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Original title: Another ” after water ” be born? Be on the bench of whole journey of Huang Zhiwen Gao Haining, cai thinks of shellfish bear the palm to be oppugned 2020 TVB myriad star brightness prize-giving celebration has fallen next heavy curtain. Want to say to be inscribed if the near future is popular, the myriad that TVB of nothing is more… than broadcasts astral brightness prize-giving celebration.

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Annual TVB can be held ” myriad star brightness prize-giving ceremony ” , award prize to outstanding staff member, actor. Even if is this year, also did not cancel. Art people carries transparent guaze mask in succession, there also is protective screen to separate between actor and actor, can saying is very active. But should say a topic most ” scamper is cracked ” , the TVB 2020 inspects nothing is more… than the Supreme Being, bear the palm after inspecting person. They are king grand letter, Cai Saibei respectively.

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As the one award after inspecting announce, a lot of audiences express ” unexpected ” , serve as an old female actor, cai Saibei takes this prize, have certain controversy sex. Also accordingly, cai Saibei takes prize ” be oppugned ” . A lot of actual strength are sent, if fizzle out,Zhi Wen, high of great capacity coulds there be to be pointed to in prize-giving ceremony spot ” whole journey be on the bench ” . Many netizens think, after TVB is inspected, became ” after water ” . Does Cai Saibei take prize whether ” solid return to the name ” ?

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We analyse an analysis today, TVB is inspected the Supreme Being and these two bear the palm after inspecting person, and prize-giving ceremony everybody bear the palm person ” take prize ” , reasonable. 01 prize-giving early days? Begin from the program, the prize that TVB prize-giving ceremony awards ” myriad brightness acts art large award ” , by teleplay ” what love comes home is happy fast give ” carry off. This award anthology of drama of bear the palm, it is solid return to the name. As ” broadcast the 4th year ” , ” more than 1000 collect ” macrobian drama anthology, ” happy fast give ” all the time since the height that got a lot of audiences is approbated.

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At this late hour, this hot market that sow drama is on the grading of fabaceous valve, the tall branch that still can maintain. So ” happy fast give ” can take prize, even if was taken ” optimal drama anthology ” award, also won’t make a person open-eyed actually, because this theatrical work is very outstanding. Subsequently ” optimal female costar ” and ” optimal male costar ” these award, come on stage in succession. Take ” the leap enters pace daughter art member ” and ” saltant progress male actor ” these two award actor, it is Jiang Jia vasts with Zhu Min respectively.

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Two actor have an intercommunity, they are to be in TVB is silent and cultivated old, and it is to had acted ” little sister ” specialist, or ” little brother ” of the specialist. But in ” return black passerby shell ” in, the part that two people act has very big breakthrough, and very give prize. One is to look ” amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds ” ” water elder sister ” , another is strong, mature model the man is set, the performance of two actors is very excellent, can take prize not exceptionally.

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But of Cai Saibei take prize, have it seems that some ” deviate draws wind ” . 02 after inspecting contend for? This award after inspecting, you Chenhao and Xuan Xuan are issued. Be seleted after inspecting 5 strong, have core of Lin Shumin, Gong Jiaxin, Li Jia, Cai Saibei and Huang Zhiwen respectively.

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Lin Shumin can nominate after inspecting, it is an audience ” expected ” thing, because Lin Shumin is in,this is ” happy fast give ” in act ” size elder sister ” , because of bully gas take some licenses to love again, get the accord of a lot of audiences is approbated. But should say to take prize, still be a little dangerous really. Although Lin Shumin is in TVB is old, as a child the part is silent and cultivated become leading lady, but should carry off ” after inspecting ” throne, will tell to the audience, always can feel it seems that ” a few poorer ” .

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Regard actual strength as the female actor of the clique, gong Jiaxin is in ” killer ” the expression in, also having huge breakthrough. No longer violent wind cries the Gong Jiaxin of play, no matter be to be in ” killer ” or ” Hong Kong love story ” in these drama anthology, can let audience be convinced.

