Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” calm archives on January 24, xie Ankun watchs a shadow to be able to profession by earthy flavour lovers’ prattle

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” rustic love 14 ” Guan Xuan decided archives on January 10 on January 24, actor or actress cruel entire network is sowed alone. Held today ” rustic love 14 ” shadow of the view below the line is met. Tang Jianjun of the person that Xie Ankun was acted that day also reachs the spot, he is professioned with earthy flavour lovers’ prattle by the audience, say oneself feel very happy. When cutting cake link, because Tang Jianjun does not know how to start, play says to cut Liu Neng, bring the spot a happy sound.

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That day, tang Jianjun still undertook sweeping building activity, spread out enthusiasm to interact with vermicelli made from bean starch. He expresses, countryside love series has lasted old, want to pat him to be able to act all the time only. Enrage the part of count as one of the best as characters in a play, xie Ankun with ” can make ” and by audience take delight in talking about, small gain ever also had appeared for many times ” it is An Kun be thankinged a day when enrage dead ” search waiting for heat discusses, this also can be reflected ” rustic love ” deep to the audience appeal.

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” rustic love ” since series broadcasts oneself, made shop sign of rustic comedy countryman immediately, shape a lot of distinctive classical image such as a Xie Ankun, Liu Neng, Zhao Si successfully, in letting it make audience heart together ” national good food ” , netizen of quite a few expresses: “Arrive to spend the New Year even if look when countryside loves ” ” countryside loved to come is year, spend the New Year every year to sit together to look with parents, the happiest thing. The happiest thing..

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Atmosphere of site of the meeting that watch a movie is very enthusiastic, numerous audience feedbacked to be opposite ” rustic love 14 ” love with what thank An Kun. Evergreen cane will be in this state theatrical work tiger year the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day brings what kind of joy to the audience, actorred or actress cruel entire network is sowed alone on January 24, let us expect together.

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