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Original title: ” the day ” in be ignored ” person essence of life ” horse always, only you go, just have an opportunity There is a lot of to discuss the implied meaning that teleplay day on the net, analytic to among them character article is not little also, but among them one individual content is alluded by everybody rarely however, this character is the horse of day group always. He is actually by everybody of oversight ” person essence of life ” .

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In ” the day ” in this teleplay, the time that his altogether appears has not added up always only a few minutes, say he is special, so is he nodded particularly where be? From him the way of appellation Ding Yuanying can see, at the beginning his appellation Ding Yuanying is ” Ding Ge ” , became to Ding Yuanying’s appellation later again ” yuan flower ” , the commutation between appellation made clear, of the social estate that he has realized span.

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Did not allude in teleplay and origianl work horse always the whole people of this character, it is at the beginning to his introduction the office director of day group, still be the attendant of Han Chu Feng, after when Han Chu Fengsheng duty becomes a president, director Ma also rises with respect to what follow when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation for general manager. Of estate of equestrian total society rise and the change to Ding Yuanying appellation, without because such noble helps Han Chu Feng,cannot leave, he can further upward, made clear namely, it is very important to had picked the person that should follow, but the actual strength of oneself as much important.

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There still are such a paragraph of guts in teleplay, when Xiao Yawen is returning BMW vehicle Han Chu Feng, alluded the job that storehouse hires, because the company plans to have,change, storehouse has the empty schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of 4 months nowadays, it is to be not used go up storehouse, want to remove the contract that rent, still can save so come down brushstroke capital. They also know, remove ahead of schedule the contract is pay penalty due to breach of contract, but also worry to remove ahead of schedule at the same time whether can the contract give day group brings bad influence, seek advice to Han Chu Feng incidentally so, at that time the reply of Han Chu Feng is to look for a horse to always exchange views to go directly.

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After the horse always knows a thing, agree to remove not only contract, and be stopped very racily ahead of schedule rent, even compensate violates hire to Xiao Yawen, xiao Yawen agrees to won’t be accepted surely, oneself put forward to want to terminate a contract ahead of schedule, beforehand of break a contact also is him, the request that you can promise me I already very appreciated, how can you let your compensate pay me penalty due to breach of contract? But the horse always says however: “This thing has one party beak a contract certainly, either you are me, your break a contact does not have what advantage to everybody, but my break a contact, you are helping me namely, this storehouse has a lot of person to grab broken head to hire, do not be afraid that he is hired do not go out, break a contact just is me now, bear hire square regular meeting to think I am to take care of a relation of ability and your break a contact, this to me it is individual affection. This to me it is individual affection..

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“And you think break a promise but my compensate gives you penalty due to breach of contract, in your heart also know exactly about sth, I also get individual feeling, money or bear hire just go out, if you do not want to kill me to accept this penalty due to breach of contract. ” Xiao Yawen hears a horse to always speak this word, also be to find both funny and annoying, word already so far oneself also are to cannot refuse, its itself is the other side helped him, but became oneself to help sb to fulfill his wishes however finally the other side, how can this refuse.

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The horse always used this one break a contact to earn two favor, look from the processing means of this thing, ma Zongzhen is really ” person essence of life ” ah. Although be in teleplay ” the day ” in, horse total show share is not much, but his every time comes on the stage can handle the issue very faultlessly.

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And visit general manager from office director locally, also average person can be not done at will, this matters with the actual strength of his oneself certainly, otherwise even if Chu Feng having Han such noble helps, horse total calcaneal station is flabby, also meet wherefrom the position declines come down. Say like Ding Yuanying: “Only you go, you just have an opportunity. ” from ” the day ” head sow up to now, be loved by a lot of people, but the controversy that arouses because of some content is very big, the share that so cutout reduces is very much also, you can see origianl work ” distant Immanuel ” , the meeting in origianl work has than teleplay ” the day ” in more the clue of exciting.

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” betray ” those who tell is how to live, seeing hill is not hill, seeing water is not water; ” distant Immanuel ” those who tell is life is comprehended, seeing hill is hill, seeing water is water; ” tent thes word of mortals ” those who tell is the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine in the world, see hill or hill, see water or water.

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