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Original title: ” ace army ” Xiao Zhan’s official matchs ” A Xiu ” on line! Gut tall cruel urges a tear, bury below 4 big a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story

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Advanced in the gut of paragraph of time, it may be said is quite tall cruel, viewing rate also enters a climax gradually accordingly, a lot of love the plot of a play because of trigonometry at the beginning, and the netizen of acting of the Xiao Zhan that spit groove, begin discovery to have Li Youbin in this drama, he Zhengjun, zhang Zhijian, of acting of bone of one numerous old show foil below, xiao Zhan does not calculate really be defeated. What though do not have old show bone,act is so skilled and natural, can go up in his face, the audience can see the detail depict with delicate affection slowly.

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at 2 o’clock, taking A Xiu to go on the road that hostel rests when Gu Yiye, both sides is silenter, a beautiful whole journey is more scrupulous also, a bit timid still even, but notice Gu Yiye is coughing ceaselessly all the time, a Xiu returns immediately to care the patient’s condition that has him, additional carry, after the monitor sacrifices, when Gu Yiye follows the person such as sorghum to talk in hostel and Axiu, a Xiu returns warm heart took candy of a packet of ginger to treat cough to Gu Yiye, visible A Xiuyou how attentive, also prove in flank he is very good to Gu Yiye’s impression, next, in follow-up gut, a Xiu is taking Zhang Fei urn to see a movie, suffer all round when the audience is atttacked, consider one wild come out boldly, protected A Xiu not only, still hold in the arms removed urn, choking with sobs to speak the story of Zhang Fei’s monitor with present holder, believe this act deepened A Xiu again the good impression to him.

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at 4 o’clock, zhang Fei follows the feeling between Gu Yiye again by aggrandizement, in Zhang Fei sacrifice is before battlefield, he has sought talk of the other side designedly, in the dim light of night, the monitor spoke he and the past of all bosom friend between A Xiuzhi, this makes be like profundity of battle first time to be experienced, what is called, close relationship of the army and the people, embrace army cherish one’s fellow citizen the real significance of backside, again in other words, this is Gu Yiye the main turning point that this character grows, and A Xiu brings him all these, accordingly, both sides has certain good opinion, still just not be the affection of male friend, however the friendly feelings between the army and the people, and be spoken by Gu Yiye when Zhang Fei, went up battlefield ” I meet bullet do not fall block to you below ” when this word, dim in be destined, gu Yiye can take care of the responsibility of person of Home Zhang Fei since bear, more what is more,the rather that, the love that my individual thinks Gu Yiye follows A Xiu is very baronial, not be little love of what little affection, what view do you have to this? The welcome leaves a message discuss, we fall period adieu.

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