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Original title: Wrong substitution lays emersion mystery group, the net sends sister Guo Xizhi is incognito ” Wang Lihua ” , is the picture same? Introduction: “Wrong substitution is unripe ” it is a gut, complex the plot of a play, doubtful point is heavy, was full of countless doubt. Although the hero Yao plan that wrong substitution lays 28 years has died of illness, but his foster mother Xu Min did not stop the footstep of dug truth, search the real reason that is adopted by the fault 28 years ago, “Is time ages ago be without phonic message really ” ? And around move courtyard crucial perhaps figure likes honest relevant person the world evaporates like, did not appear all the time, are these so called where to gues-star actor and costar to be in after all? Are these so called where to gues-star actor and costar to be in after all??

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“Always cannot let Du Xinzhi and Xu Min these two leading role all the time bad news is worn, other appear with anther leading player and gues-star, a classical gut, it is the result of the joint efforts certainly, is not single-handed. ” have say of masses eating melon. The daughter that the bubbling with noise net on the net before this sends Guo Xizhi is Pan Tingting. Confirm in announce of university of 21 days of Henan ” Guo Xizhi Pan Tingting is relation of mother and daughter. ” █ net is passed in those days the photograph of sister Guo Xizhi and Wang Lihua of hospital of river of the Huaihe River exactly like, seek testimony now! Recently, about in those days sister Guo Xizhi is incognito ” Wang Lihua ” the net passes message spread fast, why is the photograph of that piece of Guo Xizhi on the net mixed the picture of Wang Lihua of hospital of river of the Huaihe River is same, still ate melon masses to make a mistake at the outset? Show according to public data, at present Wang Lihua works in internal medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of hospital of river of the Huaihe River.

