye, a long hair, wear argent short skirt, very sexy and beautiful, the station gives a person completely over the robot inspect already feeling.

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Because of personate is a robot, so her limbs movement is different from the mankind, agile in have one again silk is inflexible, and countenance and mood also cannot have risen and fall big, basic it is not to have expressional performance. For instance little love and that paragraph of play of female engineer.

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The mood of this paragraph of little love is the most complex, yang Mi is handled particularly well here, the act that passes machinery and the expression that control calmly transform little love mood explanation gets incisively and vividly. At the beginning by the user cruel hit be inhospitality, when facing oneself to kill an user then, astonish, when the engineer tells her take flight, be confused next, be not to death when what be informed beadhouse old person finally is him when causing, feel relieved.

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In gut of these 5 minutes, yang Mi explained 4 kinds of moods of little love, through going forward one by one the exhibition of type will be small love from the course that ties arousal perfect show, very wonderful.

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Especially the profile that this eye contains tear, really absolutely!

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At the same time actor’s lines of the Yang Mi in drama uses former voice entirely, actor’s lines not only very fluent, still was full of feeling and picture feeling. For instance ” my birth is for the love of this world and peace ” this actor’s lines, the altogether in drama appeared 5 times, perforative and whole the story of a play or opera.

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This actor’s lines is full of different feeling every time in Yang Mi’s expression, have the pride when be being created, have by force when bear and the bewilderment when be being abandoned.

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Still have little love by the user when all sorts of force are treated, whole process Yang Mi just is narrated calmly. Without any redundant movements, can be those expressions sentence the picture feels dye-in-the-wood, let us see a little love that is made black and blue.

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Always come say, yang Mi arrives from actor’s lines performance very Jing is colourful, praiseworthy, little love can make tall smooth part of Yang Mi probably.

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Pardonable say with respect to Lian Zhaowei nobody can replace Yang Mi, the imagination does not come out to who still can be competent in the round this one part.

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The last few years, the drama of movie and TV that no matter be abroad or home,gives priority to with woman theme is increasing. For instance ” vital woman ” , ” hind the ala is abandoned arms ” , still have ” 30 just ” and heat sows ” years drifting gold ” wait for drama. These drama anthology are jumping-off place with the female, deliver the attitude that gives a female to paddle one’s own canoe to everybody. And this also is ” hear she says ” what want expression — the appendage that who the female never is, however the host with unripe people on one’s own side.

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” perfect girl ” in why can little love become a victim, the reason depended on her giving others the power to make decisions of life. Little love has all and perfect element, but the outside gives her the thing of her place perception, her mission satisfies the requirement of someone else namely. Resemble the female in reality, go doing daughter of become reconciled of a good wife, good mother hard, did not do oneself good alone only.


A home to return to of person lifetime is him after all, so the female must want to cast off the difficult position that is changed by content, ego arousal, ego saves atone for. Face all sorts of difficulty of the life, become that can the independent female that oneself brave the wind and waves.


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