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Carry off ” Malaysia most like TVB leading lady ” and ” the most welcome female part ” these two award, gong Jiaxin is solid apparently return to the name, fail to be in ” the throne that inspect the Supreme Being ” go up to leave one town again, mean ” should continue hard this year ” . Review whole process of TVB prize-giving ceremony, you can discover, it seems that Huang Zhiwen and Gaohaining almost whole journey ” be on the bench ” . By right of ” return black passerby shell ” , ” confuse a net ” , ” C9 secret service ” , ” killer ” become 2020 TVB ” bully screen ” heroine, the portion gues-stars ” 30 just ” become one of popular topics.

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Gao Haining ever was considered as 2020 TVB ” after inspecting ” person selected of a dark horse. But little imagine, on the 5 strong battle arrays after inspecting, high of great capacity coulds there be and not was seleted. Although Gaohaining is in much department theatrical work, having very outstanding show, but should say to depend on which drama ” after asking the vessel is inspected ” , still have certain space. Dan Huangzhi Wen is different. Joined 2007 act ” the colleague kisses 3 minutes ” and enter perform art circle, in ” be short of curtilage men and women ” because of ” division is suckled ” figure development popular feeling, it is very wonderful that Huang Zhiwen’s acting can say.

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But in recent years, although Huang Zhiwen is rising for female advocate fixed position, but she from beginning to end with ” after inspecting ” brush a shoulder and pass. In the drama concentration that broadcasted 2020, huang Zhiwen acts the leading role ” the culminating confess after 18 years ” , ” fall of demon 2 ” , ” the person that the disciple goes 3 ” broadcast in succession. Each part image is very distinctive, be in especially ” the person that the disciple goes 3 ” expression, of Huang Zhiwen personate ” Zhang Jizi ” amusing many audiences. But even if is seleted ” after inspecting ” 5 strong, dan Huangzhi Wen still with just miss the opportunity of the throne after inspecting, continue to accompany run.

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Many netizens express, if talk endowment platoon people of a certain kind, annulus should be turn for her. Seize however ” optimal heroine ” , it is to depend on ” had stepped on bound II ” nominate and the Cai Saibei of bear the palm. 03 ” after is Xin Jin inspected ” Cai Saibei? Of prize-giving ceremony of TVB be consideringed as ” win the home greatly ” , most bear the palm person the teleplay of nomination, basic it is to come from ” return black passerby shell ” play staff. Close as public praise however inspect very outstanding harbor theatrical work, ” had stepped on bound II ” also not be defeated ” return black passerby shell ” , after the TVB 2020 inspects the Supreme Being, it is to depend on ” had stepped on bound II ” nominate and carry off.

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So, is Cai Saibei in ” had stepped on bound II ” medium expression how? Cai Saibei is in ” had stepped on bound II ” relay add is acted ” insane elder sister ” Zhao Zhengmei, there was the breakthrough of certain level on show share. From most begin ” safeguard justice ” , to later black change become ” Bai Fumei ” inspect already feeling, cai Saibei had the performance that gives prize quite in this drama. But should say to become ” big popular ” person selected, unapt still also. This also is why, cai Saibei is in carry off ” after inspecting ” later, by netizen doubt, put in the reason of controversy sex.

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Cai Saibei carries off after inspecting, he De He Neng? But the theatrical work that likes the theatrical work that chase after harbor is confused can see, from go out up-to-date, cai thinks of the acting of shellfish, also be in ceaseless progress. From be pointed to at the beginning ” sound behaves difference shrilly ” , arrive again acting is mature now, cai Saibei’s acting progresses, the audience is be obvious to all.

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Also partial netizen thinks, even if is progress, but also do not represent can take after inspecting. In fact, cai Saibei’s acting progresses, this are not to have deniable, taking prize also is not so called ” talk endowment platoon people of a certain kind ” . But Cai Saibei is taken after inspecting, the throne after is stability inspected whether ” be qualified ” ? This has to be opinions differ from each other.

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