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The photograph of Wang Lihua of hospital of river of concerned the Huaihe River and Guo Xizhi exactly like circumstance, need is checked with all possible means and still seek testimony! Historical endless flow is flowing all the time drip, the sewage of those inpour rivers, masses eating melon is clearing all the time, but how to also clear. If muddy water is outside the appearance with distinctive heavenly body also calculated, but should not happen in the world. A beautiful crammer was performed, be about to continue to perform countless crammer, round a lie is about to continue the circle goes down. Life is a game, everybody is the part in game, why be a victory, he Wei fails. And final result: Front courtyard careful believes testimony only, find out enough evidential catenary only, the strange flower that ability will not think see try sb, clear tells the world. Luo Xiang of punishment law person says: “To the people, the evidence that should have reasonable suspicion only can phonate and do not attribute a groundless allegation. To the government, if do not have the evidence that exceeds reasonable suspicion, must not refute a rumor at will. ” face doubt, masses eating melon just exhausts systemic force is searching evidential catenary, on the way that discovers the truth, they do not represent any one party, what they want is just presence, those who want is just adjudgement. In all corners of the country, a word says well: “Come out to mix, want to return sooner or later! ” go by the side of Chang Zaihe, which have not wet shoe? One individual evildoing is done much, meet leave a clues insensibly. Although, when do evil, the sort of cock-a-hoop bearing makes his infinite be charmed, but just adjudgement all along won’t the termination of for no reason or disappear, contrary meeting has more its clever way followings sb’s heels and come, and this eats the psychosis with melon distinctive masses just about, the iron blood that countless eyes braid protects armour. All corners of the country is dangerous, even if random elephant is unripe. If the truth is couldn’t get,dispel misgivings, silent acceptance, not be to have how many Bao Qing the day is insufficient, wrapping blue sky is justice is reincarnate, his one unripe on the up-and-up, conscientious, dog head cut up with a hay cutter issues how many judgement, your countless hellion become terror-stricken at the news. Song Chao’s bag as just judge, of the bag is masses eating melon, of the bag is the world quiet, of the bag is auspicious. ” the Three Kingdoms ” the Cao Cao of the times, it is generation a fierce and powerful person, lifetime fight the enemy countless, open up the picture with distinctive the Three Kingdoms. Cao Cao from a not famous anonymous junior, development is illustrious and famous a fierce and powerful person. Although the person writes the history, the person does the business, but a lot of moment, the person still does not want an evildoing leave no room for manoeuvre, lest give oneself,stay hard whirly leeway. Although Cao Cao is called by later generations a person who achieves high position by unscrupulous scheming, but he is very clever, also love ability particularly, like to enrol Na Xianliang person of ideals and integrity particularly. Guan Yu is Liu Bei’s partner, make land from he and Liu Bei that rises momently, was destined oneself destiny, this also is his own choice. Although Cao Cao persuades compose a quarrel to persuade Guan Yu to stay again and again, guan Yu as before ” be in in Cao Ying heart personally Chinese ” , cao Cao of at one’s convenience is spent all sorts of way, helpless also, as before bribe not Guan Yu. Finally, cao Cao is obliged to put Guan Yu. Why doesn’t Cao Cao kill Guan Yu directly, put him to go directly however? Because Cao Cao is a clever person, although cruel and evil, but what Cao Cao considers is more problems, know to remain a rout of retreat in the future for his, unapt its leave no room for manoeuvre. This is why later ” Hua Rong ” on Cao Cao can the reason of extricate oneself, guan Yu is one pays attention to the person that tells favour graph newspaper, although Cao Cao is pursued and attack to get have no way out, and Cao of Guan Yu let slip does this one deed, liu Bei is not not to know, as before dissimulate. Ace respects ace, and won’t be handled with mean shift, contrary they more esteem the other side. Occasionally too much absolutely the expression of affection, can lose a talented person instead, lose popular feeling. In devoted to with contradiction between, guan Yu left and right sides wanders, but he chose to tell favour graph newspaper. Liu Bei is not not to know, so he chose muddleheaded. If Guan Yu is a Lilliputian, it is a mean and shameless person, also cannot submit oneself to the rule of absolutely at hand, more cannot give help Liu Bei builds national line of business. Like be an upright person to cannot resemble mad dog absolutely, bite a person in disorder everywhere, bad in that way, be an upright person the principle that should have oneself. Be aroused when last bottom line, that need not be in silent, however complete outbreak. All along not name-calling, do not lay the person’s person, if act, meet ” one sword seals larynx ” , do not give the other side any chances absolutely. On the other hand, occasionally you insinuate more a person, the family jumps over look down upon you. Contrary, you force the other side have no way out, but you still let the other side have whirly room, on family mouth although accurate, but the heart admires you is a somebody extraordinary really. We are not to who praising, also not be in applepolish, discussing the wisdom that be an upright person however. When this are muddleheaded muddleheaded, when should coming on the stage, come on the stage. Before major issues of principle, masses eating melon never blind eye, they just are right reasonable people. This kind of style that be in hot pursuit, although look mean, but time became long can pull opposite party break down be a burden on, attentive masses eating melon perhaps can uncover a clew even more clew come. Hangzhou Sha wife case is the classical delegate that god of the whole people breaks, the story can of those two tons of water weighs unique tutorial. This is the universe that god of a the whole people breaks, this is one acts art vicissitudes of life, all corners of the country walks, goodness and beauty, love and hate, deformed the teleplay with meanness. In one’s childhood, we think that is the film, that is very good gut. Even ourselves was touched, discover later: That just ourselves one’s own wishful thinking just, beg others can be excused or do not let off you forever, the person of those do evil, from what the fault adopts a baby that rises momently, does He Ceng want to let off originally a happy family?

