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Original title: ” lens twin city ” calm archives, see prevue, just know Li Yifeng why to can have his moment by ancient costume drama On January 10, ancient costume drama ” lens twin city ” Guan Xuan the information that decides archives. This drama is in certainly on January 16 when, line Tecent video goes up to follow actor cruel video in the meantime two big platform, can saying is stability of appropriate appropriate ground lived to drive the viewing rate after sowing.

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The theatrical work of S+ level black unreal that as Tecent platform expenditure a large number of painstaking effort make, and male advocate after 5 years are being lain between when Li Yifeng master piece of another ancient costume, ” lens twin city ” still be gone up this to sow in actor cruel video by arrangement, also enough sees this drama is about to be to moment during winter vacation the foreground of bully screen.

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One, [Tu Su of a hunderd li] it is to have one’s moment here, must promote the past past event of Li Yifeng. Li Yifeng is to depend on at first anthology step at the beginning of excellent program perform art circle, he in those days just just comes forward 20 years old. He is singing later with the performance both between try water repeatedly, but did not splash a too big spray all the time.

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Till 2014 when, he is received fell ” Gu Jianji Tan ” , in the personate in drama ” Tu Su of a hunderd li ” one horn, the disposition that the Gao Lengmu in just depending on drama successfully slows encircles pink countless, become famous overnight achieve instant fame. Still be in later country in drama grand ceremony, behead obtained inland to provide a person to enrage an actor most, and have commercial value actor most award two large award.

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Can say, the Li Yifeng in those days is taking the east wind of drama of ancient costume of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, harvested extremely high person morale, also take award to take be irresolute when firmness is needed from this,

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Such come saying, all these even attribute a fault to is ” Tu Su of a hunderd li ” this part, just was able to let him be pushed before the masses, became perform art circle inside discharge takes the place of first small was born. Also had the ancient costume of first time to try just about, what Li Yifeng follows ancient costume theatrical work is comfortable deserve to spend ability to be discovered by more person. 2, spirit appearance Zhou Zheng from ” lens twin city ” in light of prevue, li Yifeng still is worth to expect very much in the expression in drama. The station comes on the angle of colour value appearance say, he warded off blows white hair follows blue hair a variety of modelling, very joint ” Su Ma ” the temperament of Yi Zhengyi evil.

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A lot of actors enrol the model that there are two bangs inside drama of cannot sustain ancient costume, will cause visual worry easily, 2 will can become Yan Zhi weak point board. But arrived here, two bang before the forehead also did not hold back his Yanzhi to develop, give a person a kind of dream instead time ” Tu Su of a hunderd li ” inspect already feeling. Handsome arrive do not have a word to say.

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Male advocate Su Ma is a very affectionate part, to female Zhu Baiying the root plants affection greatly. The eyes that there also are many exuding tenderness and loves inside prevue is contacted, but below the situation that had not viewinging gut, the audience is to see a face first for the most part. Fortunately spirit appearance Zhou Zheng of Li Yifeng, when affectionate eyes makes fun of, personate does not have too much and fat feeling.

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Li Yifeng is to perform art circle inside rare ” bone resembles Zhou Zheng face ” . Want you to see him only this piece of face, often can emerge in brain ” root Zheng Miaogong ” these 4 words. His cheek bone is compared square, but side face can look reach facial ministry line is clear. And his chin is not outstanding, it is the feeling of an organic whole with cheek bone be in harmony a bit, let him have feeling of a bit young condition. So whole presents Li Yifeng piece resolute tender temperament, fit the model that headgear wears inside ancient costume drama very much.

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3, sum up Li Yifeng to be done not have for years so receive ancient costume theatrical work, but Yan Zhi did not produce too big change as before however. And he is very much in drama modelling very suck eyeball, most propbably leaves to moment sow, he can encircle pink again again countless.

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In the time that goes more than one year, audience people be persuaded to retreat by the ancient costume drama of many manufacture in a rough way. Not be male advocate Yan Zhi is insufficient, it is acting ” hot eye ” . Li Yifeng returns to ancient costume drama nowadays, with ” Su Ma ” one horn let an audience see ancient costume play male advocate should some Yan Zhi, it is really drew many people expect. As a whole, the audience that hopes he can continue this time to like him brings more surprise, also hope this drama leaves quickly sow. See Wan Zhouyi like that the life is illuminated, I admit, on my pink he ” lens twin city ” calm archives, li Yifeng is carried again ancient occasionally crossbeam, whether achieve again ” annals of high official position ” beautiful accomplishment?

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