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Original title: ” surmount ” theatrical work of sports encourage sign, old show bone assembles in can to say ” the immortal fights ” , viewing rate glides however Hear ace ” big play ” a lot of netizens were can’ted restrain, all sorts of comments in succession subsequently and come, ” surmount ” have what cards in one’s hand, can make trump card ” big play ” .

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1, cast can says ” actual strength ” with ” discharge ” from the point of 11 actors, have excellent ” acting ” , main actor has, plum Geng Xi, Hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan, main minor role has, yi Tie of favorable reply of Zhang Jia beneficial, Zhang Guoli, thunder, Tao Hong, Ma Li, Mei Ting, Zhang Guojiang, Wang Zijian, Liu, Tong Yao, have group of 11 actual strength about.

20220111052842 61dd158a84359

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See what 11 actual strength send actor and old show character assemble in, the interrogative be readily solved in the heart, ” surmount ” can make trump card ” big play ” one of reasons, indispensable it is cast. The near future is homebred the quality of drama the heart tells everybody abdomen bright, quality has had have bad, also there is no lack of among them actor of occurrence actual strength also the occasion of to turn over, but ” surmount ” old show bone and many actual strength actor have different effect naturally then, at least can have the assurance of acting quality.

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2, subject matter type ” novel sex ” , have real sense

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” surmount ” have real sense, beijing Olympic Winter Games applies successful message to make a person burn with righteous indignation, expand motion of ice and snow propagandist strength further, mainer is the hardships that can train sports spirit of the athlete and athlete backside the means that uses teleplay delivers the masses.

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3, the plot of a play is real and ” belt feeling ” ” surmount ” use double spatio-temporal narrative means will tell about fast slippery motion, tell about the athletic career of two acting athletes respectively, from ” wild ice stadium ” it is a country to Olympic Games competition ground of win honour for go all out in work all the way, surmount all the way.

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Leave piece what basically tell is Chen Mian is in before for beloved skate, attend the match to bring about an arm to get hurt, but still win championship eventually, from Qingdao is informed over there the boss fast slippery team should be enrolled new, ground of honor permits no turning back runnings to Qingdao to attend choose, but because agree with a book without the parent,cannot sign up.

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Right now ice stadium boss means go back on one’s word however, take up fast slippery the time that spends field, however Chen Mian follows regular to run academic, will guard the entrance of ice stadium with the body, also be the girl that a disposition bully enrages, old crown heart is right now medium already the opinion that dispute Qingdao team does not join. The plot of a play is real, and the setting that applies special guileless and simple dialog, let a person have different feeling, old crown follow-up can enter Qingdao team and mother how to be explained again with what kind of means, also be not Chang Lingren to expect!

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The Li Geng in drama hopes with Sha Yi ” cooperate once more ” , whether regain name occasion, make a person happy breathe out happy ah, from the back ” the master concerns ” have again how ” daily fun ” , too impatient to wait wants to see Li Geng hopes ” do obeisance to division door ” gut. 4, viewing rate ” do not rise to fall instead ” ” surmount ” last night head sow, this thinking that viewing rate can have right result, but let a person be surprised however, in the teleplay in gold period of time mere seniority the 5th, this achievement is to look not quite apparently.

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But broadcast merely at present one collect, watched person is not much, viewing rate is not quite so high, the number that views from the back is much, viewing rate nature rose. The net sows heat under thrust of 3 video platform, mere also rank is in the position of 12, also cause under a variety of reasons.

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Anyhow, enter a tiger year, can the star on a list of plays with an extraordinary sense broadcasts, also be to let a person feel very warm heart. Sow to leaving ” surmount ” , what what wants to say does everybody have? The welcome leaves a message discuss!

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