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Original title: On the line takes next violent wind 1 day to rise a list of names posted up the first, whole journey brushs screen laugh to give abdominal muscle, new theatrical work of king crane embellish by what In these a few years sweet bestow favor on drama to but comparative,be in in industry of homebred movie and TV ” suffer bestow favor on ” , a Yang Yang and Dilireba acted the leading role 2021 ” the honor that you are me ” explode red give a group.

20220111052645 61dd151585078

In a new year, have again many new sweet bestow favor on drama to be about to come over, suffer those who fix eyes on is Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s main actor quite among them ” the 28 law of love ” , this drama will be sowed in goose factory net.

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Still having is forest the duty field that acts the leading role newlier with Tan Songyun is sweet bestow favor on drama ” call me chief inspector please ” , this drama predicts in actor cruel the net is sowed this year, brand-new Cp also is not to provide a hotspot. What make a person accident nevertheless is, love is strange art anticipate the enemy, what threw away to act the leading role by embellish of crane of Luo Zheng, king directly is sweet bestow favor on drama ” the Yu Guang in the eye is you ” , the line on this drama only a day, took violent wind to raise position of first of a list of names posted up, it is the screen that be brushed by whole journey more, this new theatrical work by what so horizontal?

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Humorous bridge paragraph emerge in endlessly, detonate easily laugh at a dot

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But of this drama male advocate but not general, do not have at all protracted, direct female advocate to unlocked, this kind of sharp contrast feels, let barrage go up directly by ” Hahaha ” brush screen, it is control simply not phonate of dwelling place laugh comes.

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Be worth what carry is, male principal and subordinate was told in follow-up clue at the beginning, perhaps say to had liked in one’s childhood female advocate, if look so integratedly, this method is leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards apparently, it is really too met.

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Be in later male advocate after offerring cohabitational proposal, stutter partner go up once more line, say all the time ” not ” , still think should come out to do not support, the result is to should say ” cannot again good ” .

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Several groups, this one operation is the laugh in everybody really skip on the dot enlighten, on barrage by ” Hahaha ” cram, the netizen should be laughed at really an abdominal muscle, such doing laugh small sweet drama is how to look really insufficient.

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The actor chooses horn to stick a face, ability of female main actor has a surprise ” the Yu Guang in the eye is you ” as sweet the nature that bestow favor on drama takes seriously very much pick part, two main actors that choose are tall Yan Zhi, and acting also is pass a barrier. Say first male advocate Luo Zheng, as choose beautiful actor one’s previous experience, in Yan Zhifang the face is carried absolutely dozen, facial clear-cut hale and hearty, those who belong to a model is thick colour department handsome young man, business suit is put on to establish president image immediately in drama.

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And female advocate the acting experience of Wang He embellish is more a few richer, ginseng had acted ” help up shake ” , ” if exemplary,pass ” , ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” wait for anthology of the big play that make, although show share is not much, but also be stable play, make an audience impressive. Impersonate two character this in embellish of crane of the king in drama, when deducing elder sister Bi Xiaoran, with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, the gas field of the whole body is quite powerful, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient gutty on person imposing manner.

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Be in nevertheless when giving those who perform goosefoot of little sister ginger to multitude, more ground is to appear gave the character’s obtrusive and candid one side, all sorts of expression and petty action increased many, can see king crane embellish has make 2 people in the intention divisional, one individual show two kinds of disparate styles, acting gave an audience one big surprise.

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Though the actor in drama is not play bone or it is discharge of big shop sign, but agree with character height, and acting also is natural and fluent, gave an audience to take the place of to feel, though this drama is not big cost gigantic make, quality is good nevertheless, can emerge in the homebred drama after expecting reveal more such an excellent work.

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