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Original title: 6 when was about to broadcast in January new theatrical work, have a strong lineup subject matter is rich, you expect always have 6 when was about to broadcast in January new theatrical work, have a strong lineup subject matter is rich, always having is the Spring Festival that you expect near, very much good theatrical work has decided archives, everybody expects to new theatrical work broadcasts, nowadays, again a few new theatrical work decide archives, each are very pretty good, see you together most which to expect? 1, ” rustic love 14 “

20220111053427 61dd16e359ec4

This drama hates the classical memory that must be everybody, bring everybody very much joyous reputation laugh language, this drama broadcasted in actor cruel on January 24, 2022, ” rustic love 14 ” it is Meng Lingyu hold guide, the 40 collect of the main actor such as Bi Chang, He Shufeng are contemporary country kind teleplay, wang Xiaoli, Liu Xiaoguang, Tang Jianjun, Song Xiaofeng is complete a regression. 2, ” cheer! Jasmine “

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Of the sense that this drama gives a person or greener vigor, have a common goal does two people the thing that oneself like, it is very pretty good really. This drama adapts homonymic and popular from drizzle of golden broadleaf plant novel, the graduate Qu Mo that told about longing to become stylist is on poineering road all the way dodder along, the heart at the beginning of final regression, harvested the story of green encourage annals of love, friendship, career. 3, ” fall beautiful season “

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This drama is adapted be able to bear or endure from A homonymic novel, told about Jian Hongcheng and Ning You to span old story. This drama is inspected at was in Zhejiang to defend 2022, east is defended inspect head sow, broadcast in synchronism of actor cruel video. This drama is thunder favorable reply and Yuan spring main actor, have a strong lineup. 4, ” germinant “

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This drama light sees stage photo expect exceedingly, bai Jingting acts the leading role with Zhao Jin wheat, no matter two people are Yan Zhi or acting it is very pretty good, believe to be able to give everybody different surprise after broadcast. This drama is adapted pray oneself homonymic novel of gentleman, told about game framework division Xiao Heyun and in school undergraduate Li Shi affection is after experience bus burst ” rise again ” , the time that has an accident at the bus paragraph inside uninterrupted experience time circulates, from get off save oneself to break estrangement to fight side-by-side, stop the explosion, old practice that searchs the truth hard. 5, ” lens twin city “

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Lie between when Li Yifeng go out again for years perform ancient costume theatrical work, many audiences are very expect, and still be drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, take changing also is very pretty good. Homonymic novel adapts month of dark blue of this drama basis, told about enthusiasm optimistic in city girl Na Sheng is avoid troubled times, trudge searchs the old practice of barren of fantast garden cloud. This drama broadcasted in Tecent video, actor cruel video on January 16, 2022. 6, ” the city of time “

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This drama is cruel loves play, and the element that there still is suspense in drama, it is a hotspot really dye-in-the-wood. Still make Wei Zhou and Jing Tian act the leading role, two people are tall Yan Zhi, actual strength sends an actor, it is really too expected. This drama is adapted according to the homonymic novel of treasure of blown away by wind. Told about an idea careful learn bully domestic preceptress, elaborate composition is close to Chou Jia, meanwhile, look be like be designed by her, what having likewise high intelligence quotient however is male advocate strong go up line. This drama broadcasted in Tecent video on January 20, 2022. Small today make up the teleplay that shares these a few to be about to broadcast to everybody, each are very pretty good, have a strong lineup, gut also is very pretty good, everybody most which to expect? Welcome the comment casing below and everybody to be shared together. [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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