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Original title: Can listen to a song to seek theatrical work again, zhou Shen is displayed sing ” lens twin city ” thematic song, decide good alarm clock, sit back and wait! ” lens twin city ” a what kind of teleplay be after all? Small make up there are a lot of unsolved problems in the heart, because I do not have the work that has watched other version, the teleplay of an ancient costume that just also knowing this theatrical work is the main actor such as Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi, adapt from dark blue month homonymic novel, basically told about sea emperor Su Mo (Li Yifeng is acted) with Bai Ying of empty mulberry infanta (Chen Yuqi is acted) , they to guard the world common people, carry jointly case rebuild of home big, hand in hand the person such as Zhen Lan, Na Sheng builds up cloud barren, resist evil, pursuit and smooth romaunt.

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See cast nevertheless, small make up special expect, li Yifeng’s ancient costume is so handsome forever, so be able to bear or endure look, see the model in the drama that releases, much composed, and Chen Yuqi’s performance is good all the time also, ancient costume the appearance of an actor is very interesting also, knowing this is Gu Ling essence of life is blamed still is suffer bitterly and nurse deep hatred, see her how deduce Bai Ying. The part that this Li Yifeng acts also has a hotspot very much, shark person, as myth gigantic make, this has set of many strange unreal setting in department theatrical work, believe Li Yifeng can bring a lot of attractive scenes to us, expect please.

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Small make up more than had said, a new teleplay leaves sow, small make up still can expect a business, that is Zhou Shen can sing song, ” lens twin city ” did not make a person disappointed, zhou Shen new song should come again, he can be displayed sing teleplay theme song ” read aloud return go ” , be special excitement, and according to clew, this song will be met tomorrow on line, can listen to a song to seek theatrical work again, young associate people, decide good alarm clock, sit back and wait, small make up believing to be met again is a classical and Orphean song.

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Return hairiness to be sung not easily additionally ” if love is breathed ” , zhang Bichen sings ” do not be jubilate ” , still Yao Xiaotang is sung ” ask wine ” , other song singers are young make up not familiar, did not introduce one by one, wool is mixed not easily Zhang Bichen also is the person that belong to the song that has him distinguishing feature, the song that they sing also meets those who get a lot of people like, yao Xiaotang is pretty good also, do not know which song you can like?

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Can listen to a song to seek theatrical work again, zhou Shen is displayed sing ” lens twin city ” thematic song, decide good alarm clock, sit back and wait! Hear a song at the same time, seek theatrical work at the same time, zhou Shen brings us such happy hour most, his sound was full of narrative sense and affection, let a person become silent among them, hard extricate oneself, this small make up also won’t miss, can decide good alarm clock, sit back and wait this song comes, to moment, small make up also meet listen to a song to experience write down, share together with everybody.

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