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Original title: It is together grandson couple acts the leading role, ” discriminate is passed ” why don’t have bear the palm, and ” is Mi month passed ” for many times bear the palm? It is together grandson couple acts the leading role, by what 9.5 minutes ” discriminate is passed ” without bear the palm, and 5.9 minutes ” is Mi month passed ” take award to take be irresolute when firmness is needed however?

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Be the behind the curtain has sth used to one’s own advantage operating? Be still the audience was underestimated badly ” is Mi month passed ” ?

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” Mi month is passed ” hurricane of the viewing rate after showing, be in those days ” discriminate is passed ” of viewing rate double much.

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Of unexpected is, east is defended inspect and Beijing is defended regarded contention as to close inspect champion, among them one is defended inspect first direct clutch drops titles and trailer to drive plan. Bring about another to defend inspect more firm, direct cutout reduces the story of a play or opera. Among them cutout decreases the most serious is Zhu Yilong and Wang Xuan show share. Bring about finally ” Mi month is passed ” a lot of mediumer the show share between Mi month and Huang Xiezhi is deleted. Next, the problem that is gut. See be used to ” discriminate is passed ” the gut that photograph of annulus of this kind of annulus buckles. After drama of Gong Dou of on-line of intelligence quotient of each young master person, look again ” Mi month is passed ” this kind of ancient costume drama that is without be concerned about, audience nature does not agree acknowledge the superiority or seniority of.

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Still have Sun Lizai ” Mi month is passed ” the partial acting in is too coxcombical, gutty pass forcibly fierce, look holiday having a place.

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” discriminate is passed ” the wife of a prince aing concubine of an emperor in people for familial interest, dispute the move that bestowing favor on is the firm that use secret.

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But ” Mi month is passed ” in princesses arrived Qin Guo, they were not contended for bestow favor on, however for metropolitan interest. Whole department theatrical work was changed infirmly ” audience people the Gong Dou clue of love to see and hear ” . Plus baleful editing and rearrangement, ” Mi month is passed ” grading falls continuously all the way. So the net is passed ” Mi month is passed ” take award to say offensive dot is to spend money to be bought, saying Orphean point is the ticket is in. But young scrutiny is over ” Mi month is passed ” can discover, this drama deductive is bosom of domestic national condition, pattern just is not restricted in small hind palace! And ” discriminate is passed ” in have too much intrigue against each other, too much calculate… negative energy is more, relative to character, ” Mi month is passed ” than ” discriminate is passed ” structure is older, accord with the viewpoint of value that current society pursues, probably this is ” Mi month is passed ” can take next all prize reason.

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Still have do not know why, ” discriminate is passed ” I looked to forget content basically now, ” Mi month is passed ” I saw still remember content now, feel finally did not look enough!

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So do you feel ” is Mi month passed ” and ” is discriminate passed ” which good-looking? Greeting lower part leaves a message, dot assist supports. [Rose]

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