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Original title: Xie Xuan dare say too! Call-over ” on Yang Fu ” doubt insinuation Zhang Ziyi: Not with ignorance babyish for shame Recently first teleplay of Zhang Ziyi ” on Yang Fu ” sow, however Zhang Ziyi is set in the person in drama sufferred group of ridicule, type of bluff of public praise of new theatrical work drops, the Xie Xuan that all along dare say also was talked about on gregarious platform about ” old show bone performs the plot of a play of Ma Li Su violate and feel ” , take even ” on Yang Fu ” if problem, doubt is like call-over snide Zhang Ziyi, be pointed to likewise before this overage the Liu Jialing that performs a girl also doubt suffers embroil.

20220111044232 61dd0ab892860

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Zhang Ziyi of 41 years old is in new theatrical work personate girl of 15 years old, though the Yanzhi of international chapter maintains,be with temperament inside the circle belong to go up a circle, but this is envy making a person for the age level to her only, want personate a girl is quite far-fetched still, the bearing after giving birth to two darling also can show exhausted state slightly, when many netizens express to see play good awkwardness.

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Go up to the appearance violate and, xie Xuan regards producer as her think a lot of young actors cannot achieve a requirement on acting, and part age spans big, every phase exchanges the actor’s word, audience more enter sport hard, so she special understanding the actor that a few exceed the age begins to act from the girl boyhood in drama case.

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Dan Xiexuan’s viewpoint cannot be only so Peace, she is matching express in article: “The audience feels violate the mixed age that is not an appearance actually to feel, the person that create however is in should the age that to domestic state the society bears the blame, still travelling low young, the viewpoint of value that knows to fall in love only. Still travelling low young, the viewpoint of value that knows to fall in love only..

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Foliaceous Xuan speak bluntly ” on Yang Fu ” she also looked, let her feel violate and is, badge with sb on it child happy such actor that has qualifications and record of service is acting to be mixed period setting is complete not the gut of joint, “Have acting obviously my actor, why to plant with this ignorant and babyish be shame? Still feel very satisfactory to very serious ground is acting, believe this gut ground is acting very much, such contrast can have violate and feel ” this is commented on also is quite biting.

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Xie Xuan expresses objectively still, if change a young actor to perform this kind of innocent love story to return loath justifiable, also accord with an actor after all suffer numerous with gut suffer numerous, but a flock of very the clue that the play bone of joint performance is performing Malisu, let a person really very violate and. Respecting this place when, xie Xuan yell come out.

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Xie Xuan is inside the circle gave a name dare say to dare be done, disposition is candid do not be afraid of malefactor, this she points out drama name, take even ” on Yang Fu ” if problem, doubt is like snide Zhang Ziyi to go out old, pat teleplay to be received however first patted so drama, speak bluntly besides the problem besides the group that make, play of actor itself choice is responsible also.

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The Liu Jialing before Xie Xuan’s viewpoint lets a netizen still associate to this meets with in girl of the personate in drama group of ridicule be related, liu Jialing also is to go out old, bear the palm countless play bone, she is in drama personate a childlike girl, the gut that talks about love also is slowly violate and.

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Actually this one words still consider Xie Xuan objective, many netizens express to support, idol play leaves Malisu young actor, no matter be of gut or actor,suffer numerous it is relatively young, it is good to look happily.

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