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Original title: She has boast of week embellish hair most act in a play the harbor elder sister of sky share, charming is spruce attractive, classic beauty be worthy of

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The ancient costume play that has seen her? Can you make her name? The beauty that she is having ancient costume empress, classic beauty, butterfly beautiful woman praise!

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Belle Liang Xiaobing, was born in Macao on December 29, 1969, ancestral home Guangdong saves Nanhai, actress of Chinese Hong Kong, singer reachs model. 1990, enter the election of Hong Kong young lady that wireless TV holds, in total final link, its performance turns the accidentally drop when cap movement drops the cap on the ground, take advantage of an opportunity sits on the ground to place ” the hand holds sweet cheek in the palm ” the pose is performed with finishing, obtain year Ji Jun finally.

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Liang Xiaobing guides on behalf of work igneous news wire, teenager Liang Zhu, evil kiss, full moon machete, the knife of wind! A few had you seen?

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1997, wait for filmed teleplay with Chen Xiaochun and equestrian dredge Wei ” Lu Ding is written down ” 1998 head sow. In drama personate holds the post of proud and case firm intense, capricious A Ke, and the Chen Yuan of high and gorgeous, spirited Ai Wan is round.

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1992, liang Xiaobing and Chen Jiahui go out perform teleplay ” elder brother elder brother I I ” when each other gives birth to good impression, begin to develop amour, 2000, two people marry formally, end the amour that is as long as 8 years. Comfortable meet drama anthology ” teenager Liang Zhu ” inspect in Taiwan head sow, two people will hold wedding of an ancient formula in Taiwan on Feburary 29 above all, on March 4, hold Western-style wedding at Hong Kong cathedral.

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” elder brother elder brother I I ” the domestic adopt that told about a pair of twin babies to be differred respectively, grown the story that the identity exchanges each other after meeting

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” teenager Liang Zhu ” told about Zhu Ying stage to disguise as a man to be read in all in academy of classical learning with schoolfellow Liang Shanbai 3 carry, heart of graduation tilting back ward loves each other to cannot be together however, two individual in pairs changed the story of butterfly finally.

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Chen Jiahui, male, was born in Hong Kong 1963, agreement of head of Asian TV department male art member. Be graduated from civil engineering of Hong Kong technical institute is, ever extended arrange to assume worker Cheng supervise work in governmental project. Ad of core of a report was taken after a year, because this was signed by TVB collect in September 1986, the member that become agreement art. Enter an earlier Ceng Yu ” 430 wear tat ” chair when children program. Gues-starred TVB place comedy on August 11, 2014 ” love ยท comes home ” 575 collect, TVB of formal already return.

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Chen Jiahui from only then be enrolled dramatic series participates in a show the role with each different type; Fashionable dress drama has ” big town is small alarm ” , ” flying star searchs dragon ” , ” I am money mad ” , ” 3 happy event face the door ” , ” grey net ” etc, civilian drama has first ” nature’s mystery ” , ” our department Huang Feihong ” , ” mantis boy ” etc, ancient costume drama has ” white hair hag is passed ” , ” knife of small Li Fei ” , ” alone brachial knife guest ” , ” filial piety touchs a day ” , ” Liao Zhai ” etc.

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Do you see the work of movie and TV of lintel little ice? Like appearance of this kind of ancient costume?

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