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Original title: New theatrical work of model assist assist leaves sow, wood of expression of acting it is a long story slows, female advocate because Cheng Xiao is too strong violate and feel strong The first teleplay that the teleplay that major person is paying close attention to these days may be Zhang Ziyi ” go up Yang Fu ” it is the first teleplay after international shadow after all, naturally very strong attention is spent. Recently nevertheless the first teleplay of Fan Chengcheng leaves formally also sow, this teleplay is the ancient costume drama that he and Cheng Xiao act the leading role together ” clever region ” , although heat is mixed,propagandist strength should be differred relatively a few, but it is two discharge God after all together teleplay, so integral attention is spent still is possible.

20220111043911 61dd09efd9bd9

In before because Fan Chengcheng is selected,stars sea plans, to actor of other young person, fan Chengcheng does not have work of any movie and TV, the vermicelli made from bean starch that there also is not little Fan Chengcheng at that time is refuted say Fan Chengcheng has had much department theatrical work to wait for sow, suffer fully among them those who expect is this one teleplay, so Fan Chengcheng is mixed in the expression among this teleplay acting nature also is a focus. Leaving nevertheless sow that day, this teleplay and male feminine lead sufferred a lot of spit groove, itself of model assist assist contacts an actor for the first time namely this domain, so acting nature can suffer a lot of doubt.

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It is very pretty good that Fan Chengcheng shows to look in a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch in the watch in drama, it is to act in a play for the first time after all, also do not have too high demand so, integral performance still looks those who go down. But for the passerby audience to much, no matter act in a play the a fewth times,be, in the eye of a lot of average viewers, fan Chengcheng’s expression all is not like person meaning, whole appears and remain on the character’s depict have a few not close.

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Be the Fan Chengcheng expression management in drama by of most controversy, a lot of people feel Fan Chengcheng is advanced among the expression of a few collect, expression is very onefold, very Mu Ne, did not experience the character’s disposition completely. But to this a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch also explain Fan Chengcheng say, because advanced among a few collect, what what Fan Chengcheng presents is one breaks recalled boy, be in so this phase, his expression is very onefold, it is the feeling that has a few simpleminded. The every audience understanding to the part is different, also can exist naturally on the actor’s expression so controversy, after all Fan Chengcheng also is to act in a play for the first time, having different voice so is very normal.

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It is Fan Chengcheng next in those modelling in drama and figure, the problem of a few dress that because drama is medium,a lot of people feel and lamplight filter lens, the modelling that brings about whole of model assist assist is very bad to look. Because ancient costume modelling is of unusual trial actor, so Fan Chengcheng is to present ancient costume modelling for the first time, natural to the audience, it is to need to have what get used to level certainly.

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Besides Fan Chengcheng, audience people the expression that deeps and clear to heroine Cheng, also have a few different voice, although Cheng deeps and clear before also had had a few work, but acting does not have very good promotion between this teleplay, integral modelling is it is a long story more.

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Cheng Xiao is in before be spat because of the problem of the figure all the time groove, especially the leg is thicker, hair boundary line is very tall also. It is nevertheless among this drama, major modelling of Cheng Xiao still is maintaining iron bang, just partial modelling also does not have bang, this moment revealed her flaw.

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Because the figure is too fat,actually Cheng Xiao also is not, the framework that is whole only is bigger, appear a little strong so, but because the figure is stronger,be, it is not good between camera lens to bring about look, especially this is drama of an ancient costume, wearing the dress of ancient costume, more the figure flaw that revealed Cheng Xiao, lost the lightsome sense of ancient costume girl completely. And him Fan Chengcheng is thinner, two individual stations are together, have really stronger violate and feel.

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In acting respect, the doubt that Cheng Xiao suffers is not as little as Fan Chengcheng, although not be the first work any more, but Cheng Xiao still is said to be met only in the expression among this drama ” glare ” , two people are young actor, acting still has inadequacy also is very normal, the teleplay of the Zhang Ziyi after linking international image after all also suffers doubt fully.

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This drama is to belong to black unreal kind, also adapt according to the novel, have white of a lot of novels so special after expecting this drama broadcasts, behave, but the arrangement of integral gut makes a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch more disappointed however, feel gut story of whole develops to concern without what at all with origianl work.

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Gut development is a little rapid it is the problem that exists really, just broadcasting after a few collect, all characters in drama basically appeared entirely, the person that causes whole concerns some are too complex, join the gender is not worth again, the impressions that causes an audience also is not first-rate. Nevertheless this teleplay is filming after finishing, used time of a year to handle specially good effect, go up in specially good effect so present unusual still shock.

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A lot of vermicelli made from bean starch express to this drama is originally small numerous teleplay, subject matter itself has limitation quite, so of a lot of audiences accept degree smaller also be understandable. Nevertheless from Fan Chengcheng expression looks, can see he is special effort, it is the first teleplay after all, still want to leave those who have a first-rate proof elephant to the audience so, in later Fan Chengcheng or meeting have more teleplay to broadcast, audience people after also can witnessing him grow.

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