Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Zhang Ziyi: Bother a girl that just does not consume me to feel, netizen: Are you piece square? ” on Yang Fu ” open a picture 5.8 minutes, although grading is answered now,went up two minutes, but to one just opens sowed teleplay for, this achievement really not quite ideal.

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And this not quite good reason, namely everybody is spitting groove ” the girl feels ” . In drama almost complete member be in overage show: Zhang Ziyi personate a girl of 15 years old, zhao Yazhi is counteracted in drama smaller than her husband and wife of Yu Hewei personate. Really, just left sow came to ” senile show ” , this is put on whose body temporarily between suit very hard. Nevertheless, more those who make a person incommensurate is, besides ” often play the part of tender ” besides, the way that still has a few actors more make a person unwell.

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Because ” on Yang Fu ” leaving before sowing, had begun to build rose ” the girl feels ” , but the audience is right,the girl of this drama feels and not buy it, be in almost in sowed same time, the girl of place personate violates the Zhang Ziyi in many audiences begin to say groovy theatrical work a bit and.

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The Zhang Ziyi that serves as a main actor at this moment also has bit of cannot sustain interest for certain, sent a trends in same day then: Tell piece just do not want reoccupy ” girl ” come sale, oneself go out when performing this theatrical work already 38 years old, run quickly next month 42, it is really do not have a predestined relationship with the girl.

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But this does not have those who get an audience to sympathize with apologetically, not little instead netizen is in doubt: That receives this part even for what. This reply of the netizen really very plunge into a heart. Do not cross this and can not blame an audience people always capture this to be not put.

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Actually ” on Yang Fu ” besides sale ” the girl feels ” besides, cross much flaw without what, the actor is Zhou Yi is surrounded for the most part / Yu Hewei / poplar the Dai peace actor that has acting, and the success or failure of a drama still wants those who treat integral gut and setting finally to make. Now ” on Yang Fu ” the get warm again after a cold spell of grading proved this, after all Zhang Ziyi personate the gut of Xuan of 15 years old of king is very few one part only, as the change of age of the actor in the development of gut and drama, this problem also can disappear disappear.

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So why is the audience always put issue this ” girl ” ? Actually this even from ” Zhang Ziyi ” become ” I am an actor ” the adviser speaks of, in the Zhang Ziyi in this file program can weighs impartial and incorruptible, to a few young actors commenting on also is quite biting. Still depend on even ” act in a play is the connate talent with very high need successful ” and ” is the actor the profession of a so low doorsill? Everybody divides a cup of a thick soup presumably ” ascended heat up search many times.

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After all Internet has memory, zhang Ziyi is so biting when commenting on others, first oneself teleplay has left again now sow, so hard to avoid can let a lot of people confirm Zhang Ziyi before this comment on. Its result is self-evident. Does Zhang Ziyi still have now act ” girl ” endowment? Personate ” girl ” is the doorsill so low? Who can act?

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Comment on besides oneself of course be contrasted besides, among them still a bit let an audience cannot be at ease, ” go up Yang Fu ” this drama is the company casts him Zhang Ziyi actually those who pat. This. . . . . . . . Is this is fokelore medium ” wrestle of or so each other ” ? Oneself send statement to tell oneself company not to want him sale, this has kind of feeling that should stand again again really, do not pass or take care had better, after all by the word of expose, very awkward still.

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