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Original title: Li Yifeng new theatrical work brings profit, ” lens twin city ” decide archives eventually friends, wave gut understands before drama is sowed Breath out, everybody is good, I am Xu Bai. The time deciding archives of this drama was January 16, the distance is less than the time of a week now, leave probably when sowing, current heat sows drama to be close to end to perhaps had been sowed, cut a point very accurate.

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” lens twin city ” this drama, I am not to like leading lady very much, but do not delay me to like hero and see this play, of heroine change to see her the expression of this drama.

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This drama hero is Li Yifeng, heroine is Chen Yuqi, heroine said a name, a lot of friends do not know this individual is long what kind of! Irrespective, we want to see hero follow gut together.

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This drama regards ancient costume as drama, it is Li Yifeng afterwards ” Gu Jianji Tan ” ” annals of high official position ” hind, the trilogy that I expect, from pat, to follow-up of the whole journey that kill blueness, up-to-date decide archives eventually, open year of ancient costume play.

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Above all, the modelling of this drama Li Yifeng is very good-looking, white hair Li Yifeng, let me think of in those days the gentleman of white hair emperor with a colourful Jing.

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It is the gut of this drama next, typical black unreal drama, did not have all corners of the land of the be current before this, did not have day emperor, did not have an emperor, did not have Jun Chen, general madam, all fiction creates the black unreal gut that come out. Since ancient times the right hand of fabulous god created cloud barren world, in 100000, the waste of alternant, cloud that destroys god and creation god the drift along of a few countries, narrate is worn all corners of the country with chief condition of a children, old later, everything became fokelore, cloud barren also became fantast garden. Na Sheng is enthusiastic and optimistic seedling person girl avoid troubled times, trudge searchs be out of practice of fantast garden cloud. Here she is saved for Su Ma, however cloud barren is not peach source elfland. Accompanying the each condition of barren of her development cloud, performing one act act bizarre and motley the story of soul-stirring, the legend character with each distinct personality comes on stage eagerly. Sea country, dark blue flows, empty mulberry. 3 countries pestered the animosity of chiliad, as the renascence of sea emperor, of the alliance of empty sea build, 6 add up to the destiny between annulus begin to turn stealthily. Destroy a god to go out, white tower falls, 7 seas are refluent, the land of country always lonely. They should return first place through effort, freely You Yi falls in blue sea blue sky, be far from dispute of all chaos caused by war. On the open country that the thearchy that witness dies, will open a wild flower eventually one, yuan Zaiyuan square wind, more farther than distance; is gone to before the person that he will love with place put in ruins ‘s charge, begin new life. Right, li Yifeng is sea emperor ~~~

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These pictures are below ” lens twin city ” stage photo, but let me think of ” annals of high official position ” not the regret of bright result

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Just saw the netizen’s outgoing message

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Decide here, 0116 do not miss ah ~~~

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