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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” wide hill Jiang Yijian breaks nail 2006, lichun Gang checkmate? Aid Deng Tai A to become celestial being ” travel of knife of the bold in snow ” be about to big ending, and in new the plot of a play Li Chungang and big fight of Wang Xianzhi ended, it is exceedingly wonderful that this battle can say, be known as when the world the strongest fight, want to use a sword to open day door in Li Chungang however, he Wangxian Zhi definitely one victory or defeat when stop abruptly however, because,Zhao announce element is more this reason, want oneself to open day of Men Feisheng, the result was aed string of 1 hit by Deng Tai A.

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Zhao announce element is inflicted heavy losses on by Deng Tai A, he of enmity is opposite directly unexpectedly Xu Feng year skill, although by Xu Feng year the flying sword that with one action the sword cooperates Deng Tai A 959 lis, strike element of the announce that kill Zhao successfully, however Zhao announce element is however before on one’s deathbed yuan the god gives a key to do sth, turn oneself lifetime Wu Xuelu number and inexorable doom to Xu Feng unexpectedly year, wish his gas luck bad, fortunately the moment of truth is breathed out breathe out a girl to move, force removed Zhao announce element, still employed turn the art of air transport, inexorable doom all absorbed him body to go up, grey annihilate of Zhao Xuan Sufei.

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And later Xu Feng year licking a face to let Li Chungang call Wang Xianzhi again, was cost to borrow a carriage with Zhi of challenge king celestial being not only, still asked Wang Xianzhi two questions, one is him mother be murdered that evening Han ermine temple is in capital, the words of the deceased that stays before Laohuang is dead namely additionally. Must say Wang Xianzhi is too persnickety also in drama everything, sea see sb off still leaves to Li Chungang in origianl work, it is so difficult that a carriage borrows repeatedly in drama.

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And later Xu Feng year group is wearing carriage to return north cool, an Lingjiang was passed on returned way, however Han ermine temple however in advance knew to meet An Ling king, wide hill king sent arms of on 1000 taxis to want gally gally Xu Feng year, and catch go the belle beside him, what did not think of as a result is sword god Li Chungang comes out from inside carriage, next conveniently one sword, incorrect it is one knife, put to good use two sleeve black serpent, break nail easily unexpectedly 2006, next Xu Feng year wait for a person to take carriage to leave leisurely.

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This paragraph must photograph of origianl work of compose a quarrel is compared, be too perfunctory really, change the sword into the knife not to say, in wanting to know origianl work, this battle can be to make half time, lichun Gang stretch breaks nail 2006, the sword enrages a thousand li a hunderd li, also so because of this battle Li Chungang just left internal injury, the life that leaves a few years only yuan, but the Li Chungang of drama edition loosens gently however, this also too talked nonsense.

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Not only such, where is father and son of randy wide hill king? And around still have ambuscade arms of thousands of taxi, li Chungang does not have behead of strength to spare to reduce the rest at all thousands of soldier, finally still is Xu Feng year king of mouth menace wide hill, xu Feng year most a that of bully gas ” this world child if die personally, xu Xiao should teach you An Ling full city all hangs boreal cool knife, is the letter denied? ” frighten so that An Ling king dare not move, xu Feng year this ability is able to leave An Ling, and later Li Chungang also leaves Xu Feng year.

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Without giving thought to how, li Chungang should be a life before long, was about to get offline, a few things still were done before the Li Chungang in origianl work is dead of course, one of nature are to go Xi Shu, his of one mind wants to impart sword law gives Jiang Ni, regrettablly Jiang Ni refuses all the time, nowadays life before long, add Jiang Ni to still want to help Xu Feng year, promised Lian Jian so, li Chungang also gives way of ginger mud sword in Xi Shuchuan, mud waiting for ginger sees Xu Feng again year when had been the overmatch of level of sword celestial being, this is the fierce place of constitution of congenital sword embryo.

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The 2nd thing is Deng Tai A gives nautical fathom celestial being to come back, be opposite in boreal rank grass and develop postscript Bodhisattva definitely, deng Tai A is state of mergence land immortal after all, in fact what he goes after is fencing, limit of this one viatic is more apparent, enter terrestrial immortal state very hard so. Li Chungang lends a sword 10 thousand lis Deng Tai A, one sword cut into a mountain, helped Deng Tai A become terrestrial immortal, for cut into a mountain of posterity sword path, li Chungang god of this old sword is worth while and all sword person admire.

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The 3rd thing is mortal before still saw ” green gown ” reincarnation, wang Xianzhi is taking green gown reincarnation will see Li Chungang. And Li Chungang does not have arms solution reincarnation to be repaired again however, chose however instead gone, the past past already went, li Chungang writes this life only, do not build the future world, it is to distain to become day person more, distain immortal.

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Must say drama edition alter was perfunctory a bit, can of old sword god calls this the most wonderful person in department theatrical work, an Lingjiang’s battle he is so relaxed if still explain forcibly,said to suffer internal injury that is too false, do not know drama edition wants how him ” write dead ” .

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