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Original title: 2021 anthology of 10 big play: ” small quick home ” get run defend inspect close inspect, ” arousal time ” public praise is optimal

20220111053222 61dd166659972

Each of drama market field slight change, provide an elephant to change go up in work of a department. We chose drama of practical 2021 subject matter, thematic, blueness idol and ancient costume theatrical work respectively 10 masterpiece that 4 contests. Seize expression and the breakthrough on content from the each thinking reading of these work, probably but with peek homebred drama is in a year of in the past, what to produce to allow the change of person surprise. Drama anthology answer dish ” practical subject matter piece ” all the time since, exert oneself shows instantly times scene and people the practical subject matter of real life, include because of powerful society quality and suffer an audience to love fully. This ” small quick home ” exceedingly good close inspect expression, let with one action of practical subject matter become last year most one of categories that get attention. Sow 2021 of the end of the year ” small quick home ” , not only refresh Hunan is defended inspect the viewing rate achievement last year, become 2021 defend inspect close inspect champion, in network platform also house of person energy of life does not fall high. End at present, this play network sows an index to be as high as 85.55, in small gain advocate the topic reads a quantity to end to had been broken through at present 4.34 billion, the topic related to this drama is frequenter of a list of names posted up of each big hot search likewise.

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2021, the work of practical subject matter that still one is worth to pay close attention to is ” little be willing to part with or use ” , this drama leaves after sowing, all obtain in station network explode fund level broadcasts feedback. In viewing rate respect, this drama achieves the exceedingly good result of 0.666% , expressional side is sowed in the net, this drama broadcasts an index to be as high as 88.28. In small gain, advocate the topic reads a quantity to break through 4 billion, during this drama broadcasts, it is the frequenter of hot search a list of names posted up of each big gregarious platform.

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This work is close child educational subject matter ” small ” the 3rd of series, before two work applaud the exceedingly good feedback of draw a large audience, let this work get attention fully all the time. Those who make person Jing colourful is, this work continued not only the fundamental key of a series of this work warmth, the perspective appears to go up to having bigger difference with before two work in content, avoid the aesthetic exhaustion that arises possibly. Drama anthology answer dish ” thematic piece “

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This work is rigorous atmosphere, contain bright drama gene, before congener work often takes tall cold course, but ” arousal time ” however this kind of work suffer numerous extend to the youth. Will earnest history is reductive for dramatic narrative, the great people that once appeared on political textbook, also by infuse fresh soul, work is praised to be by many netizens ” walking historical book ” . The success of this work, also give priority to melody drama goes into the youth to bring new creation sample book. ” sweep black storm ” can weighs thematic 2021 circuit ” discharge takes on ” . This drama leaves after sowing, all lift the tide that seek theatrical work in station network, the net sows an index to achieve of 90 explode a volume level, before year of heat ascend body 4, viewing rate also is achieved 0.893% . In small gain, this drama advocate the topic reads a quantity to be amounted to 4.29 billion, the topic related to this drama mounts hot search time and again.

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Generally speaking, advocate hit affective drama anthology to suit more ” add up to the home joyous ” course, but the story that the hormonal big play of this hard nucleus depends on the person that gives prize and exciting breaks a wall successfully, be loved by the audience that does not divide the age, sexual distinction. The color that changes with acme type relates thematic hot-blooded story, this drama also lets thematic found ” discharge password ” . Let what the person shines at the moment still have likewise ” hill sea affection ” . This work is in 3 David is inspected broadcast, close after inspecting billabong, single platform viewing rate still can be achieved 0.547% , consequence not common. In Internet platform, this drama is having freeboard person energy of life likewise, the net sows an index to be as high as 82.86, public praise is to achieve 9.2 minutes more.

20220111053225 61dd16690766c

After the youth makes group of the mainstream that watch opera, rustic drama is in become silent for a time in last few years, but ” hill sea affection ” mix with enough and strong figure however powerful in all affection force, pink is encircled in station network countless. Depend on outstanding content and powerful social force, this drama takes prize of next white yulan magnolia optimal teleplay is big award. 3 afore-mentioned work broadcast achievement exceedingly goodly, let thematic shined brilliantly 2021. More important is, these work allow the breakthrough that go up inside, also refresh thematic work leaves popular traditional impression. They make clear with enough and high grade content: Earnest drama also can high human nature is changed, do not hit affection card to be able to produce intense Thespian glamour likewise, plain even viewpoint of value also can indiscriminate release in all affection force. Drama anthology answer dish ” blueness idol drama piece ” with young suffer numerous the youth that is main goal crowd, God, love kind work, it is the type changes the most welcome in circuit all the time. In the meantime, this kind of work also is coessential change the most serious field. 2021, be in ” blueness idol drama ” in circuit, two work are full of new idea under, data behaves bright look. ” the honor that you are me ” was 2021 not only ” blueness idol drama ” the work with domain data the most excellent performance, also be the work with highest heat of entire 2021 network. The net sows an index to be as high as 93.88, small gain advocate the topic reads a quantity 5.52 billion, baidu index peak value is adjacent 770 thousand. After receiving an official, this drama still lets drama confuse heart heart to read aloud.

