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Original title: Xiong Dai forest gives a group by fire of new theatrical work, expose to the sun oneself call play to be smoked hard from, young mistress of the house of rich and powerful family is outside the play in play Recently a popular teleplay ” familial honor ” , it may be said is the eyeball that attracted everybody, let everybody generate strong interest to this drama, so a classical teleplay, everybody has done not have most propbably to had looked on big screen for a long time, though be cooperative drama, but the affiliation of the actual strength actors of TVB, also let this revulsion get more wonderful.

20220111053319 61dd169f7b1e5

Although Xiong Dai forest is entered row before long, acting also is not very good, but from ” familial honor ” in can see, her acting had had very big promotion. Like the person of Xiong Dai forest, know her the part in drama is how rebarbative, she although rich and powerful family of one’s previous experience, every act is appearing a high temperament, but the person that she is a jealous however, plus coddle since childhood of her from a child, disposition is so more irratable.

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Marry in two elder brother’s wife so after taking rich and powerful family, she is despiteful they, still made even not little small intrigue, but it is oneself look for trouble mostly. Since teleplay leave after sowing, this part ascended Xiong Dai forest all the time popular a list of names posted up of home is odd. In the audience people in the eye, her acting is faulty, but deduce oneself part however incisively and vividly, even occasionally, she resembles is a vicious woman, from this, everybody is very satisfactory the performance of Xiong Dai forest.

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Look in the audience, acting did not calculate her of high degree of professional proficiency to had produced the part to certain level, it is evil-minded like what go in the novel young mistress of the house more sometimes, by this token, everybody is right the performance of Xiong Dai forest is very satisfactory still.

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Early before Lin Xiangyang of ursine in drama black alizarin red Monarch Yao that one act that kneel down also is very classical, the scintilla in the process that two people are fighting play 4 splash, look a lot of audiences are continuously to breathe out satisfy a craving.

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Actually besides, in the gut later, xiong Dai forest still involves play, there is the appearance that many moods rise and fall in the center, the meeting after believing the audience looks is touched. In the process of the performance, ursine black Lin Sheng says he cannot have given play, direct sometimes call card, she is smoked from which hard as before from come out.

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The staff member that brings about a lot of spots is frightened by her act, after the event thinks, xiong Dai forest feels very comical, and filming that paragraph of mood rises and fall when larger play portion, xiong Dai forest gets from Guo Kesong of husband exposing to the sun oneself disfavor.

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Perhaps be to know wife work is hard, guo Kesong also does not have advise, care the other side secretly instead, this also is to let rebuke black Lin Bei feels warm.

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Well-known, enter since travel, xiong Dai forest is the most resounding a paragraph of amour of whole town is with the day Wang Guofu city is together, what nevertheless two people escape hard from beginning to end 7 years is urticant, final in order to part company wind up. She got acquainted with Guo Kesong later, two people are in love to did not walk into marital hall a few years. The netizen of familiar Guo Kesong is clear, he is the little brother that Guo of n/COL the head of a family female role can be filled with before TVB, run familial business all the time, it is solid absolutely rich youth of dozen of solid rich and powerful family, and ursine black Lin Youxing became young daughter-in law of rich and powerful family, most propbably also is a god-given happy event its to.

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She and husband gave birth to a pair of lovely twin daughters after marriage, postpartum rebuke black forest seldom reappears the job before act, so this ” familial honor ” what be her is postpartum a show. The as professional as so much actor in play is right play, nature of Xiong Dai forest has pressure, add her quite tall to the requirement of ego, believing rearward also is to was a part to make great efforts many suffering. Anyway, small make up or very value Xiong Dai forest, the hope development as follow-up gut, she can bring an audience more surprises.

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