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Original title: New ” does the teenager wrap blue sky ” spit groove? Acting of a surname plan gives play, the modelling that exhibit clear is destroyed classical Believe a lot of 80, 90 hind had looked ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” , be in in those days the times that does not have a network, a lot of people are defended this classic theatrical work is viewed before the television, left very deep impression to everybody. Of old edition ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” the person such as ice of You Zhoujie, Ren Quan, Li Bing, Shi Xiaolong acts the leading role, this drama had gone 20 years, saw the person that pass expose the age!

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Zhou Jie edition is the most classical undoubtedly, later the person such as Liu Yi, Deng Chao also breaks up patted, for whole, expression still calculates pretty good, and their acting is online also, the netizen also can buy sheet.

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Recently, have netizen discovery, new edition ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” break up patted, after seeing cast, a lot of people are not calm, express to astonish in succession, be not accepted completely.

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As we have learned, new edition ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” already correcting was become ” teenager Bao Zheng ” , this drama is gross just 12 collect, it is to enable new personality actor entirely, hero bag save goes out by Xia Zhiyuan act, the person that a surname plan is acted is Fu Ziming of a student, there is his data on the net.

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Exhibiting clear is art rich of young actor Peng, ever went out had acted ” be lovelorn 33 days ” , ” the home has children blossom first ” wait for work, heroine ice Chan goes out by chess of Liu strong and pervasive fragrance act, affirmation of a lot of netizens is familiar with these names not quite. The Yuan Qiongdan of the person that act that the only old show character in drama is packet of aunt, she gives the mother that those who act is Bao Zheng.

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The likelihood is in front a few edition ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” too too classical, xia Zhiyuan gives the sense wrapping save that act is not so return a responsibility, the skin also not very is black, differentiate without what degree, look at let a person some play.

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If wrap save to let a person give play, plan of that a surname is more let a person see no less than going to, the hair of a surname plan looks special holiday, do not know think this is to performing comedy piece, very difficult couplet thinks of a surname plan that Ren Quan enacts.

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To this, many netizens spit groove, do not break up again patted, destroy again classical? Someone says, other I was borne, how does plan of this a surname choose actor, estimation is from ” every day be pregnant ” run in the play staff!

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After seeing plan of this edition a surname, a lot of people hold the post of fontal edition in the yearning, this contrasts, be Bai Yueguang completely! The memory of childhood.

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Besides a surname plan, dare you believe this is to exhibit clear? Estimation is mountain fastness edition, go out with Shi Xiaolong act exhibit clear, can not compare a gender completely!

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Besides ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” after be being broken up to pat, the netizen discovers ” treasure lotus lamp ” also break up patted, the appearance of an actor of hero agalloch eaglewood also is it is a long story! Amusement can not destroy everybody’s childhood inside, many people are in propaganda to the enemy at the front line, beg let off! Although break up,patted, estimate also person of it doesn’t matter goes looking, after all the netizen won’t buy sheet.

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Everybody to new edition ” does the teenager wrap blue sky ” and ” Bao Lian lamp ” choose horn to have why view? Leave a message discuss.

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