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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” : Was encircled by be ashamed of Qing Diao, easy pink Want to understand more and wonderful content, will quickly pay close attention to xiao Yao swallow

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Teleplay ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in shaped a lot of different parts, the world of beautiful of all of a resourceful, luck child, a dingy appearance conceives the sword god of sword art personally however, the sword that a Gan Wei grooms 9 yellow, one did not open mental small king to a form of a address for an official or rich man, the eyebrow of Ning E of phoenix word battalion that still has upright of a faithful brave. The character is numerous, however personality is distinct, who is your heart in most the part that like.

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Small in this drama make up to two parts it is to like very, that is Qing Diao and easy be ashamed. Will talk about Qing Diao first:

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The servant girl that boreal Liang phoenix tree encloseds ground for growing trees, military accomplishment is tall however the word is very few. There is a life only in her eye child Xu Feng year. Be like Xu Feng year to Xuan Yuan Qing Feng, appearance appearance of Qing Diao is not defeated by her,

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She the heart is actually medium very know Xu Feng year, just do not show hill dew.

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There is the wash painting that a two people stand together in begin, small make up very two people that expect this is drawn are Qing Diao and Ning E eyebrow. Two for be ashamed saying easy. This person follows Xu Feng year have clear purpose, that is white Di Baopiao definitely. The disposition polarity of this character and Qing Diao. She knows what she wants.

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Disposition is lively pliable strange and changeful, affairs of human life of deep know well. This is one can be taken case put the role that must play, be being hit also is very a part of Sa. She argute still is to make a person bad to control master really, this person is hypocritical not at all however nevertheless feigned. This bit of instead lets person allergy not at all however, let a person feel this individual is fresh and true however many.

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Small make up by these two characters encircle pink, do not know to have with small make up what like these two parts euqally. Everybody is the which part in liking theatrical work, the welcome leaves a message. Note: The picture results from network, analytic opinion is the article to be achieved formerly, do not borrowed please reprint, the person that violate needs investigate. I am xiao Yao swallow, more and wonderful continue to pay close attention to me please.

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