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A great maternal Li Qianfan, from unseal, the inn that be stationed in a horse, orchid one’s deceased father, and other places of Hangzhou, 9 rivers, a person’s real performance a classical gut, one makes day and night of countless masses eating melon bad of Mian ” the way that seek ” . They, they can climb in the middle of the night, see a smartphone, they wait for no less than going to really, they also have their thing to want to do, always cannot seek theatrical work every day, a day, a month, a year, still be 10 years, how does in that way word raise the home to paper a mouth? Everybody is boiled without too much energy go down, but particularly important thing is not solved. Today she, tomorrow is him, the day after tomorrow perhaps is you. If such flaw is not seasonable stem, consequence is unimaginable. False testimony frequency gives █ actor Du Mou, eat melon masses: Certificate brand shop, the Mom that your home opens? The netizen complains: “Certificate of result of Guo Xikuan third class makes a holiday, had been confirmed now: ? Does Chang swim Yu of pain or numbness caused by cold ”  ? When if ∽ tries vinegar, spruce  of な of Gang Liu Jiu uses up ⑽  to be like  U idle to slaughter to death ” handsome D knocks cook a meal to sentence carve of round of Π Liu couple  of Cou of  of male ∪ of carbuncle of ⒆ of  of ⒏ of  っ a huge legendary turtle pledges spruce  alarm cuts sky standing tall and upright into parts cook suffers from pancreas: “Whether was result of false third class gotten ” allowance ” , so old, is this a problem? ” build a false testimony not to say, the 2nd, the 3rd, put through ” certificate brand shop ” , you let eat melon masses how how ” static ” go down! China has an adage: The issue does not close oneself is high hang, each one sweeps the snow before the door oneself. ” but nowadays is network times, nowadays is monitoring times, nowadays is the countless periods that have melon, you do not say to be clear about, how to let profess to convinced of family be convinced, unless enough evidence shows innocent, so it is besides the element that does not have enough be convinced making a person, again much saying decline is infructuous. Present masses eating melon is willing to believe science and technology more, believe fair and free world. What hold a fault in the arms today is Xu Min’s child, of whose home can tomorrow be? should be such dead loop checked? Sheep pen was defeated, want to be repaired in time, is not ” did not see ” , once cut is opened, the wolf behind group meet of gang rush into sheep pen, many sheep casualties can be caused inside short time, consequence is unimaginable.

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2003, jiangxi saves court of people of county of more than river to entered a judgement lawfully a few days ago, , the tall set term of imprisonment of Wu Dong of the accused person that tries place abduct children two years 6 months. This is not teleplay, this is the life! Vast the Milky Way, boundless and indistinct universe, be not heard of any more really? A world with great Nuo, don’t have method really? █ ” wrong substitution is unripe ” it is a complex the plot of a play, masses eating melon is chased after even how long, the difficult problem that this cannot answer really ” wrong substitution is unripe 28 ” year hero Yao Ce although already medical history, but the course that about him foster mother Xu Min seeks the truth just just begins. So called end begins namely, does without the end He Tan begin? Xu Min although hot water is heavy, but believe she is a great mother, her scarcely offers as a gift strength to spare, visit all corners of the land, the courage that unearths the fact won’t be stopped at this point. To recently, the net passes ” in those days sister Guo Xizhi is incognito ” Wang Lihua ” , is the picture same? ” it is an answer to a riddle heavily, after all which ability is true, masses eating melon was immersed in contemplative. The masses eating melon of unidentified truth, this how Where is him wind up? If life makes fun of, play is like life, so called be defeated win, so important really?

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“Wrong substitution is unripe ” the identity doubtful point of relevant character or crucial figure is heavy, and Pan Ke’s big lawyer also is mentioned ” dot of the impeach in announce, the investigation quote with farther need ” , litigating after all is exquisite evidence. Calculate you to find chain of more so called evidence, if do not have enough much true contain Troy, so the following road still is unknown, where can move toward after all, still be an answer to a riddle! At present entire network collects Pan Ke in clew, and next progress how, still need to dog and be investigated continuously. “Wrong substitution is unripe ” this drama, if find evidential chain not in time, become very likely probably ” Luo Sheng door ” mystery.

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Xinhua net expressed 3 words in 22 days, mention among them: Be after all ” is wrong substitution unripe ” or ” change life secretly ” ? Who is relevant the hand that violates compasses operation backside? How to offset the harm that party gets? Very right doubt, still remain to reply. ” the netizen is saying: Whether can this become us to continue to choose the ground that go down, the truth is returned one day this can wait how long, the key is machine spare parts tired bad, still can start off travel not? ” the answer is secret as before, helpless, lose, climb in the middle of the night, continue to seek theatrical work, see drama much, also can feel fatigue! Can insist to chase after drama after all how long, say even him masses eating melon not clear. Boundless and indistinct universe, blue sea as just judge, where is the solution that we want after all, where be? Wrong substitution lays new progress, of house property after contending for, 92 years child mom phonates for Xu Min ” attest ” wrong substitution is generated ” Luo Sheng door ” mystery, crucial figure ” complicated and confusing ” , du Xinzhi is anxious wrong substitution gives birth to new discovery, secret be in a hospital ” mysterious figure ” , is Du Xinhui what kind of person also? Result of Guo Xikuan third class is suspected of ” make a holiday ” by real hammer into shape, du Xinzhi how ” justify oneself ” ?

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