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Original title: Make a face! This thinking is a sodden drama, after thinking of to see 2 market really sweet, luo Jin new theatrical work can explode Be in 10 days night, the Hunan West Hunan that Shan of You Luojin, Yuan Shan acts the leading role helps deficient up big play ” country is so many charming ” leave eventually sow!

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With hitting before ” help deficient up ” the play helping deficient up that careless Tan Lian loves banner is different, ” country is so many charming ” head sow content to look, the play of this drama is exceedingly strong, also be not pure tell about the feeling between leading role of male and female to interact, it is special warm blood instead and the true assault fortified positions that help deficient up group resemble show, pu Quan gives birth to the secretary of a Party or League branch of village of village of bowl rice brook that is collect advance personate no matter, still be the reporter Sha Ou of personate of Yuan Shan Shan, exceedingly true and ground connection is angry.

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” country is so many charming ” the public praise after broadcasting, go up in the network platform such as valve of small gain, beans at present, almost all audiences gave this department theatrical work to the evaluation, head sowed content to also obtain good with first of viewing rate of period of time result, so we chat together today, ” country is so many charming ” whether how to build in the director with main actor Luo Jin together under, break subject matter fetters and handcuffs, become two people afterwards ” settle down ” later another of collaboration explodes drama:

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One: Rhythm is lively not laggard ” country is so many charming ” although broadcasted only short two volume, but the information content of output and gut key dot are exceedingly concentrated however. This drama one begin is tremendous character conflict, the provincial Party committee of future light organizes a tone choosing to come over currently hold the post ofalcalde Pu Quan to be born taking one antrum warm blood to want to work energetically, but sufferred the villager however disregard what still have elder to refuse, the reporter Sha Ou of responsible survey also plans to raise doubt to his frequently.

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In this moment, village of bowl rice brook originally village cadre breaks out an accident, pu Quan is born in the dying on congress to recieve orders, be sent to go by the organization a gleam of is become village secretary of a Party or League branch, that is to say he this hold the post of an alcalde newly to think dynamic ground does important matter line of business one time originally, became officer of a village because of a strange combination of circumstances however, of this kind of fall big, give whole story structure immediately opened.

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In the meantime, also because of this huge drop, the Pu Quan that lets collect advance personate is born and whole village is antipathetic, he is taking warm blood of have one’s bosom filled with to want to do the real issue, knowledge that he wants to learn with oneself to guide common people to take off deficient to become rich, but the local customs that does not know place because of him just about, just meet so everywhere be rebuffed.

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For instance in before two collect, pu Quan gives birth to fontal 3 catastrophe to inscribe, bullfight is prevented for safety when arrive suddenly first scattered crowd is disregarded by common people however, a coffin prepared before one’s death of defend to the last of the old man when mountain torrents comes does not agree the bequest after move, veteran cadre sacrifices suddenly allocates, the arrangement that can see this 3 catastrophe are inscribed and grade are to be climbed successively rise.

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Pu Quan is born to prevent bullfight to be disregarded instead for the safety of common people, and another veteran cadre that help deficient up however can relaxed and scattered crowd, with respect to this one little bridge paragraph the disposition that can let an audience see every role, and the technical essentials of the job that help deficient up. When mountain torrents comes, believe to be born with Pu Quan in heart of a lot of audiences those who want is same, affirmative human life wants the security of serious offence a coffin prepared before one’s death, but he however oversight of heart of a few old men obstinate with stubborn, this thing still also has Pu Quan to give birth to inner change to bury next foreshadowing to help the sacrifice of deficient veteran cadre up.

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When the belongings after veteran cadre sacrifices allocates an issue, it is after all go up to hand in a country entirely according to the will, still resemble what Pu Quan gives birth to arrangement handing in one part in that way, remain give the cadre family member with likewise difficult situation, this divulsion with contradictory naked dot the controversy in those processes that help deficient up.

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Must say ” country is so many charming ” the play is too solid really, short the audience aftertaste that two market look is boundless. 2: Actor acting is conspicuous, gas of part ground connection is in ” country is so many charming ” the part of two big souls in this play, one is hardheaded the Pu Quan that works for common people is unripe (Luo Jin is acted the role of) , another is the city reporter Sha Ou that is similar to registrar (Yuan Shan Shan is acted the role of) , two people are to share the work that help deficient up likewise, also carrying one antrum warm blood, but the contradictory conflict of two people also is inevitable.

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Luo Jin’s acting special give prize, although Yuan Shan Shan is a bit weak but very pretty good also, just meet when performing adversary to make fun of so tension is dye-in-the-wood, that ” brushing costly lipstick, calling cheap catchword ” actor’s lines comes out is stamp really medium the heart of many audiences, can this be now a few areas most a secretary in charge of sth helping deficient up that fears to come up against?

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Pu Quan gives birth to He Shaou actually Cong Mou plants two people degree comes up say to just went bowl of Mi Xi village when be enraged because of insufficient ground connection and antipathetic, but die because of what often help deficient cadre up, make Pu Quan unripe grow quickly, just can let him be between principle and popular feeling so slowly deflection.

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That paragraph of play that Luo Jin sends dragon the secretary in the hospital is absolutely can says head sow optimal, those who face Sha Ou aggressive is interrogatory, his hand is in shiver, still containing hot tear to hold to his practice however, that: “Establish a model right but also should interpret sentiment. ” actor’s lines why was not to say us in the heart of each audiences.

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Besides main part, ” country is so many charming ” each costar very ground connection is angry, the majority of before Mao Hai and model also were contributed two concentration laughs at a dot. As a whole, this ” country is so many charming ” wonderful and good-looking, have very much explode latent capacity of money theatrical work, the young associate of drama barren is chased after rapidly!

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