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Original title: De Dawen is newest wait for a list of names posted up that sow drama, zhao Liying ” happy ” heat is not decreased, li Yifeng is new drama bully a list of names posted up Leave year, many big play begin to want to contend for new round close inspected, year the ministry explodes a your work, can red all the year round, so a lot of star can choose to be in winter vacation the line on this archives mouth. Dedawen looks in light of newest wait for a list of names posted up that sow drama, which are the most welcome?

20220111052619 61dd14fbe217a

The 10th ” between the world ” , it is a realistic drama, calm archives on Feburary 1, press close to of this type theatrical work lives, cause resonance very easily, favorable reply of main actor thunder, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao is actual strength clique old show bone, can be the public praise drama of a high quality, like to chase after of drama not allow to miss.

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The 9th ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” , you Baiyu and the play of historical espionage war that Chen Kun acts the leading role, it is a lot of people most the story of setting of the Three Kingdoms that love, relate the story that battle of wits fights brave between adviser. White house plasticity is very strong, the part that pick each are not identical, have challenge sex very much, and Chen Kun returns to small screen two this years, summit of two people summit is right definitely, suffer fully value.

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The 8th ” smart beautiful woman is slight makeup ” , this is one wears Shaoxing opera, told about rich of United States makeup advocate the story that passes through to do a career to talk about love in the game system of VR. Wear Shaoxing opera subject matter not fresh, and it is small the drama that make, this drama temperature is very high, do not know to be able to have a surprise!

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The 7th ” I want against the wind to go ” , the contemporary city drama that You Gongjun, Zhong Chuxi, Wu Xuanyi acts the leading role, told about brand of a nation to pound next revived stories in electric business economy. Electric business these a few years of dispute are very big, the trade war of this type is home first, subject matter is very charming still. Male advocate Gong Jun is on one year of the oldest a dark horse, person energy of life explodes canopy impetus is fierce, resource it may not be a bad idea, good theatrical work is received ceaseless.

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The 6th ” Xing Hancan is sodden ” , the theatrical work of legend of ancient costume female that considers a main actor by Wu Lei and Zhao Lou. Two people cooperated ” travel length a song ” hind, many people feel two people have Cp to feel very much, new theatrical work came out on the horse, see ancient costume modelling have a feeling very much, simple sense is good.

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The 5th ” go to 10 thousand happily ” , the theatrical work of sign of modern woman encourage that acts the leading role by Zhao Liying, this drama from enter began 2022, before certain all the time room 10, heat cry explodes canopy. Zhao Liying is the acting floret with very good acting, shaped countless classical parts, very suffer the screen goddess that love, and the celebrated director Zheng Xiaolong that cooperates this, of the transition that is her make, hopeful contends for mainstream large award.

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The 4th ” the city of time ” , the latter-day legend drama that You Jingtian, Xu Weizhou acts the leading role. On Jing Tian one year very fire, strange unreal drama of the main actor ” Si Teng ” hot entire network, person energy of life is rising. This in the personate in drama is a woman role that should avenge, with ” Si Teng ” the part with disparate queen, how to know to be deduced? Wait and see what happens!

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The 3rd ” germinant ” , the time that by Bai Jingting and Zhao Jin wheat acts the leading role surprises circularly unreal drama, will leave on January 11 sow. This type theatrical work is in abroad very fire, home also begins arisen, novel and interesting, contain suspense play code again, got of the youth chase after hold in both hands.

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The 2nd ” still feed ” , by Wu Jin make peace makes the theatrical work of cate of ancient costume palace of triumphant main actor. Two people fight big play in palace ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in had cooperated, “Wei Ying Luo ” and ” rich Cha Fuheng ” should go eventually, should many vermicelli made from bean starch seek theatrical work.

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The first ” lens twin city ” , the strange unreal drama that this drama acts the leading role by Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi, awaited so long want to sow eventually, calm archives on January 16. No matter this drama is gut subject matter, cast, still make a group, have actual strength very much, explode a booked good theatrical work, want bully screen!

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This 10 big play, which do you think to look?

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