20220111053225 61dd16698a646

The main actor of tall Yan Zhi, with part height joint choose horn, person to set those who accord with emotion logic is the new idea that go up, sweet bestow favor on feeling, and the CP move that lets drama confuse high satisfaction, it is work can last ” circle pink ” reason. Of this work ” broken circle ” the breakthrough that does not depend on content going up logically, however profit from work spent the kind of this kind of work the hotspot to develop acme. ” Si Teng ” data behaves likewise bright look, this small and beautiful work, sow exponential with one action to rush into Top5 of index of year of V a list of names posted up with the net of 89.74, small gain advocate the topic read a quantity to achieve 5.36 billion, small gain discusses a quantity is to achieve more 5.374 million, was 2021 one of work with gregarious the most popular platform.

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” Si Teng ” counterattack leans completely ” novel ” , this work is set in world outlook, person, affection concerns, and the respect such as CP feeling all overturned before the mode of congener work, leaving after sowing cause an audience quickly to discuss. This work makes clear, compare to the queen’s taste with what make, the target of this kind of work suffers numerous apparent more the new move that cares about affection and character to go up and full degree. These two drama in succession ” broken circle ” data show, it is what be immersed in aesthetic exhaustion for a time ” blueness idol drama ” infuse vigor. More important is, they contain the trial and error that go up inside, also be ” blueness idol drama ” broken bureau brings two big inspiration: Or spends the kind the style to push acme, or is used overturn sexual originality kills a tight encirclement. Drama anthology answer dish ” ancient costume drama piece ” unfailing ancient costume drama, 2021 likewise vibrant. Ancient costume drama is include the field with extremely strong sex, and female frequency is for a time among them most suffer market gay category. Dan Zaigang just went 2021, domain of ancient costume drama most the work that makes person Jing colourful, it is instead ” add up to the home joyous ” the drama of ancient costume family of the style, advocate the male frequency theatrical work that makes the male grow, and the theatrical work of case of ancient costume explore that takes suspense course. ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” giving a group was 2021 the surprise with the biggest circuit of ancient costume drama. This work net sows an index to be as high as 91.64, heat is located in year of V a list of names posted up the 3rd, watch of Baidu index peak is a breakthrough 1.3 million, last long in gregarious platform heat.

20220111053226 61dd166a8f675

The story fundamental key of humorous humour, gift the affinity with powerful work, take the person of happy feeling oneself, it is can entire network causes work more chase after the hotspot that sees heat to be in. Laugh at dot and bright dot to hold concurrently, close affection and love interweave, no matter such story is placed in which times, can let the whole people love. ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” sow 2021 the end of the year, had not received an official currently, each thinking reading is occupied already special bright look. End at present, this drama in center 8 viewing rate are as high as 1.193% , the net sows an index to achieve 89.84, baidu index peak value is 936 thousand, follow-up growth vacuum is giant.

20220111053227 61dd166b1e275

This work is typical ” male frequency ” an excellent work, gut of the specially good effect of the occasion of extensive great, shock, logistic on-line is advanced, part of double business on-line, add a flock of actual strength to send performance of the actor giving prize, it is the glamour place of work. This drama makes clear again, satisfy only perpendicular get the work with many view aesthetic drama, just have the latent capacity of broken circle. ” drive grants small Wu to make ” was 2021 domain of ancient costume drama is the brightest a of the eye ” a dark horse ” , this ” small and beautiful ” after the line on work, prop up in exceedingly good public praise of 8 minutes below, heat ferments continuously, the net sows an index to achieve 69.18, small gain advocate the topic reads a quantity to achieve 3.5 billion.

20220111053227 61dd166ba01d3

In ” drive grants small Wu to make ” on quality, what have theatrical work of traditional ancient costume already is rigorous, also there is no lack of the green feeling of drama of instantly ancient costume, such ” to bumping ” , the square side side that allows this drama content all withstand deliberate. See the moment in the compasses in be like, but solid content makes whole story aftertaste boundless, this work was 2021 ” small and beautiful ” new counterattack sample book.

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Data observation: The rapid change with aesthetic audience, force drama market field is ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. In competition intense environment falls, always anthology of a few drama kills a tight encirclement by right of content, win market respect. 10 afore-mentioned work that come from 4 contests path, use bright eye broadcast achievement and high grade content to taste, become the masterpiece of drama market field was mixed 2021 vane. From the general character of these work, wind direction of the making level that we also can see market of current theatrical work, creation, suffer numerous aesthetic. There is the work of bigger breakthrough on content, be like ” arousal time ” change to the human nature of historical great person appear, ” sweep black storm ” in appear overturn sexual police figure, ” small quick home ” what kiss mom to sheet is brand-new model, still have ” Si Teng ” in those who appear is fresh female advocate figure, etc, never be the same as flank test and verify suffer numerous, what set to person of anthology of different type drama is newest expect. With ” Si Teng ” ” drive grants small Wu to make ” the drama of a dark horse that is a delegate, was 2021 of drama market field ” variable ” , the competitive regulation of field of market letting drama returns to content itself afresh. More important is, they are in the break out of an encirclement of lumbar work offerred a new bristle with anger to bring. The backside of each high grade work, a preeminent group that make is in with when all is entered in ceaseless promotion craft and aesthetic. In 10 masterpiece 2021, many work come from the company of movie and TV that has formed market brand, if was made ” little be willing to part with or use ” and ” small quick home ” industry of lemon bud movie, ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” and ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” backstage is new beautiful medium, and made ” hill sea affection ” noonday sunshine is waited a moment. Companies of these movie and TV have an excellent work every year to output, become the main supply source of anthology of domestic high grade drama, in many high grade work accumulate below, also built strength of brand public letter severally. These work were witnessed 2021 the honor of drama market field, also be drama market field brought reference 2022. A new year, can drama market field have He Jingxi again? Our wait and see what happens.

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