Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” calm archives, wang Xiaoli is returned to, at lunar celestial being the beetle-crusher of personate still can appear Home most the teleplay that ground connection enrages, most the teleplay of go with rice, broadcast the teleplay with the longest series, collect is neat the be worthy of of these 3 features is ” rustic love ” . Probably a lot of people did not realize, this drama arrived to had been broadcasted now 15 years from the first season, had broadcasted 14 season now, although the series from the back lets a lot of people denounce, want to sow only nevertheless, heat or still strong, this also is the account that it can take 14 s surname. To a lot of people, countryside love looks when having a meal, had made a kind of habit, a kind of feelings, look not be gut, however in that lively country parent short, chicken feather is trifling. The Liu Neng of personate of small profit of king of on one season is absent, make Li Ronghao big breathe out father blueness writtens guarantee, tongue-shy after all Liuneng and the Xie Ankun that look for trouble are the soul of whole department theatrical work almost, once substitution that flavour is incorrect. The propagandist placard of this one season can see Wang Xiaoli was returned to, and held placard center, ivory hill collect of 3 big tycoons is neat, still taking Xie Fei chance, look the countryside of this one season loves or can expect at a draught. The reason that respecting pursues countryside to love is little still not a person, it is ivory hill the goddess of middleaged man thanks beetle-crusher, also be the incorporeal character in drama. And her person that act is in at lunar celestial being September when disaster of dispatch a vehicle died, make a lot of people regretful. This also means us to be able to see in drama her chance is not much. As we have learned, after patting countryside to love 15 season, Yu Yuexian just gives an accident, she still has said good-bye of all corners of the country when countryside loves 15 season to kill blueness, the countryside love of this one season is met probably much a sentiment. The audience thinks of when seeing play beetle-crusher is not on this world, and appearance of her the likeness of a person is so dramatic still, estimation is met very sigh, everybody and look and cherish.

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