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Original title: ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” bask in stage photo, model of ancient costume of Tan loose charm is good absolutely, feel too strong with Zhong Hanliang CP Recently, ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” bask in stage photo again, this ancient costume that acts the leading role by Zhong Hanliang and Tan Songyun makes fun of all the time since very suffer everybody to pay close attention to, and to Zhong Hanliang of old show bone, go out again performing ancient costume to make fun of also is a challenge to oneself.

20220111044529 61dd0b696b4c4

” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” adapt from the novel ” female strategy of be the concubine ” , present as leading role to act the leading role by Zhong Hanliang, Tan Songyun, the person such as day of He Hong Shan, Tang Xiao, Wu Mian acts the leading role.

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What basically tell about is Ming Dynasty period, daughter of be the concubine ” 11 women ” through allied married always make the same score Hou Fu, became imperatorial ” Xu Lingyi ” wife. Although Hou Fu’s person besides imperatorial, right her distrust, but 11 women did not lose heart, using sincerity and goodness to touch everybody slowly.

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” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” and ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” it is same a type, it is the story that relates female counterattack of be the concubine, also be big female advocate drama, the heroine horizon in drama is very tall, face Xu Jia to be copied by the whole family behead, luo Shiyi’s woman is able to give aid to marital Xu Lingyi protects Xu to help somebody attain his aim familially, facilitated finally the prosperity of foreland, acceded embroider art, become generation legend person.

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Act to go out by Tan Songyun ” Luo Shiyi’s woman ” this part vermicelli made from bean starch people feel quite satisfactory, give the role that she portrayed a lot of thorough popular feeling since the way is old after all, the accord that won an audience by right of masterly acting reputably, it is the actress with an extremely strong plasticity.

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Tan Songyun is worthy of is ” drama casts a face ” , the part in each drama brings very different sense to the audience, be in e.g. this ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” the modelling in is tender and refined, light is to see stage photo had let a person cannot help wanting to chase after read copy.

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Zhong Hanliang is instinctive quality goes out simply like acting, be worthy of is male god of ageless ancient costume, although had been more than 40 years old but look the trace that a bit does not have years, resemble the sort of feeling of middleaged uncle not at all.

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And be apart from him to go out last time perform ancient costume drama to had had in the past a few years time, so that can see bell Chinese fine goes out this,act let vermicelli made from bean starch expect unceasingly, do not know him to be able to bring what kind of surprise in drama.

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Although age of the two people in reality has difference, but two people were not violated with casing atmosphere and, of two people dress up and temperament is proper. This act of hair clasp is inserted to Tan Songyun in Zhong Hanliang, I had felt to the love story with foam immerses between two people.

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Especially forehead kisses that wants scarcely momently too sweet, this pair of CP that differ 16 years old, look at very appropriate raise a key point. The eyes that is two people solely and expression feel with respect to full story, after seeing these stage photo, have the impulse that seeks theatrical work more. Do you expect this theatrical work? The welcome leaves a message share!

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