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Original title: ” perfect companion ” Wang Yaoqing ever disputed a role with Zhang Lu: But manufactured to just reject me Defending the teleplay that inspects heat to sow in Hunan ” perfect companion ” , because be Gao Yuan the circle is postpartum first reappearing work, get a lot of attention. But develop as gut, the annual in drama works without what rest mad, be willing to sacrifice even for the client the certificate business of him child interest is in charge of Lin Qingkun high, became instead most the part that gets dispute. In eye of a lot of audiences, this is the person above average of the with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning on field of a duty admittedly, but he is long-term in the family vacancy, brought massive harm to wife, child. On January 11, boast of king of the person that act celebrates those who accepted red star journalist to interview, shared him to be opposite the understanding of this part and experience. 20220111050121 61dd0f21ea32d Red star journalist understands Wang Yaoqing, ” perfect companion ” during broadcasting, sit firmly to close in real time with period of time inspect the first, the heat that divides the work about two kinds of type of spouse of 4 kinds of acme in drama, typical marriage is discussed also fermenting ceaselessly. The netizen is opposite in succession the affection condition of Chen Shan and Sun Lei, Lin Qingkun and Wu Min publishs an individual to comprehend. Lin Qingkun, the likelihood is in the center most a when get dispute. In Wang Yaoqing eye, lin Qingkun is the person that job of one or two puts in the first, “I feel he is an onefold part not merely, can represent a lot of people however — a lot of people are for the home, for bread, the job outside going out is hit go all out, what they sacrifice is domesticity. Of course, because,also be the understanding of family, cooperate with help sb to fulfill his wishes, they just can achieve such status. ” he expresses at the same time, drama name ” perfect companion ” not be a kind of allegation, throw a question however, hope viewer thinks. “Both sides of two pairs of husband and wife in drama, men and women can face the difficult problem that how balances the job and family. Hope everybody can think this proposition seriously the meaning to oneself, are lives of which kind of division of labor him most those who want? What is just real perfect companion? What is just real perfect companion?? 20220111050122 61dd0f22c682e From ” below one station is happy ” arrive ” perfect companion ” , wang Yaoqing gives the mature man that performed many careers to have, “Screen bully always ” title also spread fast. To this, wang Yaoqing cannot help be him complain of being wronged: “I did not perform so called strong president painstakingly. Can personate is different the part of the style, still should see a play staff offer what kind of play. ” at the same time he also speak bluntly, oneself pay no attention to the label that the audience gives out, “My understanding sticks label to be able to help everybody understand an issue immediately, if others is stuck to Lin Qingkun any label, I am accepted, but I won’t do such business. ” when accepting red star journalist to interview, wang Yaoqing is laughing to divulge, receive at first ” perfect companion ” invite about, the Sun Lei that oneself think to strive for Zhang Lu to be acted one horn, try different picture wind, “But Tang Ren (manufacture square) rejected me. If I follow exchange of Lu Yi part,I feel, also meet absorbing. ” so, the Wang Yaoqing in the life has move and Sun Lei same ” curtilage ” idiosyncratic, “I like to do chore, I think to wash dish, wash a bowl, washing chafing dish is the way that wins achievement move the most easily. If possible sentence, I also hope other in part can earn money particularly. I also hope other in part can earn money particularly.. 20220111050123 61dd0f23b0288 Wang Yaoqing and tall round circle ” perfect companion ” in, face matrimony likewise, chen Shan (tall round circle is acted the role of) powerful tender also, sun Lei (Zhang Lu is acted the role of) tenderness is not cowardly, wu Min (Wang Zhen adorn) in despair do all one can struggles, lin Qingkun divulged in Leng Jun one is opposite again affective is awakward, a few performers are live the form of shape of a few kinds of spouses in explaining contemporary city marriage. The netizen admires Chen Shan such professional female, yearning Sun Lei such house home is warm male, feel distressed Wu Min’s so faint housewife, furious also be opposite at Lin Qingkun domestic inhospitality. Meanwhile, circle of # Gao Yuan says to pay did very long psychological construction # also is ascended today (11) day sina heats up search the first, tall round circle expresses, postpartum reappear patted play to make long psychology construction, and also was accomplished pat it very devotedly. To this king boast celebrates speak bluntly, it is as round as Gao Yuan not only, with piece Lu Yi, Wang Zhen cooperate, it is a very lucky thing. “During everybody takes sport very happy, and communicate very smoothly, still maintain a contact below illicit to follow to now interactive. When the spot takes sport, I often look at their adversary play, they follow a kind of glamour of their individual to the understanding of the play with oneself, go explaining the part inside play. With them 3 people are opposite play, look at them to perform, this is the experience that I had done not have before, very wonderful. ” the person that red star journalist holds the post of grand plan to be visited according to sufferring edits Li Jie

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